Relive - anti screen challenge(closed entries)

Hello guys , welcome back to this challenge. As the name suggests this challenge is for overcoming craving and addiction of mobile/socialmedia/YouTube.
After months of practicing nofap , I realised that without overcoming this addiction it’s almost impossible to overcome other addictions. And it can lead back to pmo.
Dopamine receptors are conditioned to be overflowed thus decreasing their effectiveness.

All addictions are dangerous but pmo and mobile are the one standing at top…and also they are interconnected . Without winning over both we will not successful completely.
Now , let’s see the benefits of it…

  1. More productive time.
  2. No depression issues.
  3. Social skills increase.
  4. Real world knowledge Increases.
  5. Relationships become strong.
  6. Calmness.


And this one will tell you all you will experience in 30 days

So , rule of this challenge is simple . It is similar to challenge made by @SincereDev

You have to decrease your daily consumption and write here the time.

It is preferred to use apps like ## Digital detox with whitelist for easier practice…
All the best


  1. You have update your daily mobile usage in which no productive work is done. If you used 2hrs 15min ,write 2:15…
  2. No need to add you study time , cinema , group watching videos .
  3. You can also tell how you managed to overcome urge to use mobile . Ex- I was feeling bored but didn’t want to use mobile so left for my friends room or went outside instead. Some thing like that…
  4. If a friend shows you videos , then it is not counted … yes you should avoid much exposure and respect the challenge…All the best


4 nov - 30 nov

SCORE BOARD :medal_military:


Names Points
1. Pingpong1 (6)+(2)+(2.5)+(6.5)+(6)+(6)+(6)+(3)+(5.5)+(5)+(6)+(6.5)+(2.5)+(5.5)+(2.5)+(2.5)+(2.5)+(2.5)+(:25)+(5:30)+(8)=(93)
2. Rajmeghanan (1.5)+(3)+(1.5)+(2)+(1.5)+(1)+(2)+(5.5)+(3.5)+(4)+(3)+(1.5)+(1.5)+(1)+(2)+(2)+(1)=(30.5)
3. Risinglion123 ()+()=()
4. Kunal194 ()+()=()
5. Eren ()+()=()
6. AnonymousDH ()+()=()
7. Abraham28 ()+()=()
8. Binocular (8)+(4)+(3)+(4.5)=(19.5)
9. Vortexkicker ()+()=()

@Risinglion123 @rajameghanan @Samaranjay . You guys and others can join. Join fast.


I can join but it’ll feel like an added pressure :rofl:.
The one scoring minimum will win right?
I’ll tell you in sometime if I am joining.


Ok bro. I am ready for the challenge


duh, i want to accept this challenge , but my job , my hobbies , my subject is always inside of screen :persevere:


I will join even if I know that I won’t succeed this week.
But I’ll try cause I can’t say no to Improvement.


Add me in bro… I am ready


Iam In For This Challenge :call_me_hand:

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Add me in i am ready :+1:

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I’m bouta to install an app for this challenge hopefully I improve some how I’m in😁

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I’d like to join. Can we make a WhatsApp group for this. I suck at forums.

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Bro you can use digital detox with whitelist app option. I also study from my mobile .

Well i can’t do that sorry. Also you just have to update your usage time here brother. Nothing complex.

1 and half hours guys

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Unlocked phone 80 times

I’ll join, but I’ll only do anti mobile.

I’m an aspiring developer so most of my time is spent coding on the laptop, can’t limit that. I don’t use my mobile for anything productive.

I think this challenge should bring down my bedtime mobile usage.

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@Binocular @rajameghanan @Kunal194 @Yoshy @AnonymousDH @Abraham28 @Risinglion123 @Eren how much the usage today?

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Today i spent 6hrs. :sweat_smile:.
I am getting weak i guess but i will never give up.
Let’s push again tomorrow

You spent only 6 hours? I spent 8 hours today so that’s 8 points for me :sunglasses: ( Just kidding :joy: )

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Respect your honesty bro. I read you have neck injury or something. Take care of yourself .
Btw it is 8 points for you

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