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My No PMO Record

Current streak - 72 days *:moneybag:
Highest streak - 72days *
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - :india:

Why I want to create a group -


I will be honest with you nofap only not bring success to your life, it will surely benefits you in many ways but if you sit in home avoid PMO but still watch binge TV Shows , Movies , Smartphone Addictions Then you wont get success in your life its such simple as that, after levaing PMO you have plenty of time but if you indulge yourself in activities other than PMO then you are still getting instant gratification

So now This challenge is not only about PMO but also other time wasting things which we are addicted in this digital life


You can also Reward Self By Buying Cloths, Eating Outside Or Anything Which Pushed You To Motivate You In this Challenge

I will further Edit Add things If I got Any More Ideas To Make Our Life Awesome Again

:crossed_swords: Categories :crossed_swords:

1. All Star Mode



  • No PMO

  • No Movies

  • No TV Series

  • No Sports Watching Any Type

  • No Music

  • No Social Media any sort of

2. Hard Mode


  • No PMO

  • No Movies

  • No TV Series

  • No Sports Watching Any Type

  • No Music

  • Social Media (allowed for 30 mins)

3. Soft Mode



  • No PMO

  • No Movies (Allowed with family/ friends)

  • No TV Series (Allowed with family/ friends)

  • No Sports Watching Any Type (Allowed with family/ friends)

  • No Music ((Allowed with family/ friends))

  • Social Media (allowed for 30 mins)

Common Rules Applied In All Categories

You Need to reply here atleast in 10 days

You will start from zero days in this challenge Your Current PMO Streak doesnt matter here

Give your age, country name, sex, married or single. The entries will be opened throughout the year. When joining the competition, you should add yourself in the scoreboard at the bottom.

In 2019 there are 12 months. Each month there will be a winner or winners from the group who will get a badge.Example in january… the person who wont relapse will get a Badge. If no one makes it alive after january then we will count the person with minimum relapses & give him the badge for the month of january.

Similarly we will give badges to winners of each month. At the end of 2019… the person with maximum badges will win the competition. He will be the winner of Productivity champion 2019

Since Orgasm Is Technically not applicable nor sex so if you binge any of above category for more than 15 minutes then You need to start again counting because my mate you just wasted your precious 15 minutes of life

  • As mentioned above using of Social Media not more than 30 minutes in whole 24 hours

  • You Can Imagine You Are Saving You Are Tons Of Time In Studying, Working Or Whatever hell you are doing for money for success or Atleast For Calm Mind, Its Actually Digital Detox Or Soft Dopamine Fast, So Be Sure To Update Your Sreak Atleast Once in 10 days In ScoreBoard

  • Do Post Your Regular Activities, Motivativation Your Achievemnet

Note: This Thread Is Still In Beta Mode, So Keep Your Suggestions Coming In
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So Its Begin

Current Streak: 0 Days
Highest Streak:0 Days
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - :india:

I am counting from backword

Did 3 Pomodoro Productivity Work


I would suggest a change: Allow movies and sport only if done as social activities. That is, it is ok if you go out to the theaters to watch a movie with someone, but not ok if you watch it alone at your home. Similarly - the sport watching experience needs to be shared with someone.

I am saying this because in my view the NoFap process is about learning to make connections outwards by redirecting the energy that otherwise gets caught up in then pmo cycle. And talking about movies and soort, especially sports, is an important way if making conversation and connections for men. Hence, a blanket ban on those could be counterproductive.

I am completely on board with disallowing tv though. And other than limited use of WhatsApp, I would actually be harsher than you on social media.

Let me know what you think.


Please tell me which all apps you used here in the screenshots.


Sports should not be banned. That’s a must. It helps to redirect our energy and be healthy.


Ok What we will do as make group for people who wants to block everything to customized group as we get more feedback
Like HardMode
All Star Mode
Monk Mode
Soft Mode
etc etc

I will update all this group tonight.
Thanks mate


1st ScreenShot Is of digital wellbeing in android pie 9.0
2nd one is android app called “Time Untill”
3rd One is Android App called “Pomodoro”


No my mate, Playing Sports Isnt Banned but only Watching it all day in couch, as per earlier suggestons I will make certain group in which you can watch with socializing but its not will be as radical as other groups
I will compile all this & other updates Tonight IST


Why other groups mate. Make a single group. And make it as we suggested.

Playing sports should be allowed.(watching it alone banned)
Watching movies or sports with family or friends should be allowed.


It’s a very good initiative, I have ton of work to do, but I’m a serious procrastinator and a smartphone addict. I hope your initiative brings productivity and healthy lifestyles. Thank you @weir
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Highest streak: 0


Any smartphone addicts please do check out this video. It tells you about how these apps trick people to get addicted. He’ll tell you how to deal with it,


So here I start


Amercian, 27, male

I’m starting today! No fap for 40 days. Let’s go.


No I don’t mean other new group but different sections in this challenge


Am still not confused about the rules. Please clarify it for me. What is allowed and what is not allowed. and


I will update my study time here everyday
Working time I ll ignore
I dont have any social media account.whatsapp rarely used

Sharing code 0hlnku
Sex M
Age 25


Good initiative @weir


Superb initiative count me in


I have updated the thread have a look