Sex with prostitute?

Hi, do i have to reset counter if i had sex with prostitute ?

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@sebastianwyzyl if you are on monk mode, hard mode, then yeah, otherwise on normal mode when you just want to restrict p & m , no need.

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So you are calling someone a whore. Fine! What about you who’s having sex with a whore? You won’t win NoFap NoPMO unless you fundamentally go through a mindshift change how you view yourself and others through your lens and the lens of others, because compassion, self criticism and respect for others and self are the important factors involved in NoFap NoPMO journey. You can call someone a whore of course, but not when you sleep with a whore, because you become a whore too. Externalising self responsibility to save yourself, does not help. If you fail to identify your own whore-ness, you won’t succeed.


it is up to you but probably should. if your paying for sex it isn’t generally a benificial habit to form


I did it with whore just 10 min ago and i have to tell you that you were right it wasn’t good idea even she said that. I reset my counter and now trying to beat my record 120 days. HARD MODE ON


You got what you paid for. If you were on nofap and this happened it really sounded like you gotta get back on this journey. Make sure next time you pay for it you are done with nofap @sebastianwyzyl

It just doesn’t feel right to call a woman whore. :sweat:


If she got paid, I’m sure she doesn’t mind, she just laughing to the bank, chuckling: sucker. I’ve done it, didn’t bother me.

That was bothering me as well @KateSista, I think something that we (everybody) need to realize is that porn and mastrobation are not a isolated thing, it is a mindset. People say that porn objectifys women, and I’m sure it objectifys men for women too. Porn is based on what? The fact that people want to sit there and watch it and are willing to pay good money for it. What is prostitution based on? The fact that people are willing to pay money to someone to have sex. The problem is that both of those things feed self, why do we watch porn and or mastrobate? Because it makes US feel good. Why would we go pay someone for sex, because it makes US feel good. And while we shouldn’t demonize anything we do that makes feel good, we are missing the point of our sexuality, in a relationship sex is a sacred awesome thing! And in a healthy relationship the goal of sex is NOT for us to feel good, it is to bring pleasure to our partner, the purpose of sex is to become one and draw closer together and deepen our love for each other. As long as we are looking to please ourselves we will never be happy. That is why pornography brings no lasting joy or pleasure, that is why one night stands brings no lasting pleasure or joy. Pornography has distortion our view of relationships, if you were to look into the lives of porn stars, men and women, you would find that they are not happy. They have sex with the hottest people in the world all the time and yet they find no lasting fulfillment. I am wanting to change my view of relationships and bring that view into my relationship with my girlfriend. And I challenge everyone on this forum to look not only at their problem with porn and mastrobation, but also with how they view relationships.


I think if you were to look at the stats, most prostitution is forced and they get hardly any if any of the money, and even if they are making lots of money, I am sure it is not a good feeling to sell yourself for money. If you offered them a way out 99% percent world take it


At least make sure you both get tested, it’s not impolite to ask. And loose the virginity, it’s just awkward and unsatisfying the first time around for both parties. Better to know what you like and know how to pleasure the other going into it, otherwise your just doing a disservice to each others desires.

Oh yes! Let’s not call a spade a spade, let’s refer it as a gardening tool.

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Is ‘Lady of Pleasure’ okay for everybody?

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You may say Scort if you want. But whore is just mean and disrespectful


If the two words mean the same thing, why sugar-coat it?

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why not calling a niger a niger?
why not staring and pointing at a person with a disability?
because in our society we should try to treat each other with respect. There are things we just shouldn’t do.

Sure, at the beginning, whore was a normal word which described what they were (same as niger was a normal word). But nowadays, we mean a filthy person with it. That’s why it is disrespectful!
(i don’t think that there are nice words for it but at least better ones. At least where I come from, escort or prostitute are better)

@Garusyan what do you think why they do that? Do you think all of them like their job?
Dad: “my daughter, what do you wanna be when you are older?
Daughter: I wanna have sex with ugly men who treat me like shit because they think they can do everything with me because they pay me. Men who have a weird thought of sex because they watch porn everyday”
Yes, sounds like a child’s dream to me

Especially we here in this forum should know better!
It is embarrassing that we, who try to get rid of our addiction think that prostitutes freely choose their way to get money or that we think that pornstars have a beautiful life because they can have sex with all these beautiful girls and ripped men!
Maybe this is true for the top-selling stars. The top percentage or less. But think about how many of them doesn’t make it to the top!


Oh! So you are comparing an acquired identity such as someone’s race and someone’s disability to something that is ‘earned’ by your profession. Good job!

To compare a black person to a ‘WHORE’ who sells her body for money is just disrespecting the struggle the Blacks had to go through to achieve equality.


I’m just saying that the meaning of a word can change with time. I’m not saying anything pro or against black
And I haven’t compared a black with a whore. Read carefully I compared the change of the meaning “niger” with the change of the meaning “whore”.
I grew up in a time where we called someone who is black a niger without any bad intentions. It was just the official name for a black person. Same as we called someone who sold for sex a whore. that was their “name” (not like instead of their name but what you call this group of people or profession) without any bad meaning behind.
And I just wanted to say that this is not possible anymore.

There are names we just shouldn’t use anymore. Same as you think it inappropriate that I use black and prostitutes in the same sentence. Just remember that prostitutes are normal people like you and me. We have to treat them with respect and help them out of their trouble. They, most of the time didn’t choose they profession as their goal, i guess. They fell into it. Often, they got no money, were “found” by a PIMP and can’t get out anymore.
I feel sorry for them, that there is a need of their service. (especially for the ones who get treated like crap by their clients, but they can’t tell anyone because they are “just a filthy whore”)

I’m against your believe of “earned” profession as if it was something they wanted to do


This is us right now

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