#Resilient - Arc of Discipline and Progress

Hello there.
After completing one year of NoFap and restarting, I am starting this diary to be more disciplined towards myself.
The word discipline seems so rigid and it seems like it will restrict me.
The reality is discipline gives you freedom.
Though I know this, I haven’t realized it yet.
So in this particular phase of my life, where I am living alone, I want to learn and apply the art of discipline in my life.
This will certainly ascend me in my journey to be of limitless nature.


All the best bro , for your journey :star_struck::v:



There are three modes of nature that we belong to -
Goodness/Sattva , Passion/Rajas, Ignorance/Tamas.
Goodness gives us Calm, clear mind.
Passion gives us Energetic mind.
Ignorance gives us Dull mind.

So after analyzing myself, I know I am being affected by mode of ignorance.
Its symptoms are - Overlsleep, laziness and procrastination…followed by negativity and lack of will to do anything.

Only way to get out of this is to climb up to Rajas and Sattva…
Its better to go one step at a time because, the state at I am…I would give up things easily if one thing gets out of place…

So 1st thing is to clear Oversleep…
I have been sleeping for 9-10 hrs…that’s too much and its time to reduce it.
To prepare for tomm, I am starting today with cleaning my room…
Decluttering and cleaning it - to be exact.

Second thing is buy fruits today and get a heavy lunch…

So 2 tasks for today…
I will add more tasks only if I complete these…

Thanks bro! :fire:


actually, sleeping enough is good for your health and building strong willpower.
If you feel that it might be a cause of laziness then perhaps your sleeping and waking up times aren’t stable or too early or late
the best time to sleep is between 9 p.m and 10 p.m and the best time to wake up is at 5 a.m. That way, you could sleep between 7 and 8 hours, not too much, not too low.

Good start, once you wake up, open the window and prepare your bed, it will give you positivity in the early morning :sunrise: .

I wish you the best of luck :dove::sparkling_heart:.

You will grow believe me, it’s like we are trees, if they take enough water and sun, they become stronger.


All the best :+1::100: :fire::fire:


Bruh @the_resilient_one :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I messed up again :man_facepalming:

So I procrastinated today, still at one point I overcame it and cleaned my room.
While cleaning I realized there’s more cleaning to be done…so over this week, I will improve it.

I went out for lunch, found a good place nearby…ate really well for reasonable price…

Came back home, something happened and I relapsed… :man_facepalming:
Didn’t watch anything though…
I know so much about why should one should not Fap…still I did it…
I had almost abstained for 1 month and now I am scared of where this is headed…

I had immediate work to do…so couldn’t think about it much…
Now, Idk…Should I be angry at myself?
Should I forgive myself?
How can I avoid this?..

Is this what @the_resilient_one does, when he lives alone! :man_facepalming:



You were on 1+ year streak, you should remind some important stuffs to yourself again . I am at day 0 :smiling_face_with_tear: and giving you advice.

But waiting for you to kick this habit forever.

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No bro, I know it’s hard to stay alone, focus on building habits, don’t cut out social interactions as well, build a wholesome daily routine, don’t miss out on meditation and exercising, even if you do it for very less time but find time anyhow.
It’s your first time staying out of home and that too alone, I can understand, just build a good routine and as you said yourself be tasteless towards this.


Thanks @Surbatingsi @Sholt_Peterson @Samaranjay

Okay. I just have to do what I have been doing…
Where I went wrong is reading up unwanted articles…related to NoFap, which eventually turned into explicit articles…

There’s no one to stop me physically here.
So its my responsibility to regulate myself.

I am going to continue what I have been planning…
Tomm morning,
I will meditate,
Clean my room,
Wash clothes,
Have a heavy breakfast.

I will slowly build habits from scratch…
I have to be tasteless towards PMO…
Also, the need for me to kick out PMO from my life has been reduced a bit…

Earlier, I was desperate to perform well, so I needed NoFap…
Now I am used to NoFap benefits, so somewhere that fire is not burning ablaze as it used to be…
I can feel it…subconsciously, my mind is not taking it seriously as before.

So, I will associate my goals with NoFap as well, to bring that fire back.


I thought this diary will kind of “relapse free” but shit happens everybody and a journey contains both wins and loses. Just note what went wrong and improve areas of your life again and add exercise in your daily routine.


Same here bro…
Even I intended to keep it this way…

So new diary started with a loss… :sweat_smile:
But its one way to rise up…coz the worst possible thing already happened :joy:

Yeah…I haven’t done this in a while…
I am walking a lot…but that doesn’t compensate for a proper exercise


Do you have an watch keep a track on the steps ?


Yess I have…
Black Magic

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So what I planned yesterday…I did some of it…
I cleaned my room a bit…and that’s about it… :sweat_smile:

Although I could work properly today…
Another thing is…I tried to relapse again ._.
Damn urges…I started to edge…but then I felt sleepy and took a nap…
So basically sleep saved me there…otherwise another streak reset might have happened…

I sat and thought for a while about NoFap Mindset -

Its true…if you lose your sperm once a year or so…there won’t be much difference…
But there’s a catch…the old pathways gets reactivated again…and there’s a development of tendency of doing it again…

For the people that I saw here…there was a pattern of days after relapse…
For ex - 365, 30, 25, 14, 7, 2…then again a bit higher…then again falling…

But overall the number dwindles down…

Its like there’s nothing much to lose anyway if I relapse in 2 days or 5 days…since I got no big streak…
I got such a huge streak…I shouldn’t let it go to waste…so I won’t relapse…

These 2 thought process is what I have observed.
So I will now fall into 1st category so there’s a high chance of relapse…

So better is I change my thought process and adapt to my own situation.
For me -
Since I am living alone with no homely food, I shouldn’t waste my semen. Already I have done it once…doing it again will only be detrimental to my ongoing stressful conditions…

So better is I keep hold of it…
So I am disconnecting my purpose with streak and trying to connect it with a need in my life…

Earlier it was about learning and job…its still about that, but now that I have treaded this path, its not an desperate need, but now its more about survival.

I hope this way of thinking will stop me from going into auto mode of relapse…
This critical thinking, if triggered at the moment of need, can save me from the act of relapsing.

That’s it for today.

Goals for tomm morning -
Waking up early
Cleaning the room
Washing clothes


Mannn so much stuff. I need extra free time to read it completely :slightly_smiling_face:


I made it easy for you :joy:

I have a smart watch…Boat Flash…
Yesterday I was sleepy…so don’t mind that :sweat_smile:


First of all bro. Stop negative thinking . Think of opportunities and good things. You are giving importance to streak number and that’s not good here.


No no…I am trying to give more importance to health aspect rather than Streak number…

Yess…I will try to do this.
These days, my mind automatically starts to ponder over negative things…I try to pull it back towards the good side.