Sahas' promises and words

He promised
“If I will not do this time, I promise I will log off this app and never come back… Ultimately”

Then he changed statuses many time
Now he relapsed
… And guess what ? … He is still in the app


This community isn’t about tearing each other down. We already do that enough to ourselves. You are fighting the same battle, no? Nobody has the right to judge another if they themselves are struggling with this addiction. Please consider being more constructive.


@Sacred is absolutely right.

Brother, all of us have made commitments to ourselves and broken them dozens of times, sometimes hundreds. The only difference is that Sahas had the courage to make a public commitment. There’s no need to tear him down further for breaking it. We would all have to point the finger right back at ourselves and all the times our words meant nothing.

Let’s build each other up instead. There’s enough pain after a relapse without adding to it.


Never judged him … Just pointed out facts.

Moreover, I think that real fact are more helpful to him than comforting words which keep him in the same loop.

Do you want to help him?

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Yes, and I reprimanded him directly in private.


If something’s not working, we work on fixing it.
We don’t throw it away.


This is my way of help, I think that encourage him and motivate him when he said things he did not done after and he relapsed …just enforce that loop over and over

Is that what you want guys?

Do you want to give REAL help … Or just be politically correct so nobody call you out?

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How does telling him he should leave the forum help him?

Sure, it would be keeping his word, but it was a stupid promise to make in the first place.

… What does political correctness have to do with anything? No one is saying be friendly after a relapse. No need to be mean either.


Personally, I don’t care about being politically correct or whatever. I just think ‘telling him that he said he will quit the app’ isn’t real help. As another person pointed out there’s constructive way to help.
As a community, we should not abandon him regardless of whatever he said about quitting the app.

I don’t think that’s why his loop happens. Others motivating him does not cause him to be in this loop(plus he already motivates himself. So what the community does on motivating him does not matter much). I’d say the loop happens because he needs a solid plan. Better than his current strategy. Just willpower is not enough. And with that if he adopts productive lifestyle(e.g. hobby, exercise, spending time with family, going out etc) he will be all set. But then again, i don’t know much about him. This is only my observation.

So again, ‘telling him that he said he will quit the app’ is not any real solution


Never offended him, never been mean, never told him to quit. Please guys don’t put words in my mouth. HE said he would have quit app if he did not win this time.

I just pointed out, AS YOU SAW AND TOLD HIM YOURSELF THE PAST about him, that he seldom does what he says. This can be detrimental for him and for others who is reading him vs seeing his actual facts.

Never said to abandon him



I mean when I was going strong, I made a lifetime commitment of no PMO, but now I relapsed again. You can call me weak for not keeping my word, but this thing is not easy.

If you don’t have other things to do rather than just being on the PC and playing vid games (like me atm), it has been easier for me to relapse.

There are definitely some things missing in his life, like a social life for instance and other hobbies. He replaced it with this community.

We all need real human companionship behind the screen.


Never said he is weak.



Lol. People can still infer meaning and words behind the words that you do put out. As much as you try to consiously filter yourself.

I did not say he was weak either. I was.

Dont put words into my mouth :wink:


Don’t start any flame war, boys.
@TheWillToLive Fenila may have language barrier
with due respect i am not sure, no offense to him. So please consider.

@fenila, TheWillToLive didn’t say that. You misunderstood.

Don’t create any mess. Keep cool. We all just want to help sahas.That’s the point.


Nah it’s all good man.

No harm intended towards the OP. Just playing around.


… YOU said that … you implied I told that to sahas … Which I did NOT

All good. I think it’s more to do with online communication ( writing) to begin with.

You can’t infer any tone, inflection behind the words used. So when he’d say it irl, it probably would’ve came across differently.

But ultimately, a strong individual is a man to his word. That’s my worldview.


@TheWillToLive … I agree. And what you said applies to both of us


Nice! Proud of both of you. :slightly_smiling_face:

@TheWillToLive … Totally agree … So I think we both agree on my first post … Good!

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