Wish to stop nightfalls once and for all

Greetings everyone. It’s been a long journey of nofap.
First I stopped fapping. I still peeked plenty of times.
After peeking for the last time I decided to stop once and for all. Making all the attempts to remove all the sexual thoughts from my mind. Exercising heavily twice a day. The endorphins were good enough to carry me. However even after exercising heavily I still experienced nightfall last night. My nightfall isn’t frequent but it still happens (I’m guessing after every 3 weeks on average) and it makes me sad. I really wish to retain my semen. I need advise from people who are on high streaks particularly and haven’t had night falls at all. I guess this question isn’t really for other set of people who don’t believe in concept of semen retention (as modern science hasn’t provided any evidence to them) and that if manifested it can make you a superior human.
Thank you

Hope it helps brother,
The number 2 method i have personally tried and it 100% worked for me


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