Relapsed due to failures

Whenever I get frustrated due to academic failures , or low exam scores ,or maybe failing an interview, I get the urge to jerk off more and more .How to stop that , can anybody pls help


I remember the lines from a song by NF , which says ," the cure to pain isn’t something that you can buy on a liquor store" … Same thing can be said about this addiction, my brother. Fapping will not solve any of your problems, it’ll lead you into hallucinations and dreams of a falsified truth which never existed. Get up man. Bring yourself back. Though I know its easier said than done, but its not even as hard as you think.


Become more positive in your outlook. Don’t make the events of your life bigger than life itself. Relax and let go of your hard feelings against yourself. Forgive and heal yourself. This will do and will make you positive.

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Don’t get so focused on the alligators that you forget to clean the swamp

I can somewhat relate.
I will tell you that relapsing causes great effects to your brain. The term “brain fog.” And so you can not think as well as you should for quite some time. If you get a low score in an exam, remember a failure is a learning opportunity to get better. Even in exams.
What you see as failure, causes you to go to PMO. Because you try to resolve those triggers with PMO. But all it does is add to it. I suggest you read this book, since it a great way to figure that out:

Hope it helps! God bless.


Can u xplain it a little more mr tomas

Don’t get so obsessed over your problems that you actually forget to take action and solve them

I got the same problem… I had exams and I thought it’s getting hard to do no PMO… Maybe I should quit and relax and then study.

But I realized there is nothing but depression if I quit. Then I made a decision. Most important thing to me now is noPMO.

I would rather fail in exams than fail in noPMO. I care if I quit noPMO but I don’t care if I fail exams… This destroyed false illusion that pmo relieves tension. Also, by not giving any more importance to exams than they deserve, I relaxed and now am not worried about result. And I work hard and study with motivation and without stress so it insures I won’t fail.

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