Prisoner? Slave? Servant?

Hey developers!

I haven’t sent a message to you since I joined this forum because I am very blessed by this app. It’s been instrumental in a lot of positive changes for me. So thank you:D

I’m going to suggest a change that has to do with the latest update. I noticed a difference in badge titles. 0-1 day is called ‘prisoner’, day 1-2 ‘slave’ and day 2-3 is ‘servant’. I want to suggest that these be rectified since we are not slaves to this addiction. Neither are we prisoners or servants to it. We are set free and that’s the mindset that we want to cultivate.

The psychology of making this habit stick is clear that the initial days are much harder to cross than once you have a rhythm going. And to have a demotivating title is only causing further struggle.

The badge is something we want to wear with pride. And it should ideally be extremely satisfying to know that we made it past the 0 hour. That’s already an awful place to be and the app is meant to encourage users to increase their streak.

Finally, I’m a UX designer by profession so I approach this with a technical view, and I do believe there is merit in what I’m suggesting. I would recommend positive titles such as ‘camper’/‘mover’, ‘migrant’/‘entrant’, and ‘settler’. These suggest that we’re moving from the old into the new. From there we can become ‘peasants’ and ‘commoners’ and finally kings and queens. Surely there are better ideas.

Since you’re following an old system of royal titles it might be hard to find suitable words but I think the bigger goal is to get users to move into higher streaks. So use motivating words and titles. People could suggest what other titles are preferred and you’ll have more words to choose from.

I hope this makes sense and it would be great to have a stronger motivational system. Thanks a lot again!

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I think it’s fine like that. In this way we will be more ashamed to fall.


Dear friend,
it is for motivation. People will be ashamed to fall. In LPS match, we use ‘Pit of slaves’ and people have no problem with that. Infact, they try hard to run away from that arena. IF SOMEONE WANTS RESPECT, S/HE HAS TO STOP RELAPSING.


I agree with you, slave and servant will be changed


@srubio and @AnkitK
You’re right and it could work for some people. But there’s too much shame associated with this already. The shame we feel is reason enough to not relapse, so the title doesn’t need to motivate by shame! Instead it can motivate by a sense of success, accomplishment and triumph.


Absolutely agree with you brother

Thanks! And I’m a sister:)


Ohhh…Sorry my bad

Have a good day

Glad to see different “positive” opinions

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  1. Mindless Zombie
  2. Zombie/ Wounded human
  3. Human
    (Just suggestions)
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For third, peasant is better.

What about prisoner though? Or did you just forget to mention?

Prisoner will remain


I see the changes! Thank you for listening:)



It will be nice if we can see our current badge in along with the counter. May be just below it. I do not know is this a big ask or not. But along with the counter if we can see the badge, it would be nice.

Thanking you anyways for creating this app.


Can we have a similar list for the"FOLLOWERS" section which shows badge, status, rank etc for every follower just like we have in the “FOLLOWING” list? It would make tracking the progress easy.

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It isn’t possible because you don’t have their sharing code, and you can not view streaks without it

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