[rockisrock] [25m] How P and M ruined my life

I don’t know when i started doing M daily. May be when i was 10y. I didn’t know it was a bad thing or good thing . It just gave me please. When i became 13 year old i realized that after M , i feel low and motivation less. I thought there must be any kind of protein ejaculates. So i strated to give myself one day gap. After then 2 day gap.

Slowly slowly porn strated to ruin my life i spent more time in porn and no time with friends and family. So i didn’t make social life pathways. When any guest comes in my home i usually hide myself bcz i became a shy person and i didn’t have any interest to talk with them.

Bcz of shyness i hesitate to talk with girls so i never make female friend. I had low motivation and had less friends.

Less friend means less enjoyment. I didn’t even traveled my home town city let alone other cities. I am 25 now. I don’t know the name of most of places in my hometown.

I have no gf and no s*x till now.

This porn accepted me as i was. So nothing motivated me to work on me. I had a dopamine jackpot which didn’t let others to come in my life. Desensitized the other things.

Now i know about nofap. This is the only cure. I will fight myself. I promise myself. The day will come soon when i will be posting as a rewired person. I won’t have any pmo addiction. I will be able to enjoy the real juice of life. I would have a lot of confidence. My personality will be so attractive. I will have all the thing what i wished for.


Welcome my dear friend,
You almost made me weep. :sob:

Your story is similiar to most of the people here. I know how you feels because i myself is going through hell. I am 27 yrs old… i dont want to get into my pity party story. So lets talk about you.

Brother, You will become normal once again like … when you was a kid… 10 years old… with power of semen & intelligence of a adult man.

All you have to do is … Hard Mode for 3 months. No big deal. :blush:
I will not lie. This is realy fucking hard. Dont want to scare you but this can be done if you are fully ready for this.

You need a Mentor to guide you.
I am not successful still failing for 3 years but i know what the fuck is going to happen when you are trying to achieve a Reboot.

Talk with me privately on message. I am going to tell you the things which mostly people dont tell. The Journey is not easy. You have to pay blood for it
Dont get scared… not real blood… i meant … the hardships will be there… it demands sacrifice… withstanding torture of emotions. There will be plenty of Tests.

When… The mind will see that this man is not going to yield… it will bow down … and accept your sovergnity.


Very relatable story man, happy to see you fixing this and making a better future for yourself. You’re right, PMO has to go, it’s the only way to get our life back around. It is one of the sources and the symptom of our life gone down the drain. We must bring ourselves back up and start living life again.

This is good brother, keep fighting!