Rewire companion addiction


Well , It appears that Im extremely addicted to rewire companion app and forum. I was never so much addicted to PMO even. Writing posts, waiting for reply and upvotes , likes etc are making me A SLAVE TO REWIRE COMPANION !


one is PMO

WELL this app and forum is great but really extremely extremely extremely extremely addictive

Im doing login almost every 2 to 3 hour , and without doing login , i open it every half an hour


@sahas @taher @Taher_Alt
And @anyone who can help me out

Who are eligible ?
Anyone who has been successful in NOT opening RC for 1 week ( excluding the users I tagged above)

RC = rewire companion app/forum

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You are not alone.
I’m guilty of that too and I know of many others.
I wrote about it a few months ago.

What I did was to mute all topics. You can open the app but you won’t see any new topics.
For me, it reduced the urge to check the forum greatly.

Hope it helps you too

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Why not uninstall the app for a days and see how it goes? Also un subscribe from email by going into your forum account preferences.


I already did it (uninstalled app ) 2 weeks back
I have also unsubscribed from email that time only
Still you know ! How addictive it is .

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Thanks for your advice

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For me, I use this app to write my Diary because i cant write it on a notebook for privacy issues. I have participated in a Accountability group called Who will be the King which has a target of 100 days streak.

Writing a Diary daily helps me a lot in nofap journey. You can see … i started writing my diary on day 0 and i have reached day 13 without a relapse. like i am using this app to serve my purpose … you should also make it a tool for yours

After My Reboot is done … i am going to rarely visit here because i would be too busy in my life.

Honestly, i am a loner…My social anxiety paralysize me to the extent that i rarely walk outside of my comfort zone. In these times… The App is very useful.

It is not the app but problem lies in you :blush:

I recommend to donate some to @Taher so that he can improve this app and add new features like locking the app if someone uses it more than an hour just a suggestion… and many more cool features in the upcoming updates.

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It’s very easy for anyone to get addicted to anything they enjoy. The solution might be living a balanced life and becoming aware of your pain.