SeeMo's Diary - MY journey from day 1

Hey guys i am kid of 16 yrs and i have been fapping for almost 3 years now. I have realized that its not doing any good to rather than its hammering me alot in my daily life. So this is my day 1 journal and i will be posting it everyday to share my thoughts and benefits which will motivate others who are younger and older than me.

So day 1
Felt the first urge aftr 12 hrs of fapping then i controlled it. Today i had urgers 2-3 times but managed somehow

Nothing till now but there will be things coming vry soon



Good luck bro! Stay strong

Good luck!!
I’m always so glad when I see that there are young men who realize that porn is a horrible thing. I guess it’s just getting harder the longer you wait.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you are able to quite as fast as possible!


Keep going man, i assure you this decision you are making is the right one, porn might be very satisfying but in the long run is one of the worst things you can do to yourself


Finall Day 2
Not got a single urge yesterday…i was completely busy so no stories

Bit more focused
Was bit less tiered when i woke up

Day 3 story is upcoming 2mrw…keep an eye…#no_fap_for_life​:grin::ok_hand:

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Day 3 here

So, day 3
It was a bit difficult as i was completely alone at home studying, i had a great urge and i was holding my dick in my hand and there was great fight going on in my mind, nofap vs fap. It was very tough one to remove my hand from my dick. Then i went out for a walk outside so i was saved. In evening there was small urges in short interval of time but as i didn’t focus on it so it didn’t overruled my concious

Number of hairs falling reduced from 20 to 2… I was happy to see this benifit
Concentration increase a bit

Day 9:

Urges are there but not so strong throughout the day but the morning ones are the strongest. Hard to control them but still succeeded in controlling it

Able to wake up early today
Less hairfall
More focused
I only dream when i want
Abe to remember more things
Found girls bit attracted towards me ( might be wrong)
Able to link things


Day 0 again

I axed myself… I was not having a urge but i was feeling like i have alot of energy inside me and i can fap… The devil played a trick on me and i got trapped…next time you cannot trick me my dear devil. I am going to be stronger than earlier


you won’t do the same mistake twice

Day 4

Urgers are there… but weaker than the last time or rather i am stronger this time. Yesterday i felt my dick stronger. Returning to my real man kind. You all can also do it


Able to wake up early without any alarm
Less hairfall
More energy
Rebuilting relationship with parents

Hello everyone back to day 1

This is just an entery of how i relapsed

I was thinking that today is day 3 oh yeah i will go till 1000 fully counting what date will be day what. Then i talked to my gf and i got urges when i hanged up the call i was totally erected. It was hard to control but i controlled for 30 min and then i saw a girl in Bikki picking up her clothes from her terrice and i relapsed seeing that girl.

A advice when you get a urge just leave that place go away at least 10-15 m away from the place where u were. If u are sitting go somewhere else and sit. If u r standing go somewhere else and stand but just leave that place


Hahahaahahaa instead do running in morning. Sprints that can make you cum in your underwear. Run like that in morning and evening. Once you are exhausted you will sleep without faping ultimatly

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or do something else to get to different thoughts / make you forget to think on fapping

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Trying hard my friend

Ya but its too cold man. I ll run summers hit

Excuses are for weak man. Once you make a two week mark then you can start running.

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K bro. I noted. I will run for sure my guarantee

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Hello everyone today is my day 3. I wanna tell is that today i was most happiest of my version. There was no reson for being excited but i was. I was like living my life. I felt the real taste of dopamine in my life. Guyz i m telling u dont kill your real happiness for just a few seconds of pleasure in your dick. Its not worth it at all. Its your choice to chose either a few or a complete day. Trust me my happiness was at its peak in my lifetime and i m just 16 yrs old kid. I am very excited about my upcoming life. Really gonna benefits the said on internet is true that you start to live your life. Really man just trust me once


At 16 you heal faster than me 26. U feel it on 3rd day and i feel it on 6th day. You have all the time of world . You can have a perfect carreer you want if you master nopmo first.

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Man i am getting better day by day. I wont let this devil win. Improvement is seen. Earlier 2 day was a mountain for me but now 3 day is just a garden walk. Just bless so i can my career a fabulous one

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