#Resilient (Ascension to be Limitless)


Finally I submitted the work…that was supposed to be done by Friday…pheww…

The dynamics of work are changing again…with major changes coming up for me in life…

Its gonna be a major challenege for me in every aspect…and this past 1 year seems to be just a preparation for it…

I am honestly scared about it…like now and earlier today…my heartbeat increased rapidly…
Gonna be real rush for few days now…

Anyways I have to plan everything…
Mission starts tomorrow!
Good Night :sleeping:
Hare Krishna :pray:



Last year on this day, I made a promise to myself to change my ways…to become responsible of my family and myself…to be better and keep progressing!

Now, here I am on my Birthday, looking back it has been an amazing year…many ups and downs as everyone has…but one thing I loved was the adventures I got!!! :fire:

Some were lovely…some hectic…some sad…some happy…but every incidents taught me valuable things…and overall it was really fun :grin:

I can see that I have progressed a lot…coz I moved up a stage…so now today I just wish and pray that I always keep moving forward…in whatever aspect of my life…coz its not the age to become stagnant!


Wooah. Happy birthday dude…
I wish you more happiness in life…

What a good feeling you must be feeling. :slightly_smiling_face::sweat_smile:
It’s the tough road after which we feel the bliss. But nofap is also the way of life not a target to achieve…


Janamdin Mubarak bhai :heart:
How was it.


Thank you boiii :grin:

Yesss :smile:
Its a great feeling…coz I am gonna eat now :joy: :joy:

Yess…the learnings, bliss and satisfaction we get makes it all worth it in the end!

Yess…thanks for the reminder bro!!
This perspective makes all the difference! :sparkles:


Happy Birthday :tada::tada::birthday::birthday:
Wish you all the luck.


Yes , this time I am not late.

Happy birthday @the_resilient_one bhai. Janmadinam aashamsakal. Pwolikk :fire::man_cartwheeling::crazy_face::partying_face::see_no_evil:


Thanks broooss
@Samaranjay @BlackMagic123 @risinglion123

The day was pretty good…chilled a lot today…that was my gift to myself :joy:
Also there was heavy rains today morning…so the weather was pleasant :relieved:

I slept in the afternoon and had an Nightfall…or…Afternoonfall :joy:
Damn that relieved my stress…much needed :relieved:

Got calls from relatives and friends…had a get together in the night…
My social energy is at its last leg :sweat_smile:

Simply happy and grateful…
Thank God for everything!
Hare Krishna :pray: :heart:


Damn I am late
Happy birthday bhai :birthday::birthday:


Np bro…

Thanks for your wishes!! :sparkles:



I have to meet so many people in short amount of time…this week.
I actually had to make a schedule for the first time…my sis helped me in that…
Its basically whom to meet for how much time…

There was a time…6-7 years before…when I was scared of being lonely…
Now I am worrying about how can I interact this much…I don’t have this much social energy…

How the turn tables :joy: :sweat_smile:

An hectic day…barely have any energy left…so gonna sleep now :sleeping:
Hare Krishna :pray:




Lol :joy: :joy:
Celebrity ka DMart version - Celembrity :sweat_smile:

There’s a reason why celebrities are frustrated sometimes…during fan interactions…
Its just too much sometimes…with the limited social energy we all have!


Yeah, tbh I have not reached that level yet, jitne zyada logon se miloon utna acha lgta hai mujhe toh :rofl:.
I met like 100 people all having good ranks and so many stories in last two days but social energy exhaust hone ki jgh aur bdh jaati hai.

I have whatsApp contacts of like 10 more people now than I had 2 days ago :joy:


That’s Extrovert nature…

Everyone has a ratio of both Introvert and Extrovert…
Mine is tended more towards Introvert…

I have been meeting and interacting with people…without a break…from mid April…
Now its just too much :sweat_smile:

Its feels like using phone till 2% and charging only till 20%…and repeat ;-;


Yeah there was one guy in bus who was sitting right beside us guys who were talking and sharing stories and he didn’t say a word, though the same guy was my roommate there and he shared quite a lot with me. He was in between intovert and extrovert.
There were some other guys who were silent the whole time, I thought ki aise kaise reh skte hain log :joy:.
At that moment I realized, ‘I think I have become way too extroverted’ :sweat_smile:. This thought passed my mind for a split second then I went back to chilling with everyone :joy:


True extrovert spotted …


Exaxtly :joy:
Itna sab nahi hota…silence bhi sahi lagta agar jyada baat kar liya to :relieved:

Forget about speaking, I get tired after multiple chatting simultaneously… :sweat_smile:
That’s why I get on and off rewire at times…

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Haan. Jyada baat krne ki battery nhi h mere pass bhi…:sweat_smile:

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Yess :sweat_smile:

Teach us your way Talkeranjay @Samaranjay :fire: :fire: