Sex and sperm, the truth

Your body throw it away in dreams because you dont do sexual transmutation ( the art of converting sexual energy into our work)


Hi how are you? I am working really hard to quit and I am trying to have God in my life and quit porn for life. I’m ready to be free 100%. My mind and body is def shocked facing truth. But I keep telling myself that truth sets u free. Keep rembering that.

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I disagree. The semen is basically OUR VITAL ENERGY… OUR LIFE… OUR SOUL!!! And you waste it just for pleasure and making the Earth more crowded by creating a new life? That’s foolish and irrational. Moreover, preserving semen lengthens our lifespan up to 100+ years, and we will feel more healthy when we are old, contrary to your research.


Yeah, I agree. Moreover, this Earth is too overcrowded with shitty, egoic people which caused chaos, global warming, and extreme climate change and we should prevent another birth for the sake of stability of this poor Earth. Humanity must be limited at all costs in order to preserve the nature, which is currently in jeopardy. And that’s why men should engage in Hard Mode in order to lengthen their lifespan and stabilize the nature once again.


That’s because the man is idle and his life is stagnant;he just sits around playing his smartphone, doing nothing, having no clear purpose, no goals, no motivation, no self esteem, no confidence. And that’s why he needs to just stand up, get out of the room, and do something fun. Whether it is grinding, hussling, workout, walking, jogging, running, studying, thinking about life’s purpose, making your dreams come true, meditation, yoga, etc. Therefore, his sexual energy would be transmuted and thus his body doesn’t need to throw it out.

Yeah, I agree. It’s just our unwise choices that make our body works like that. Had we transmuted any of the excessive energy throughout the whole body, that kind of stuff would have never happened.

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But still, you females have longer lifespan despite masturbating and your being fapping doesn’t really affect your lifespan and your body, and do you know that sex are disadvantageous for you? Because… if you become pregnant, you will have to carry the embryo inside of you afterwards for 9 months and then you will have to endure the misery and pain of giving birth to a child, which further overpopulates the Earth and bringing climate instability to the world. Is that what you call “okay”?

Still, if you ejaculate, your lifespan will be shorter and your wife have 60%-70% probability to give birth to a child, which will overpopulate the Earth sooner or later, causing climate change and instability and further harm to the nature. And there will also be mass hunger and drought because of overpopulation and lack of food and water.

However, no sex doesn’t really relate to depression. The cause of depression is something more than just that. Maybe you have never really had depression or you haven’t really felt unmotivated, that’s why you believe that depression is related to no sex.

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phuu, i just woke up an my pulse is over 1000. I guess my life is a few days shorter because of that.
ignorant people talking shit like that is exactly what destroys our world!

  • Your hating against people having children and that we are overpopulating the world because of that but you would like to live way beyond 100 years? äääähm, do you know what you implying with this statement that everyone should get older?? (right, the answer is overpopulation)

  • 60% chance of birth -> contraception???

  • men have shorter life because of masturbation. give me just one single source which shows that (not a tantra site but a scientific, rational reasoning). I could give you at least 10 other reasons why we have shorter life. From higher change of death in puberty, to higher oxidative stress due to less estrogen, effect of the X-Chromosome on your health and so on.

  • You’re telling me that wasting energy leads to shorter life. What about sport?? there you’re wasting a fucking lot of energy, a lot of salt and other stuff. Do you do sport? Stop it immediately!

  • I ignore for now, people telling me that I wasn’t depressed.

  • What I said is, that a happy life is a healthy life. if you feel good your are more relaxed and you have a natural drive to do things, you have more motivation and energy to do the important stuff. So, what I wanna do in life is to lead a happy life since this leads to energy and motivation! maybe I would get i minor amount of energy back from my sperm or doing less sport, but does it make me happy??? NO! I wanna be happy so I do everything that makes me happy! You say it does make my life shorter. Even if it does, do I care?
    Sorry what you are talking is just irrational shit. There are so many other factors influencing your life expectancy by far more then this stupid semen retention. Do you drive a car (or are you sometimes on the streets). Do you know how dangerous that is and how many years this lowers your life expectancy?? I go climbing and mountain biking. I guess these facts alone are reducing my life expectancy more than all this other shit you’re talking about. If you wanna have a long life for sure, go somewhere in a hidden place in the mountains where nothing can happen to you and try to be happy there.


Still, overpopulation makes city expands, and sooner or later the nature will be converted into noisy cities. And that’s why we need to live the path of celibacy and enjoy nature, and we need to prevent overpopulation through celibacy. Overpopulation only causes chaos, but that doesn’t mean that there would be just old people all along the city. It would be dull and boring. We still need to reproduce children, but the natality rate must be limited in order to prevent chaos, drought, hunger, and the destruction of the nature.
Read this. This is not a tantric evidence; this is a scientific evidence.

I think the best would be when everybody should do his own decision when he’s 21 years old. Before that it should be strictly forbidden to watch porn, masturbate/edge and orgasm


Yeah. And the best decision is MGTOW.

I see no point of having sex before marriage as long as my physical and mental status are increasing everyday in HardMode

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I agree that sex is disadvantageous for female but dude, You vision about this discution is extremaly dramatic.

Palma for this Guy again, Just it

Wars (like that on Síria), cars accident, crime (here in brazil the crime, specifically in big citys like RIO, São paulo, kills in one single year more than a lot of civil Wars), deseases (HIV, câncer…), Natural disasters And a lot of things more already Care about overpopulation, It Will not be your celibacy or sêmen retantion that Will lead with this, bye

Yah I agree with you, I found these guys to be extreme. Sex is good and i can boldly say mastrubation is good but they shouldn’t affect your day to day activities and responsibilities. You shouldn’t get addicted to it as the only way of happiness. Many medical studies say how sex and mastrubation improves immunity and reduce stress levels. Like any thing in life overdoing it is not good.

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I think it is a very interesting article even though it opposes all the points you are making.
It is talking about the lifespan of women having sex and women without sex. So, the difference can’t be the sperm but the sex itself. That means, semen retention is not the holy grail. The way to go is not having sex at all.
The other thing is that they are saying exactly what I’m saying the whole time. Sex does have positive effects too. The thing is to choose the sex frequency so that you can benefit from the positive effects with the least amount of negative effects. I never said that you should have sex as often as possible. I have it once a week what I think is a good amount.

To the population. The average number of children in developed countries is around 2. Which means the only population growth here is due to the people getting older. You can stop the overpopulation by getting the third world countries to developed country. in all previous cases the birthrate dropped to about 2 and hence the population stays the same.