[rockisrock] [25m] How P and M ruined my life

I don’t know when i started doing M daily. May be when i was 10y. I didn’t know it was a bad thing or good thing . It just gave me please. When i became 13 year old i realized that after M , i feel low and motivation less. I thought there must be any kind of protein ejaculates. So i strated to give myself one day gap. After then 2 day gap.

Slowly slowly porn strated to ruin my life i spent more time in porn and no time with friends and family. So i didn’t make social life pathways. When any guest comes in my home i usually hide myself bcz i became a shy person and i didn’t have any interest to talk with them.

Bcz of shyness i hesitate to talk with girls so i never make female friend. I had low motivation and had less friends.

Less friend means less enjoyment. I didn’t even traveled my home town city let alone other cities. I am 25 now. I don’t know the name of most of places in my hometown.

I have no gf and no s*x till now.

This porn accepted me as i was. So nothing motivated me to work on me. I had a dopamine jackpot which didn’t let others to come in my life. Desensitized the other things.

Now i know about nofap. This is the only cure. I will fight myself. I promise myself. The day will come soon when i will be posting as a rewired person. I won’t have any pmo addiction. I will be able to enjoy the real juice of life. I would have a lot of confidence. My personality will be so attractive. I will have all the thing what i wished for.


Welcome my dear friend,
You almost made me weep. :sob:

Your story is similiar to most of the people here. I know how you feels because i myself is going through hell. I am 27 yrs old… i dont want to get into my pity party story. So lets talk about you.

Brother, You will become normal once again like … when you was a kid… 10 years old… with power of semen & intelligence of a adult man.

All you have to do is … Hard Mode for 3 months. No big deal. :blush:
I will not lie. This is realy fucking hard. Dont want to scare you but this can be done if you are fully ready for this.

You need a Mentor to guide you.
I am not successful still failing for 3 years but i know what the fuck is going to happen when you are trying to achieve a Reboot.

Talk with me privately on message. I am going to tell you the things which mostly people dont tell. The Journey is not easy. You have to pay blood for it
Dont get scared… not real blood… i meant … the hardships will be there… it demands sacrifice… withstanding torture of emotions. There will be plenty of Tests.

When… The mind will see that this man is not going to yield… it will bow down … and accept your sovergnity.


Very relatable story man, happy to see you fixing this and making a better future for yourself. You’re right, PMO has to go, it’s the only way to get our life back around. It is one of the sources and the symptom of our life gone down the drain. We must bring ourselves back up and start living life again.

This is good brother, keep fighting!


I m so hopeless now. I have bounded in a such life style that i can’t quit internet and cues. I m trying to do nofap from last 1.5 year but i still feel that pmo has a big grip on my mind.
No matter how hard i try ,even a single tiny cue destroys my streak.
I have read addiction related books. I know hiw addiction works, i know how to tackle it, i know why i am addicted to it,… :disappointed:…but …fails.
I have successed to make 9 day streak but after a big streak , i come to 3 to 4 day streak.
Cues are all around me. I can’t remove them all. This society sometimes pushes me to get triggered.
I m sooo hopeless :disappointed:

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Hello bro. Bro i have passed in exactly the same situation. I have been trying NOFAP for 2 years and i failed several times. I have read lots of books about this addiction, watched thousands of videos and did everything and i still failed to do it. However, this time i feel veryyy strong because i discovered something very important that is myself. To elaborate, i have bought a book named “awaken the giant within”. After reading this book, although it is not related to addiction, it is related to self improvement, i understood the infinite power we can have when we decide to take a life-changing decision. You and i and many others, were reading about this addiction and we understood everything, but we underestimated our power and will. We certainly can do it, don’t say i am hopeless and that your case is different, no we are all the same here and look there are plenty of people here, who were addicted like us and they have reached months and years of nofap, therefore we can make it. But how can we make it? In this book the author talks about 3 main moves we have to make:

  1. We should raise our standards, we should be totally convinced that pmo is not good, and that we deserve a better life and we have a lot of potentials that we should take advantage of
  2. We should change our belief system, we have to believe first of all that PMO is harmful and that we are capable of leaving it behind us
  3. Finally, we must take actions. Here the author says that we should find a mentor or anyone who can motivate us, so that we follow their plan and gain more time. There are plenty of people who were able to quit PMO you can look up for anyone.

