Problem of nightfall pls help

Currently at day 45 ( 44th day will end at 3pm)
I faced total 4 nightfalls in this streak
Today was my fourth nightfall but I m having a doubt
Due to flatline I was feeling extremely weak and tired ( I do exercise daily in moderation)
In the whole month of May ( when I was not taking multivitamins) from 28th April to 22may I had not experienced any nightfall so yesterday because of extreme tiredness I consumed a multivitamins and I today I had nightfall in the morning
Should I stop taking them?
Pls help
Multivitamin name ( Becadexamin multivitamins multi mineral capsules)
Pls help if u can​:zap::v:t5:

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You are lucky man that you had 4 NF in your 45 days streak… I had 8 NF till I got 50 days streak… I didn’t pay much attention to it. Moreover I have observed that NF generally tend to occur if I don’t wake up early in the morning. Try to wake up at 4 am,you can control NF greatly… Also try to work out very early in the morning,this way you are re-directing your energy. Also don’t be a couch potato,get your ass off early very morning and finish your task before going to bed


Yes bro I agree today I woke up at 07 Am whereas on other days I woke up at early 5 Am

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1)before sleeping, do brahmacharyasan. This asan definately will reduce your nightfall in youtube for more information.
2) before sleeping, wash your feet with cold water or normal water… And dry your feet…use mustard oil for massage…
3) don’t eat junk food. Don’t take food from the person who cooked the food & is always thinking about sexual thoughts. Try to eat in your home made by mom :blush::blush:
4)don’t think about sexual thoughts…once you thought and erected your penis for 2 sec …then it may create a nf.
5)don’t drink water or liquid in the night…never drink water before sleeping
6)before sleeping do some postive affirmations.
7)at last don’t think nightfall is a problem if it happens 2 times in a month.


I agree with the answers above. I suggest you to practice kegel exercises, especially your PC muscle. I used to have more than 3 in a month and this exercise helped me a lot.

On the other hand I think that you should try to consider it as a normal thing that might happen. I feel extremely strange when I get more than 100 days without any nightfall.


I like nightfalls lol… It keeps me fresh next day… Is that weird? Anyway, be chill… Its a normal process… I dont think multi vitamins or anything causes that, but again I am not a doctor so, there’s that. Dont peek or edge or even fantasize… When urges come, find a way to finish them off quick. That will make sure you are not turned on more… That makes nightfalls lesser…


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