Day 1.

Jai Shree mahakal 2021-08-18T09:30:00Z


# awareness # calmness # present moment # discipline

  • Bhramcharya(celibacy) till challange

  • Mental Toughness and physical fitness

with our mental toughness and physical health, spiritual energy is also much important without it we can’t go to the top of anything

Helps In My Challenge

  1. Calm and relaxing music
  2. Listening to Songs whichever u like (pop, rock…)
  3. Spending time with my friend and wandering on the bike, don’t know where to go :sweat_smile:
  4. Spending some time in the temple, that make an impact
  5. Listening to Bhajan


  • Stop mindless browsing, watching stuff that gives u nothing in your growth perspective.

  • Don’t fall in the imagination of future and regret of past, Live in the present moment with full of awareness, enjoy the moment :innocent: :innocent:

Today’s feeling

  • confident(can do anything confident)
  • calmness
  • Easily focus on studies
  • happiness without any reason

Day 2

Jai Shree mahakal

:star: how is your digestion also important if it’s good then you feel good otherwise it affects the whole day

:star: increase my awareness and observe where that I am spending too much time doing mindless browsing, just watching useless youtube videos and which increase insecurity inside me and make me anxious, I am going to minimizing my mobile usage day by day

:warning: it’s my second day and withdrawal symptoms start, but I am going to manage everything

Helps In My Challenge

  1. Half hour routine
  2. Affirmations
  3. Pranayam(breathing exercise)
  4. Rope jumping ( just do it for one minute I will increase it)
  5. 5-minute meditation
  6. Journaling and review your day( just type or write it somewhere, what’s going on in your mind)
  7. Eating healthy food (vitamin C and vitamin D tablet, banana, nuts, fig, raisins, flax seeds)
  8. listening to Bollywood music and spend some time on the roof under the sky
  9. spend 20 minutes of my day on temple

Day 3

Jai Shree mahakal

:star: I am becoming more and more aware about everything before I stuck in non - stop overthinking
and it drains my focus and my energy, just be aware of what I am searching on the internet
what is going inside the mind
:star: yeah I forgot to mention that I am taking a cold shower for the last 3 days and outside the there is rainy season so the water is some colder than usual but I am manging

:warning: I am on doing celibacy so I am also doing dopamine detox now I am not using LinkedIn, Instagram and also I didn’t watch movies and browsing too much youtube content because all these didn’t give any benefit till now

Helps In My Challenge

  1. 50 min Routine in the morning under the sky
  2. pranayam
  3. exercise (5 min) Sworkit app
  4. listening to bhajan
  5. review and journaling
  6. healthy food (nuts, figs, raisins, walnut,)
  7. Affirmations
  8. calm and relaxing music
  9. listening to Bollywood music
  10. spending time in the temple

Today’s feeling

  • confident
  • more happiness
  • calm

Day 4

Jai Shree mahakal

:star: Daily my control level increases day by day on myself, my daily routine helping too much in this process, I stopped using Instagram, LinkedIn and didn’t waste my focus and energy on mindless browsing, decrease my screen

:star: I start living in the present moment full of awareness, no mental chatter is going whole the day like previous

:star: now I am easily talking to my friends and they also start noticing some change inside me, the way I talk, my confiance, my humorous talk

Helps In My Challenge

  1. 5 min workout on Sworkit app
  2. cold shower
  3. meditation
  4. pranayam
  5. affirmations
  6. bhajans
  7. calm music
  8. journaling and reviewing my day

Today’s feeling

  1. feeling too much confident
  2. happiness increase

Instead of editing the same post you can also create a new post everyday. Just letting you know as you are new here.
And keep up the good work :fire:

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Can u help me ,how can i do it?

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Day 5

:star: yesterday I use LinkedIn for important work at that time I am observing my body has a craving to scroll feeds and do mindless browsing but I am not going to give endorphins in this way

:star: do whatever increase your mental toughness, calmness, awareness, peace

:warning: I didn’t get anything from Instagram, Facebook, youtube reels and prank and political, regional …videos then why do we consume this content and make our minds anxious and start comparing ourselves with others, do whatever you want to do till you didn’t stop this mobile one loophole, the greatness, calmness, stability did not come in our life

:warning: I eat pizza yesterday that’s why I am unable to wake up on time so that I am not able to do each activity of my morning routine, I will not do all this in the future for sure

Helps In My Challenge

  1. 15 min routine
  2. 5 min workout
  3. pranayam

Today’s feeling

  1. normal (nothing special)


Jai Shree Mahakal

sorry for not updating yesterday, that’s a normal day - no too much low and not too much energetic

:star: I make a formula that quality of life is inversely proportional to screen time unless you use it for studies

:warning: I am not following my routine as I follow in the first five days strictly

  • I am not following sleep hygiene
  • feeling fast-food -pizza , Manchurian
  • more screen time
  • not going to temple for last 2 days
  • no workout in routine

Helps In My Challenge

  • pranayam
  • meditation
  • affirmation
  • listening to bhajan
  • listening songs

Today’s feeling

  • feeling too much confidence as compare to my confidence before starting this challenge
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Not feeling that good yesterday so I didn’t update my thread and also I didn’t do a routine so nothing is there special to Mention yesterday

Don’t know why I am not feeling energetic, enthusiasm in me, just doing overthinking, is it’s flatline, withdrawal symptoms what’s it?


Jai Shree mahakal

I didn’t update my thread for the last two days because I didn’t follow my exercise meditation and going to the temple … don’t know why but I am not feeling good, don’t know its flatline or what happened
just having headaches, red bumps on the skin, low energy, overthinking… BUT I AM BACK NOW


* AWS solution architect certification
* RHCSA certification
* java

PLANS FOR NEXT 20 days of my 6-month challenge

* follow the sleep hygiene
* going to temple 
* use mobile for the important task
* half-hour routine in the morning for me 

Helps In My Challenge today

  • cold shower
  • 5 min exercise
  • journal and review
  • songs
  • bhajan
  • drinking aloe vera and honey
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hey brother from your certification ideas seems you are an IT Guy??

yep bro I am a 2021 computer science passout engineer


Amazing bro…I passed out in 2016.

great bro that’s amazing

I will follow your dairy to see how you progress on your certifications. You can follow mine as well

yes, definitely that will be too helpful for me

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Day 11


Helps In My Challenge today

  • meditation
  • pranayam
  • affirmations
  • calm music
  • 5 min exercise

Today’s feeling

  • Concentration is increasing day by day
  • less anxious
  • more confident
  • more calm

Wrong direction ! You are following brahmacharya means not eligible to listen bollywood songs. You can’t see any bollywood movies also…


Hey bro. Same here!

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Yeh I didn’t see any movie but can’t stop listening music, it’s helps in feel good

If you listen on music platforms its fine I guess.

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Yes I am using YouTube music and Spotify instead of YouTube

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I think @_TIGER meant not to listen to Provocative songs which can trigger us to get sexual thoughts, which in turn breaks the rule of Brahmacharya.

Since, Bollywood has mostly triggering songs and scenes, he mentioned it directly.