Sex and sperm, the truth

Hello guys, I am here because I sow some posts (challenge posts are the main) saying that you would not waste your sperm with sex or challenging other companion’s and puting rules like “do not sex”. What are wrong with you guys? We all NEED the energy exchange of sex, the wet dreams are to put off the extra amount of sperm but the sex is the right way to do this. I studied no fap form months and I can guarantee it to you guys. If you are in doubt so a quick search on google “is sex healthy?”, “medical reasons for having sex” and read with your own eyes. So that’s my message for you, DO SEX, and not listen this crazy guys saiyng to have no sex or that you need to get all your sperms with you and do not wast it on sex, bullshit!


I disagree.
Sperm is our life force dude.


I disagree too, although sex with a partners has lots of benefits, you loose sexual energy not the same as a wet dream.
But it’s alright you don’t need to be full all the time, and you don’t need to be at 100% of your capacities everyday.
Keep sexual energy for project, to be the best, and have sex with your girlfriend for pleasure and intimacy, bonding.
It’s a choice. See how it affects you in your life and choose how frequenty you want to have sex.

Also I am sure if I do a search for: “porn healthy” I will find lots of articles.
Yet is it really healthy?


Your opinion is respected no one is crazy here lol this not a cult we are just humans that are trying to beat porn and improve our lives


oh my gosh, You are building limiting beliefs. Sexual energy is good, but it is not what will decide
between you being someone successful or a failure. If this were as important as you thing, we might not put it off in wet dreams. since the time of the caves, we men, usually have sex with as many woman as we can, especially the alphas males, and they keeped fighting, hunting, exploring the world… Do you think this will change in like 10 years? NO, you can have sex 5 times a week and continue in high performance. this mindset that “just have sex with your girlfriend, 1 time per month” its more of those who can not get sex partners. Besides that it does not become harmful to a 18 years male masturbing 1 time per month (without any kind of porn).

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good nutrition, physical exercise and regulated sleep are endless times more important

it’s a difficult topic.

First, I think no one here says that sex is bad. The question is, should you orgasm during sex or not -> semen retention.

In my opinion it is the same as the question: is vegan better then eating meat.
You will find tons of “evidence” that orgasm is health and you will find an equal amount of “evidence” that retention makes you stronger.

In my opinion the solution is the same as with veganism. Should I only eat meat? devinitely not but meat every now and again is very healthy.
Same here. Shall I orgasm 3 times a day? Probably not. But every now and again it just belongs to a healthy style. What is every now and again? Try it out and look what suits you the best. I have sex about 3 times a week and feel like this is a very good amount for me.

I think we are talking here about minor issues. You won’t be a god because of retention. And even if semen retention really is better then having an orgasm (from a physical point of view) then the negative effects on your mind because you musn’t orgasm could be worse than the benefits of retention.
-> maybe you will feel stronger because of retention but more depressed / unmotivated because of the positive aspects of sex


yeah, good point, what I think is that we need calibrate. A guy who is addicted in porn, should do a semen retention more than a guy who have no more addict to porn, the point is that the pressure of most guys here do in themselves to not ejaculate give them a lot more problems than beneficts,
and eventually become stressed and unable to focus. problem that a good sex could easily solve.

Limiting beliefs or not, I think everyone should test, ajust and CHOOSE!
Just test and see for yourself, that’s best answer I can give you.


With all due concern for my fellow companions I would like to add this to this discussion

(Note that what I’m about to write here is based on my personal believe and is not to harm/offend anyone’s feelings)

