Restrict Google Chrome


Anyone knows how to put restrictions in Android and Google Chrome?


Use this app called stay focused. It has a feature where you can completely block an app or limit it’s usage but setting a time limit usage. It works really well and also tells you how much time you spent on the phone and on each and every app.


Chrome can’t be restricted as you can easily turn off the extensions whenever the urge hits. Use Waterfox (Based on Firefox Engine) instead as mentioned in the first post on my thread, it’s faster than Chrome as well —

Just don’t use Internet on your phone, if you are using Internet on your phone, you are obviously not using it seriously, I have posted about uninstalling system apps here —

Use these Extensions on Waterfox for effectively blocking pornography —

Procon Latte Content Filter


I couldn’t manage to block porn on Chrome, tried a lot of different things.

The definitive solution I found is a mod of Firefox called SPIN. It is very good. You can also install another app called Boomerang which allows you to customize the filters.

Good luck.

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