Quick Learning- Relapses teach you if you let them

Ok. Yes it was me who took the “Healthy Masturbation” Challenge few hours ago. And yes I am not taking the challenge anymore. And yes, this happened within a matter of a few hours. I was immediately overcome.by the chaser effect and I fapped two times today. I didn’t even have any urges today. But I decided to change my approach a bit (To the Healthy Masturbation Thing) and boom. Back to relapse. The chaser effect hit me with stronger urges. So I think I will continue to normal NoFapping.

The reason I took the Healthy Fap Challenge was because I was feeling needy and lonely and had this desire to be with a woman. It’s impossible to take some action to get a girlfriend during corona. So I read the book “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and took the Healthy Masturbation practise.

However due to the chaser effect I have now relapsed twice which makes me fail the Healthy Masturbation practise automatically.

I am dropping this practise. And stick with my original plan of just having sex with a real woman at the right time.

Quick Learning- Go hard or go home.

P.S. Message to self (After almost 1 year) : Dude, this is your head fuckign with you ! YOu fucking idiot. Tantra and all these healthy masturbation techniques are for pussies like you who cannot go hard mode. Anyway I did learn from this shitty lesson.


I do not know about that book and healthy masturbation but from the name itself i am telling my experience.

I tried it once brother… in that I selected a day (target) and decided to masturbate and enjoy but only once… i was thinking about just to controlling my relapses… so that i do not do it in access. But everytime I get caught by chaser effect.

The reason is… we are doing it from so many of years… so a temporary solution cannot help us because in our mind… we know that the solution is temporary which effect everything required to stop us(seriousness, will power, motovation etc).


I really encpurage you to work on this fpur areas of your life:

As you said, no sex on corona quarantine. But this is not your only one goal in life. Plz, try to work on yourself. Work on your value, do not give in to instant pleasures. What are wrong with them? everything! Do not waste your precious time doubting, girls will be there for you someday. But time is limited. Invest it, do not waste it!!


I view this from a spiritual standpoint that it is always bad, so scheduled, or “healthy masturbation” is never actually healthy. It is interesting to see that your experience supports that even if it is not looked at spiritually.


@TheFinalFrontier I cannot agree more that relapses can teach you. I have been using the stats part of this app a lot. That taught me that I have somewhat predictable patterns, so I was able to analyze when I am most likely to relapse and take action ahead of time to prevent it. It has helped me a lot.

I applaud you for your determination to keep trying. It’s a journey, and a tough one, but we’ll get there!