The actions that i did, that may not correspond to you, are: blocking all the sources of sexual content in all the places that i go to. In my house i have installed several apps to block porn on all my devices and my family’s devices and made it impossible for me to watch porn. Second, i deactived all my social media accounts that contained sexual content like insta facebook or anything that might arouse me. And i started to learn new things that i love like riding horses and skiing. And also i found the support here in this app whenever i feel aroused i directly contact my companions. If you want i can help you to install porn blockers. Also i started a good diet and i started to change several things in my life in order to forget PMO. And despite all that i still have wet dreams, which are hard to overcome, and i oftenly get aroused. However, we should understand that this is very normal to happen because are brain was used to these things for year and to remove these arousal circuits we need at least 90 days to start to feel real changes.
If you need anything just contact me i will be more than happy to support you and get support from you my friend

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Brother, don’t be hopeless, i’m like you, i always get urges everywhere, one day i wast able to get rid of this addiction, i was so weak, but…we all have the chance to rise, we all have the ability to rise, nothing is impossible, all you have to do is not to fap today, tommorow tou say to yourself the same thing, “All i have to do, is not to fap today”. Bro, believe me, you’re not over, you still have a long way to go, this is not the end

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Age= 26.
Max hard mode streak = 25 days.
Average streak = 4 days.
Addiction period = since childhood.
Location = india.

This P never gave me anything. Just looted my energy, joy, confidence, interest and more. More than 12 years have passed in this addiction. I saw tons of, thousands of videos but I could never fulfill this addiction. The urge to watch P and the urge to M never ended. It always felt like new thing. We all know how addiction work. We know about reptilian brain, limbic brain, prefrontal cortex, dendrites, pathways, neuroplasticity…etc
I m not gonna discuss these things here.
I think the best way to rewire is not to lose hope. I will never forget why am i doing nofap. Why this pmo is so harmful for me. How this pmo ruined my life slowly slowly.
My aim is to be a master game developer. I want to make my second game. I will start working on it. I want to make my life meaningful.


This P gave me a mental problem. I do day dreaming. I prefer daydreaming instread of talking with someone. While a conversation i usually don’t listen just thinking other thing and they says i am talking to you what are you thinking. It seems like i have my own world in my mind.
P* makes a man antisocial by desensitizing natural reward pathways. a P* addict person fantasies the lust in mind most of the time. He creats a world of lust. He don’t see a woman as a woman.

I never thought that this P* affected me so much. The first step to heal the wound is not to screch it more. So first stop watching P and all the sources of pmo dopamine. Second you need a recovery plan.
This plan contains :
How to tackle urges
What to do when you are triggered
Making new habit
Accountable person

Remember every day you wait your brain heals a little bit more.


I am totally agree with you @rockisrock … i feel very bad that I became this much addicted that “I don’t see Women as a women”(for me it was S* toy) but now i can see how bad it looks when i see my past and regret(on my thinking) that I lost many relationship because of this digital fantasy…

Yeah, i have to close all the doors of this PMO so that I can live my life happily… and I will try to help others to get out of this addiction because I know how it will be like when you get addicted…

I can say there is “no difference between Heroin Drugs addicted Person and PMO addiction person”
(tbh I am still addicted & have same thinking,… just 10-15% improvement)

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Age 26,
Max streak : 9
Average streak : 3 to 4
Addiction period : P* = 10, M = 17
Location : India

There are two world. One can be seen by eyes (outer world) and the second is inside our mind (thinking). When you can’t get the things you want then your unconscious mind creates some scenarios and gives you those things in this second world. Most of PMO addicts spend most time in this second world bcz in the real world things are difficult to get.
Now the question comes. How to get out from second world?
I have some tips which works for me.

  1. Mindfulness meditation
  2. Adopt a new habit. Learn guitar, programming, crafting, drawing, sketching… Any thing you wished to do.
  3. When your consciousness go to second world to fulfill your urges. Start noticing people actions. Thing what are they doing and use you detective mind and make a story. Or else you can start counting surrounding things.
  4. Exercise : when you do exercise . Brain releases BDFN. which gives motivation and fads the urges.