Relapsed due to failires

Whenever I get frustrated due to academic failures , or low exam scores ,or maybe failing an interview, I get the urge to jerk off more and more .How to stop that , can anybody pls help


Hey @arzzzzzz

Ask yourself one thing: How does failing an exam or a job interview relate to sitting in front of the computer, watching porn and masturbating? Spoiler: Those things do not relate, you are just telling yourself that lie.

Look at it this way: it’s as if you were saying “Whenever I get frustrated due to academic failures, I get the urge to hit my head against the wall more and more. How do I stop that?”. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Well, with PMO it’s the same. PMO is trash and has never done you anything good for you. You might hit your head against the wall and bleed, because it’s just as stupid.

The only reason people go to PMO after “failures” is because they are fooling themselves to belief that PMO does them something good: “Oh, I’m having a hard time. I need to do myself something good. Let me watch porn.”. But, like I said, it’s just as stupid as hitting your head against the wall to do yourself something good.

Getting rid of that mistaken belief is not easy at first, I know. We also need constant reminders until we really understand that. Once we understand though, it’s easy and enjoyable. I’d recommend you start reading this book:

Take care.


Pft @Bashi, this forum was sooo three hours ago. The new forum is where it’s at old timer!

Appreciate all that you do though, you’ve been a major support for me! :grin::partying_face:

I was in same boat last year
Here what I did.

  1. Stopped fooling myself. ( Main thing you have to do first)
  2. Stopped using masturbation as a antidepressant.
  3. Started Meditation and exercise.
  4. Stopped nursing my old mistake ( Believe me time doesn’t comes back and most stupid thing you can do on earth is crying over mistakes you had done in Past so stop crying over a split Milk)
  5. Tried to Improve myself 1 percent every day whether it’s NoFap , study , physically, mentally or anything)

Good Luck these are things which i tried if these habits can change me it can also change you.

Again i am writing please stop fooling yourself this is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

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I’ll try this, thanks :blush: