Raushan's Diary

Starting my daily log here. Will keep the accountability of daily important but not an urgent task.


great brother! you are gonna be free ! :grinning:

  1. Meditation 1hour 40 min.

  2. Walking 40 min.

  3. 6 hour study.

  4. Reading book The brother Karmazov by Fyodor dostoevsky (Awesome literature)

  5. Coding - 0 hour.


Guys, I want to create my own startup. Although I am currently studying and doing part-time job. I want to spend time at least 1-2 hours each day on my own project.

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  1. Meditation 1 hour

  2. Walking 30 minute

  3. Running 30 min

  4. Studying 5 hours.

  5. Coding - 0hour.

  6. Reading book - 10 pages (TBK).

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Day 4.

  1. Meditation 1 hour.

  2. Pushup 300 times

  3. Walking 30 min

  4. Study - 1hour hardly. Too much fantasy made me paralyzed today.

  5. Book reading (Tim ferris The 4 hour work week).

New things to add in my daily list

In a notebook write a daily goal, a weekly goal, monthly goal. Evaluate the day. Add a pranayama excercise.

coding - 0 hour. ( :disappointed: )

I have been good in keeping a daily routine. In fact for 2-3 years I would do all the extra stuff regularly like meditation, excercise, book reading (I am naturally inclined for it coz I am kind of introvert) but still I was deceiving myself I didn’t realise that.

I was not doing properly the main task. The task for which I was born on this earth. The task which only I can fulfill no one else. It was different kind of escape I was avoiding the real task under the disguise of discipline routine task. But this is going to change now.
I used to work in a software company big name but shitty work. I stayed there longer than necessary. I let the company my manager exploit me rob me from my time for some salary.

My journey begins now I am serious. I let myself lose too much. It’s not difficult to control the urge it’s just I am weak. I have to become more strong and stop whining, complaining like a child.


Just saw this video today , it’s really helpful in nofap .
Uneed to surf urge and not fight it . See it carefully.
I hope it will help

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Thanks @Dean_Ambrose for sharing it. Really good stuff. I was also thinking along the same line. But I have to keep watching this a few times as a reminder to myself to implement it.


I have been failing again and again in masturbation, not in porn. COVID lockdown has made it more difficult. I am in Germany currently. It’s difficult situation here. Everything is closed.

Meditation and Workouts are my daily routine. I rarely miss it. And I have been doing this for like past 4-5 years. So while writing my daily routine here, I will skip the meditation and Workout.

I will add the new habit I am trying to create.

Some of the to do list for tomorrow.

Work on the project

Read few pages of eeasy peasy book.

Chant mantra.

I am not sure how much counting days is effective.

Today overall I would consider a productive day. Woke up at 7. Create a plan for today. Completed a lot of things. But also talked to a frend for around 2 hours. Should’ve avoided that. I should make it short. The day is not complete.

Also did kapalbhati today.

Relapsed today. Feeling like shit. Watched a few tips n youtube for no fap. Nothing seems to be working with me.

Had morning meditation and workout. Worked today but not much productive.

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This monster has wasted so much of my time. I feel pathetic nowing I can do so much. I have so much work to do, so much idea to work on but I relapse again and again and instead become lazy, unmotivated.

I have got to stop this. My life is good but it will become far better if I just don’t masturbate.

I was somehow underestimating this addiciton. I was under the impression it’s not a big deal. I can easily do it. But that doesn’t happening.

My current goal is to reach 7 days mark consistently multiple times. This will give me confidence that I can reach 7 days at will. I have crossed 7 days but not consistently.

Then 14 days consistently. Then the target is a month.

Bro , trust me u have enough knowledge on how to avoid urges and win over them .

The main thing that u and most of ppl here lack is seriousness…

This disease has taken life’s and destroyed careers…

Be serious

Brother I feel like I am doing what I can but how will get to that level of seriousness?

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Bro what u want to do in life , work towards that goal … U can’t waiste ur life doing this shit … Br serious and focused towards ur goal