💰 Productivity Challenge 🏁



Ya…but for my goal it’s nothing… soon I ll increase…app name is productivity challenge


Will YouTube count as social media?


@Aragorn Yes unless you used it for work or watching tutorial


I also think the same…YouTube is 80% root cause of relapse unless you are using for study like any video tutorial or lecture video which u ll not find anywhere


Yeah we will update our thread for goal soon


Okey bro… In my phone there is no digital wellbeing… So can you suggest any good app to track my usage…


Actiondash is great alternative
I will also share one paid app in message tomorrow


Ohkey bro… Thanks for reply…


I think you are asking how to make the scoreboard editable. There is an option for that at right bottom. If it is not available for you, then Taher can do it.


@Taher please make scoreboard editable for all


It’s editable now. So please cleanup the scoreboard. I have added myself I’m to hardmode…

As of now scoreboard is confusing…:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


I will
Actually very busy with job but today I will update


Sorry guyz I wasn’t very active on this thread which will actually make our nofap journey awesome, I apologize about it but believe me I will update this thread with more things tomorrow its already 1 am here & because of heat & spicy food yesterday I had wet dream my 4th wet dream in just 80 days, so i will update tomorrow I promise



Ya…on my day 12…I ate samosa…Next Morning I had a wet dream…Avoid spicy food,cake at all cost


Ok I relapsed everyday & I did use whatsapp for entertainment+work,
Its very hard journey I cant even control myself

& I am came back to zero

Its 11:11 PM here & I will start from zero again but wont gave up

Edit: I will update more techniques & methods today


As promised I have sent you pm for appblock Premium app
Hope you liked it


Hey add me
My code: 2n7dxu


Which mode do you want to get in


Hi Weir,

I listen to bhajans alone daily is it fine ? It helps in nofap.


If yes, then I will enter for soft mode
my details:

27 M Indian,
Highest Streak 68
Current Streak 02
Sharing Code - thxmdu