#Resilient (Ascension to be Limitless)

Hello there.
I am starting my own diary to improve my life.
I got the inspiration by watching the people at this community.

I am currently 56 days into NoFap and to be honest, I cannot see any big life changing events in my life.
It took me some time to realize it, but now I know.
Fapping took many valuable things away from me and that includes my self worth.

My self worth is so low that its now affecting my daily life. I want to get into a job but I am not able to even apply into companies because a voice inside me tells that I am not worthy enough to work and earn.

So finally now I am taking things in my hand after seeing all you guys coping with your life.
@_TIGER @_KarmaYogi @Mahesh27_03 @Forerunner and many more of you guys, I see all fighting this addiction and changing your lives and I decided to do the same. Not only remove Masturbation but simultaneously add new habits and create that lifestyle I deserve.

One thing I am confident about is my resilience. I will never give up, even if I fail a 1000 times. Its the only reason that I keep on trying.

I guess its simple. If my mind think I am not worthy enough, I will just become so much better physically and mentally that I will finally control my mind.
I will be sharing my thoughts and journey here and I hope I can get some noticeable changes by the end of this year.

So I hereby summon all the Gods of NoFap to watch over my journey and help me ascend into the limitless nature of Human Being.


Require atleast 6 months to see some changes…it will increase very rapidly after day by day…


Okay bro. I will be ready for that.

Today I woke up at 9:00 am. I wanted to wake up at 6:00.
Slept at 11:30, was planning to sleep at 11:00 though.
If someone has any tips for reducing sleep time, please do tell me!

  1. Use “alarmy” app. If u ok with molded apk then you can use free permium too. Put your phone away from your bed. So that you need to get off bed to turn off alarm.

  2. Drink water as much as you can before sleep. So you will get up for me whenever you are the most active in your sleep. And it would be when your alarm is screaming. So you need to.put off alarm+go to pee+wash your fash… Ab iske baad bhi nahi uthe to… tum uthna hi nahi chaahte.

  3. Don’t use phone for atleast 60 min b4 sleeping.

  4. Altleast 5 hours sleep is a must. Don’t be too hard. Because agar tum 2 bqje soke soche ki 4. Bje uth jaunga. To mat karna. Negative effects hi honge. Fix that time ki kab sona hain. Agar sone ka time fix hoga to uthne ka apne aap ho jaega.


11:00 pm ko sone ka socha hu…vo ek baar fix ho jaye then I guess it will be easy.
Alarmy app use kiya tha pehle…ghar se nikal dene ki dhamki aa geyi :laughing:

11-6 is my plan.


This I will keep in mind. I use my phone till I go to bed ._.

I did my Workout for today. Felt great but tired.
Now I will do my online course. TBH, I am procrastinating on it but I will try Pomodoro technique this time.

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Ohh bhai… ye to hain. Sabki neend kharab kardewe. Normal alarm hi use karlo. Aur alarm tone rakh koi acchi si. Jese bhajan ya esa kuch. Aur if you can alag so sakta hain. Like terrace pe ya. Agar 20 30 din same schedule pe soega uthega. To body apne aap habitual hojaegi. Phir alarm wagerah ki need nahi rahegi.


Yess…aaj ek.aachasa tone decide kar loonga…Kirtan ka.

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Simply abstaining from pornography and masturbation will not transform your life if you do nothing else. Picture it like putting fuel in your car. The car now has the potential to go anywhere you want, but even with a full fuel tank, you’ll get nowhere if you don’t hop in and drive.

Use the energy and time you have now to improve your life for the better. For you, it is essential to start a habit of journaling to correct the negative thoughts you’ve had about yourself in the past.

Example: I have had thoughts in the past of low self-worth. The voice in my head tells me that I don’t deserve to earn a living. It calls me horrible names and makes me feel worthless.

But that voice is not me, and what it says to me is not true. I do deserve to have a well paying job. Wonderful work for wonderful pay is my birthright, and I know that I would do a good job too. I want to work and earn an income for myself and put my best self forward.

I don’t have to beat myself up for things I’ve done in the past, or events which happened to me before. I am working everyday to improve and better myself, and that is worthy of support and consideration.

Journal like that everyday. Say positive things about yourself and undo the lies in your head. Put in energy towards your goals and self-improvement. As you put in more work towards successfully transforming your life, you will reinforce positive beliefs and feelings about yourself and make your journey easier.


Yes sure brother. Undoing the lies about myself is the core need of transformation I need. I will journal daily about my thoughts and how I am overcoming negative emotions with work and self compassion.

So I will maintain a gratitude journal and pour my emotions there.
Thank you so much for your advice :+1:


You’ve come a long way since the days when PMO was a daily activity. Keep going brother; embrace the freedom and create a beautiful future for yourself. You’re not going back to those awful PMO days. I’m sure you had some ideas about what your life would look like when you were free from it. Well, you’re free now. No time like the present to make your dreams become a reality.


Brother, you just know how I think :flushed: . Yes I totally visualized how I will be after doing Nofap.

I am working for it, but not at a required pace. So I will just increase my speed. The thing is I can’t tell my family how messed up I am. My parents are just screaming and taunting me always for being lazy, not knowing how I feel inside. Not their fault really.

Amongst this chaos, I am trying to improve. You guys are like a second family to me. You may not know me, but I have been here long enough to know you all. The urge to take action and control of my life lead me to make this diary and communicate with you.

So as you said brother @Forerunner , No time like the present :fire:


Today I spent good amount of time procrastinating. :sweat_smile:
But I do spend 2.5 hours in my online course.
Did my house chores for 2 hours.
I was not able to sleep at 11. I am planning to get vaccinated tomorrow. So might not able to do much tomorrow.
Anyways emotionally I am feeling good that I am making some progress in life. I just want to boost it.
So awaiting for the next day. Good Night :sleeping:


You may have procrastinated for some of the day, but there were definitely days in the past where you did far less work than this. Give yourself some credit and be patient with yourself. You can always do better tomorrow.



Why did you ask this?? He is getting vaccinated so he does not contract to COVID or atleast have a good immunity against this disease.

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Yess. I am being very patient with myself this time. Self Compassion is very important in this journey.
New day new opportunities.


Lol, my plan to get vaccinated was ruined my rain. Here I have to get in a queue by atleast 6am, to get a token number at 8 and get vaccinated by afternoon.

So I woke up at 4:30, saw there was heavy rainfall, so skipped today’s plan. I didn’t want to stand hours in a queue in a heavy rain.


Today I finally woke up at 6:45am, better than yesterday.
Did my routine till 8. Helped my mother till 9.
I completed my workout and today I added Jumpropes(100). It was exhausting but fun.

Despite having breakfast now I am feeling sleepy.
But that is not going to stop me. Will continue with my online course and beat yesterday’s time.
Good day to all :sunny: