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What is Rewire Companion?

Rewire Companion is an Android application built to help you beat porn addiction. The only focus of Rewire Companion being keeping its users away from urges, motivating them whenever they feel down, being able to track other users streaks and more. It has a very active and supportive community, people are always there to support you, and there are dozens of posts everyday on the community section of the Rewire Companion app.


Link to our discord group

Tips and Tricks

Hiding posts of languages you don’t read

How to enable dark theme in forum

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Taking a look at the current feed, clearly someone who doesn’t read Portuguese would find it cumbersome to sort through the posts.

What you can do is hide the category you want want to see in the latest feed by going into your account settings. Just mute the categories you don’t want to see.


You can enable dark mode by going into your forum account settings > Preferences > Interface.


Join here. This link will not work from inside the app, first open this page in a web browser to join the group.