Sex with Escorts to overcome urges

Hi Guys,

Through our last discussion we concluded that Sex with GF or Wife wouldn’t be treated as PMO/FAP. Same, please help me to understand whether to overcome his urges one who goes to an escort to have sex will also be considered as NOFAP or it’s time to reset our NOFAP clock here… ???

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :blush:

Sex with a escort is a relapse. Because sex with a escort is a one way street. She doesn’t really want to have sex with you, It’s a job not love to the escort. @sridinn

We discussed that topic this week in great length

I f you want real self-improvement replacing porn with prostitution is just a replacement addiction.Much like excessive Internet use.All addictive behaviours are escapist security blankets.Face real life and the productive activities you keep putting off.