It takes a hell lot of our energy to create Sperm as its the main essence to creation of life which directly contribute resulting to why men have live shorter lives on average than women. Technically speaking our Semen contains a hereditary line of our as well as our ancestors genetic codes. It is considered that production of Sperm for creation of life is so intense that it takes a part of our life with it. Keeping a note to all that already said lowering the frequency of ejaculations should result in you living longer, aging slower and looking better in an appearance sense; the prove lies among the believes that Gurus in India have advocated from years all their lives which sates that Semen Re-tension is the key to gaining Enlightenment and one should abstain from the Pleasures of the flesh . Now I personally won’t advocate this all the way through as all of us haven’t given up on Earthly pleasure like them but think about it if we are engaging in an intercourse just to satisfy our needs and not procreate live we are actually fulfilling our own selfish desires.
I personally don’t believe in the superpowers I believe it’s merely a man experiencing normality but these Spiritual Gurus actually appear to look much younger than they truly are and live a long life too. So now my friends its unto you now if you are gonna do this just for the sake of doing it or are you gonna do this all the way. I personally am a believer of the Hard-Mode(i.e. no PMO or engaging in any kind Sexual activity)


If you lift this discussion away from believing and just doing what feels good to a scientific point, then we also have to be a little bit more precise

Of course it does take energy to produce 'em. But the sperm that aren’t used in orgasm don’t just sit down there and wait. They get recycled and new sperm is built pretty frequently. And a huge part of the energy used to create sperm is definitely lost. It is transformed into heat and the arrangement of the proteins and stuff and maybe your body can get a tiny fraction of the energy of the arrangement back but this definitely shouldn’t be influencing your whole body.
What your body can do with old sperm is reusing some protein and stuff to build new sperm. But again, if you worry about not having enough of the needed substances then just watch your diet.

It does but just because it sounds amazing doesn’t mean that this is a unique thing and takes our body into a lot of trouble. in fact, every single cell in your body contains the same amount of DNA as there is in a sperm (or even double because in sperm is RNA i guess, bot not sure about that). You just need the right aminoacids to produce the DNA

I didn’t find a single source about this. According to “scientific american” (and many other sources I read so far) most of the scientist believe that aging is coded in our DNA. That it depends on how well we can erase faults in reproducing our DNA and that women are just because of their DNA better than men (Maybe because they are more important than men).

So, Yes. Maybe retension does help someone. But I never found real scientific evidence for it.
That means, just for me personally, it goes to the same topic as religion, and many topics regarding diet (no offense to anyone). If it helps you if you believe in god, then it is an amazing think and could help you a lot. If you don’t, your life is not worse. In fact believing in god / retention and these kind of things are in my opinion even harmful if you do it just because you think you have to do it. -> stress, unhappiness and this kind of stuff.


my personal goal here is to be able to love my girlfriend.
I don’t wanna fuck her like a rabbit in a stupid porn (porns don’t show sex. They show fucking animals). I’m not considering it sex what I’m currently doing. I just fuck her for my pleasure. And that’s what I wanna beat.
I don’t wanna become god or anything else.
I wanna have sex out of love. I wanna have a good life without this addiction.

So aladdin is not saying that we should go out and fuck like rabbits. He says that true sex out of true love can heal your mind. Or at least that’s how I understand his comments


I think sex is okay too. You guys tend to forget to think there is also woman’s that fap a lot… And we don’t have sperm.

I think human brain, female or male, can become addicto to masturbation because of the dopamine rush that comes with orgasm for free… So, I think no fap challenge is all about reset our brains to revert that adicction… But is not meant to eliminate orgasm for life ,nor even sex.


Palms for this guy, I keep repeating, if sperm retention were this beautiful and magical thing as these guys think, our body would not automatically throw it away

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man, you just hit the point, maybe my message was not that clear, but you interpreted from the right way!

yes, I think take off the orgams for life its not ok, Especially if you are in a monogamous relationship. But I really dont understand why they thoutg that not ejaculating will transform them into a super hero or next Buda, because after the 8th day of no fap the tendency is for testosterone levels to enter a stable zone, and testosterone will not work as they think with the high presence of cortisol!



I don’t think that it is that heated. :joy:
In most points we all agree:

Try it out. If it works for you -> perfect.
If you don’t feel like you wanna try it -> fine as well

I guess we all agree that there is no evidence for it to work for everyone. So everyone has to decide for himself.
I think it’s just important that new members to the nofap journey see that they don’t have to follow rule number x. Each one has to find his own journey

This was completely unnecessary in this app. We are all mature human beings with right to point out our opinions

And you could benefit from all that only if you have some juice(sperm) in your body :wink: