Sex with prostitute?

Yee but my 120 no fap was long time ago, before i went ti prostitute i had about 5 days and whole thime was thinking about it but now i know that im not gonna do it again
And i have to apologize for my words i used i didnt know similar word to “whore”. I dont speak English well.

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Last year I did the same thing but I wasn’t looking at porn very much. Atleast now you know what won’t help you.

If you see these words here in Rewire it means almost the same thing (hooker, prostitute, whore, escort) so don’t worry if you don’t speak English well.

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We have male-whores man-sluts too, the ones who sleep with multiple women :joy::joy: just saying. They will never admit though. But it’s true. Not that I’m saying we should use these words because people will do what they feel like it. But calling only women whores is not accurate. The men who are sleeping with multiple women are also whores, especially the ones who are married or in a committed relationship, it’s better you call those men whore junkies, cuz they have sex like they are addicted to PlayStation. Whatta mess!

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A lot of men think they are better than prostitutes even though they are sleeping with them. How ridiculous is that? They must be very proud of their fathers and grandfathers who also slept with prostitutes routinely and gave aids to their wives. Wow! So respectful that is! Give those men some trophies. Huh!


If you had to pay for it then I think you relapsed

Whore is arcurate discriptition. Some people have bad lives make bad descions to deal with bad situations and make it worse, however it is still there descion. Women have just as much agency and responsibility for there choices as men do

Of course. It takes two to tango. Both genders are equally responsible. No favoritism. No special reservation and quota. It’s called equality at a very fundamental level, for the good and the bad as well.

I was just saying that ‘whore’ is a mean and disrespectful word to call a girl who slept with many girls or men’s for money or for pleasure.

The gir who uses sex as a job is called a prostitue or a Scort.

Anyway, no matter the case, every woman must be treated with respect because no matter what she do, she is the owner of her own decisions


Ok let’s look at this on an individual level not on a group level. Of course you shouldn’t call all women whores because that would be an unfair judgement of the group. But, if an individual sells their body ,then I am comfortable with calling them a whore. It’s about as obvious as a slap in the face. It’s not fair to just put a safe label on every individual in a specific group. If you make money by selling your body then, yes, that person is a whore.


Maybe its because of language. My main language is Spanish. So spanish for ‘whore’ is ‘puta’, anda that is a word with a mean connotation.

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I agree that we don’t need to disrespect anyone because a sex worker and their customers made their own independent choices. But in a free society people will pick and choose based on who they associate with based on their own personal likes and dislikes. But you are wrong to assume that in English speaking culture or English speaking world, the word Whore should not be used, because it does not matter if non-english speaking world doesn’t understand the dictionary meaning of whore, whore is someone who has sex in exchange for money or personal gain, whore also means the ones who associate themselves with prostitutes, for a man who frequently sleeps with prostitutes are also whores. Just because that human is of female gender, does not get any special upper status over dictionary, just as a man of that level also does not get anything else, apart for being known or called as whore himself. So please do not corrupt the accuracy of English words, definitions and concepts. If someone is sleeping for money or for personal gains, he and she, both are whores. That’s equality! Nobody, no gender is spared. And should a woman have the personal freedom and right to engage in sex business? Yes of course. In a free society, she decides what she will do with her body. But free society also means, freedom of speech, which means, a man and a woman, engaging in sex for money or personal gains, both will be called whores because that is the English definition of it.

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He’s just playing circles with you. Your argument stated the change of meaning of Niger and Whore which revolved throughout the times. Yet he created a strawman out of comparing someone’s racial ethnicity with a derogatory term based on someone’s profession. He’s not getting it or he’s just drawing circles in the sand.
I feel that I don’t need to expect anything sensitive or PC from a Trump supporter. I mean the guy is a damn convincing con man and professional liar.

“Build walls, not bridges” - Trump and maybe most Trump supporters.

And let’s not forget, let’s “grab women by the pussies”.

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What’s up guys and girls ?

Hey I would say to reset your counter. I use to frequent sex workers a lot back in 2016 to earlier this year. Im in an affluent area of California so they are everywhere. Dont get lost in it. It became an addiction for me just like fapping. Why? You are just indulging in compulsive sexual behavior. Basically you are masturbating with another person’s body. Yes you are having sex with an actual woman, but is there actual emotional connection? No. Shes doing it for the money or maybe she just likes sex. Maybe once in a while youll find someone youll click with, but do you really want to have a sex worker as a partner? Its just another addiction. You are filling the emptiness. Trust me. That road leads nowhere but more hunger and empty pockets. Find a girl who you can connect with emotionally. Who you can build and grow with. Someone you can actually kiss on the lips and hold hands with. As you grow older and mature you will fine that is what you truly want.


@KateSista You’re right whore is a horrible thing to call someone. Some people don’t understand that even people who are prostitutes might have no choice. They could be addicted to drugs, focused to do it because someone has leverage on them, or they could be just like us they feel like everyone will look at them weird if they tell people what they’re old job was, so instead they just stick with the job the know. Oh yeah, back to calling about using the word whore, it’s not respectful to call someone that. I find it funny how we all know this makes us look at people like objects and then some of you people are trying to say it’s okay to call a woman a whore


Should I reset If I have sex with spouse no PM?

I’ve never heard more truer words bro

Sex with prostitute it’s meaningless and empty. Your inner void will only increase and make you feel bad.


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I wouldn’t if I were married, but it’s up to you, the question you need to ask yourself is if you are having sex with your spouse just for your pleasure or for bonding and bringing her pleasure.

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Whore is a word used to insult people. A sex worker or prostitute does not deserve an insult to be a label for their profession. It is a derogatory, demeaning term and rather than calling everyone involved in the act a whore I would call everyone who calls them ‘whores’ an ‘asshole’ and see how that feels as a label. It is a derogatory and unhelpful term.

Sex workers are people too with lives and problems like the rest of us, whore is not a term that helps us to see them as a person so save it for when you mean to insult someone, not describe them.