Rockisrock Thoughts and conclusions

Age= 26.
Max hard mode streak = 25 days.
Average streak = 4 days.
Addiction period = since childhood.
Location = india.

This P never gave me anything. Just looted my energy, joy, confidence, interest and more. More than 12 years have passed in this addiction. I saw tons of, thousands of videos but I could never fulfill this addiction. The urge to watch P and the urge to M never ended. It always felt like new thing. We all know how addiction work. We know about reptilian brain, limbic brain, prefrontal cortex, dendrites, pathways, neuroplasticity…etc
I m not gonna discuss these things here.
I think the best way to rewire is not to lose hope. I will never forget why am i doing nofap. Why this pmo is so harmful for me. How this pmo ruined my life slowly slowly.
My aim is to be a master game developer. I want to make my second game. I will start working on it. I want to make my life meaningful.


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