Sex with Girl friend


Would like to know whether sex with GF is also considered as PMO??? Should we reset the clock once we have sex.??

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So many people ask this exact same thing.

The answer is NO.

PMO stands for Porn-Masturbation-Orgasm

So, you having intimacy with your girlfriend is a different thing by very definition.



@sridinn Instead of waiting for answers, use the search feature of this app to find other responses to this same question. :bulb:
@KateSista said it, alot of people have asked this question already.

BTW, if this is your first time with her the sex will change your relationship with her. Sex will make the relationship different.

Anyone disagree?

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I too think sex with girlfriend isn’t relapse. Sex does change a relationship, it brings people closer emotionally as well.

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Sex itself can be an addition.It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.Definately stay off porn and masturbation if you’re in a relationship though.

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I am not sure where some of you are getting the idea that sex is allowed if you are no PMO. It stands for Porn - Masturbation - Orgasm. If you have sex until orgasm and you are PMO free then you have relapsed according to logic.

If you allow sex I would not call your experience PMO free because it is inaccurate. PMO free includes a semen retention aspect if you are a male, which is a totally different experience to being PM free and having sex regularly.

Please do not spread the misinformation that PMO can include sex, it is the defining thing that it does not include.

Now, I don’t have any interest in cutting out sex as I consider it to be healthy for me. So I am PM free in this instance. If you want to be PM free then you can have as much sex as you like but if you want to be PMO free then you cannot and should not have sex as you will orgasm and you will not be practising semen retention which is a pivotal part of the No PMO experience.

I hope this helps to clear up the situation for you :+1:


1)Search up Karezza.

  1. have sex without orgasm

  2. benefits from semen retention

  3. passionate love making and intimacy with your GF can be achieved without orgasm

  4. $$$ profit???

  5. how it goes since I’ve never tried it :wink:

That’s a good point.The abbreviation PM free is better for those not interested in semen retention or dealing with actual sex addiction specifically.Technically though I am not PMO free since my wet dream on day 15 so to be precise I am only voluntary PMO free.

Only technically, but as it is almost entirely out of your hands it isn’t worth invalidating your streak in any way.

@Angel_in_a_cage can you explain how you are on voluntary PMO free?
No one can force you to be PMO free. Your wet dream shouldn’t be considered a relapse if you couldn’t control it.

Because I involuntarily had an O.

Anyway I am back to zero again.An ambitious peasant!

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