💰 Productivity Challenge 🏁



Please share details and which mode you want to go


Which mode you want to go mate


Which mode you want to go


All star mode … ongoing 4 anime series We can watch ? Like One piece, Black Clover …Those series are worth watching


If you are watching that anime series with friends and family then you can optin for soft mode, if you are watching alone then you will relapsed with all modes

I know it’s hardest challenge of all but benefits are limitless :slightly_smiling_face:


@weir i would suggest to add couple of DOs as well as I see the competition is all about DONTs
Here are my suggestions:

  1. Daily Yoga/Gym
  2. Daily work for your goal
  3. Daily Meditation


My details:

27 M Indian,
Highest Streak 68
Current Streak 02
Sharing Code - thxmdu


Ya.then All star mode…Let’s do this seriously…efficient and productive use of time .


One thing is that there must be a goal or dream or promise to achieve something in life or want to see yourself in hall of fame ,It will be easy to redirect energy and time towards that goal.If not yet, then it should be recognised at earliest in life…may be with this challenge


Streak 1 All star mode
Today learning target 6hr
Yesterday 3hr 40 minutes


I would love to do but we are already putting pressure on our brain with

  • No PMO
  • No Movies
  • No TV Series
  • No Sports Watching Any Type
  • No Music
  • No Social Media any sort of

we are saving tons of time & leaving max bad habit out of door, I am afraid if we put that condition also no one can sustain in the challenge

so I am planning to move one thing at a time
once we detox ourselves froom digital poison which wasting our time then we will move ahead towards next challenges


Which mode you want to enter?


I added you in all star mode please do update your details with day of streak


update about myself since I relapsed today in all star mode because i used social media accounts for wasting my time :frowning:

but yesterday was nicest day
my sunday phone used was over 7 hours but yesterday it was 2 hour something
I saved my 5 hours, isnt it awesome?

since I used whatsapp & youtube today for 15mins. I am restarting my journey to be awesome again

back to 0 days in ALL Star Mode


All your suggestions are welcome


Streak 0…watched movie with colleagues…it was planned few days back…No to movies from today…study 4 hour…No fb…15 min WhatsApp which were relevant to reply back…No music…No TV series.
9 pomodoro sessions of 25 min each @weir


Should even soft mode disallow music? I think that’s going too far. Leaves me with no way to participate.

I feel the biggest problem area is social media and general phone usage (and possibly tv/web series)… Putting movies and sport at the same level of undesirability as social media and tv is really overkill in my opinion.


@Aragorn since its my 1st challenge created by me so i dont know how to give permission to all @Taher & @AnkitK help me out mate


Thats awesome, which app is this?

& 9 session of pomodoro thats great mate


Yes you are right but tell me how music will help you in your work creativity & productivity, it will trap you in imaginations unless you are musician & its your work


Its my 2nd replase in 3 days but its not that much problem because i used whatsapp only for 10 minutes but saved tons of time today nonethless

but relapse is relpase becuase this thing only make us more discpline toward our life, as its making progress on our life with nofap challenge