#Resilient - Arc of Discipline and Progress

Well I relapsed again…

I am falling back into the doom…

But today, I did something different, I was angry at myself after relapse…but I didn’t act like that.

I ate plenty, bought some chocolates, snacks and ate an ice cream as well.
Its like a last attempt to pacify a crying child…aka mind.

So trying this out to see, if I respect myself maybe mind will listen to me.


Damn :sweat_smile:, I’m also having all kind of cravings now a days, espesially because I am coming across a lot of women now a days and also a lot of food, there’s food literally on every corner here :joy:, and I feel like there’s so much I haven’t tried yet, I feel like eating all of it in one go, if I hadn’t found a friend who lives next door and has same branch as me I would have done that already, we usually go to eat together so I control myself from not eating unnecessarily or at unusual times.

Take care bruh :heart:

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I know that feeling mate
Holding it down for so long then relapse unfortunately