Forum addiction

This forum and community is absolutely amazing and without it, I probably wouldn’t be where I am right now.

But at some point, I got dependent on the forum. I checked it all the time, read every topic and opened it just to scroll through even if no new entries where made.
From reading some topics I saw that this is a problem I shared with many people.

If you have the same problem, this could help you.
I never wanted to uninstall the app since it is too amazing. I just needed a break.
What I did is to mute all topics. This means, that you won’t see any new entries except the ones you are following (example the ones you started). Like that, you know that nothing new will pop up if you open the app. But you can still write your diary and do the stuff you really wanna do here.

To do that, click on your Logo in the top right -> preferences -> categories -> add all categories to the muted section.

Once you feel that you reduced your urge to check the app, you can just undo all that and you will see all topics again


Try this … dont open this app for 7 days… challenge yourself… open it only on weekends.

Are you ready for this challenge ?


one month ago, it wouldn’t have been possible. I mean, I have the 365 consecutive days back :roll_eyes::smirk:.
During the last month I really only came online every now and again to check if there is something I have to do as a mod.

But I dare everyone else to take this challenge too. If it is easy -> perfect, use the forum as you did before. If not -> take a break. Doesn’t mean that you have to delete everything. Just take a break and come back


I will do it … i accept your challenge. Next time you will see me online on the weekends.

Lets do it… from today…

I am ready. Set. Go.

Does masterbation decrease size of penis?

what does that have to do with this topic?

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: Pmsl

But does increasing topics create decreasing masturbation, or the other way around? Or neither?

I have come back just for confession… i will go away and i will come on weekend then. :wink:

Penis size depands upon heredity.

its harder than it seems… want to create a new group for it?

Not now, i have just relapsed.

Try to cross 35. Will you ever make it?

My personality is ziddi… jab main ek cheez ke peeche lag jata hun to use achieve kar ke hi manta hun…

My birth is for Nofap.

Par bhai kuccha jyada hi time nahi lag raha? gadbad kya hai? Maine to suna tha ki marriage ke baad lust controlled hoti hai thodi. :thinking:

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Apne jo suna tha wo sab par apply nahi hota hain.

An addict always an addict till he kills himself or his addiction.

It takes a lot of courage and i lack of it… i admit.
Thats why i have picked the name Courageous


@udi @koylakhadan What does he need (in your opinion) to get rid of this addiction?

He need for leaving this type of chutiyapanti and focus for his govt. Exam . He scrolls his mobile screen the whole day . He cheats everyone .

simple rule for getting rid of addiction is self discipline at every stage of daily schedule .

Go to work , excercise , sit with family as much as possible and worship God .


This question is the best question out of all in the forum!!,:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: