Pornography and Gaming

Video games and pornography are, of course, two very different subjects and Ever Accountable–as always–advocates the dangers of pornography (not video games). Today, however, we would like to look closely at how pornography recovery might be hindered by gaming habits; video games and pornography have much in common with how they affect the brain and habits of a user. To name a few:

  • Both access the same instant reward center of the brain, causing a demand for constant stimulation, which is addictive.
  • Both promote isolation, which has been proven to cause many problems, from depression to poor physical health.
  • According to a recent article in CNN, both gaming and pornography can easily become a “substitute for healthy face-to-face interactions, social or sexual.” Just as pornography acts as a poor substitute for real intimacy, video games act as the same for social interactions.
  • Both industries have been heavily criticized for promoting sexism, hyper-masculinity, and false gender expectations.
  • Both industries are multi-billion dollar industries which promote and sell to youth (although not exclusively), operate in fantasy, and are highly controversial in social life.

What about when they work together ? Does gaming promote pornography use? Does pornography consumption encourage gaming? The internet is full of articles arguing both sides; on the one hand, they do work together and on the other, there is no evidence supporting that one addiction feeds the other.

While there is no conclusive, peer-reviewed research evidence that gamers are more susceptible to pornography’s addictive grasp or vice versa, there is enough anecdotal evidence to strongly suggest that someone trying to quit pornography should stay away from gaming, or at least be very mindful of what it is doing to them.

Reddit’s NoFap

On Reddit’s NoFap forum, a fantastic resource for people who want to eliminate pornography from their lives, we found [an interesting thread] titled ”Quit video games until you are on track with NoFap.” Commenters left some great feedback about how gaming and pornography feed off one another. The initial post was from a person who said they found success in quitting gaming while also quitting fapping (i.e. masturbating–NoFap promotes the idea of rebooting or how staying away from masturbation while kicking a pornography habit really helps. They posit that staying completely away from masturbation AND pornography for roughly one month resets a person’s system and makes it easier to completely ditch pornography afterward). Here is part of the original post:

“I quit video games about a week ago, and it is helping to turn this streak into a solid one. The reason I could not have a strong commitment to nofap before is that games are a sort of escape from the stress of regular life. When I get temporary stress relief and excitement from games, I learn to want that relief and excitement all the time. Rather than being a substitute for masturbation, games perpetuate my habit of fapping. I plan to continue to totally abstain from video games until I am at least past my record of 15 days nofap, and will decide whether I want to resume after that point. So far as a result of quitting, I have experienced

-improvement in time management
-decrease in laziness + better work ethic
-Less wanting to fap

I recommend that everyone on here, ESPECIALLY if you are a big gamer, avoid playing video games until you are satisfied with your current progress towards your goal.“

Interesting, right? According to this person, temporary stress relief from video games feeds into the stress relief he feels when fapping, which gets in the way of his primary goal of not looking at pornography. What’s more, there were multiple replies to this thread with similar accounts.

Digitally Rewired

His thoughts align with those who argue that young people’s need for constant stimulation can be found both in gaming and pornography. CNN says that young men (the people who play video games and use porn the most) are being digitally rewired in a totally new way that demands constant stimulation. And those delicate, developing brains are being catered to by video games and porn-on-demand, with a click of the mouse, in endless variety. One Reddit user agreed, commenting that video games and pornography are designed to cause addiction: ”They manipulate your reward system in an unnatural way just like porn does. Quick rewards for little effort.”Clearly, at least some users of both pornography and video games see a connection between the two that are not healthy.

Another Reddit user had this to say in response to the original thread: “Games and porn are the worst addictions nowadays, only those don’t see it who don’t want to. When I say this to my friends, they call me stupid, but when I tell them Ok, if it’s not an addiction, then quit it for only a week they instantly reply ’Why would I quit? It feels good.’”

Play in Freedom

Video games and pornography are addictive and heavy users of both might have a harder time quitting pornography when they isolate themselves to play video games. What we are doing here is advocating for mindful gaming, not against gaming, for people hoping to give up pornography. We like the advice pastor Tim Challies gives on his blog, to “play in freedom.

First off, Pastor Challies writes copious amounts about how much he loves playing video games. He never seeks to demonize gaming itself, but instead encourages mindfulness and accountability when playing.

He acknowledges that gaming bolsters addictive habits by engaging the reward system in the brain. He says that even when games don’t lead to total addiction they can become compulsive, isolating, and detrimental to a fulfilled and responsible life. He says, ”We need to be careful that we assuage the potential of addiction or out-of-control gaming with integrity, priorities, and self-control; play your games in freedom, the freedom of moderation that comes through character, maturity, and a clean conscience.” His advice sounds very similar to what we tell people about accountability: Ever Accountable advocates freedom through living life in the light of a clean conscience by staying away from pornography.

Live Life to the Fullest

Gaming and pornography are two extraordinarily different subjects, and the goal with this post is not to conflate them, but to shed light on how they might work together to hinder a person’s recovery from addiction. Research (and everyday evidence) shows us that pornography is a massive distraction, usually done in secret, that causes guilt and shame. Such negative emotions hinder living their lives to the fullest; getting out there in the world and seizing the day; making goals and sticking to them when they get difficult; taking the time to listen, breathe, relax.

Another Reddit user’s reply to the original post parallels this idea with gaming:

It’s the idea of not getting anything done. It’s the idea that there are a ton of things more gratifying and productive.

That shouldn’t be so hard to understand. Getting [stuff] done is better than not getting [stuff] done. Improving is better than not improving. Going outside/to the gym is better than not going outside or going to the gym.

Doesn’t mean video games are bad, it just means experiencing life to the fullest can be hindered by that. You can miss out on the outside world, less connected to it, become less creative, less hopeful. It should be balanced with things that make you feel good, fulfilled, and connected to people and the world out there."

Any sort of addiction takes us away from feeling “good, fulfilled, and connected to people and the world out there.” It is our job as adults to examine our own impulses toward addictive materials.

If pornography recovery is on your radar, taking it easy on the gaming seems like a sensible solution. Instead of reaching for the controls, take a walk instead. Breathe some fresh air.

You can do it!


Video games can be addicting, true, but pornography is even more dangerous, because pmo activates the reward centres of the brain specifically and directly related to sex. Videogames are not a “natura drive” or craving for humans while sex is. Sex is an innate primal instinct, one that is at our core, and we are designed to seek out sex wherever possible. Videogames activate reward centres through novelty, cheap accomplishment, excitement, anxiety etc. but never sexual arousal and pleasure. (Obviously, videogames with sexual content are exceptions) The activation of sexual reward centres in the brain is the only, yet an incredibly significant difference between pmo addiction and videogame addiction.
This makes video game addiction, if it develops, significantly easier to overcome than other addictions.
So, videogames are lesser evils compared to pornography and masturbation and if given a choice, I would choose gaming.

This being said, sex games are one of the worst things to ever befall humanity. They combine the absolute worst in both the worlds. Thank the gods, many of us never discovered them. :sweat_smile:


Iam giving you options brother

If you was a drug addict which one do you choose

LSD+Heroin OR Alcohol

The First One Is The Perfect Meaning Of Porn



2nd one is way better than first and first one can take your life from world

Simple Answer


I would agree, but also, my wife died from alcoholism so they can all kill in the end. I guess it depends on the person, not all have the same weaknesses.

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True bro. I agree.

2 is still bad for you, but compared to 1, it is way way better.

LSD and synthetic drugs also stimulate sex centres in brain. So, pmo can really be compared to drugs.

Also, videogames give similar rewards to porn, so if we are getting extreme urges, we can also try to play some games instead of fapping. The best thing would be to replace pmo with very productive habits, and healthy dopamine, but in extreme conditions, where you think there is no way out or you have caught yourself touching, playing a fun game will be way way better than fapping. Slowly, we should also stop playing videogames, because they are distracting, but when we have p and m on one hand, gaming is much better. :smile:


So sorry to hear that buddy.

I’m determined to stay away from alcohol too. Society glorifies alcohol use too, it is still harmful.

Edit : it degrades the liver, doesn’t it? we cannot really assosciate gaming to alcohol consumption, but alcohol is to drugs what gaming is to porn, just the lesser of the two evils.


Kinda true in a point as all addictions and habits actually tap into the same reward center in the brain.

Again this is also a debate for a lot of variables as some guys such as myself can play video games and still remain on nofap.

However there are games and a lot of people who are fans will confirm games like gta have a sexscenes in them or sounds and basically in the background. Again also in some games it is a hidden easter egg to see a strip club or even well just passing through an empty one.

So it also depends on the games you play (kinda obvious one here) the guy probably played gta and didn’t admit it as it will be quite obvious why performed better when he quitted gaming.

To another serious point. Alcohol consumption I do that too, but should you drink responsibly like one or 2 drinks aswell as water in between your drinks and also not mix drinking like say you drink a beer now and then later a brandy or so it may keep you from getting sick and obviously skip a hangover .

Again with any addiction you are responsible for the trouble your in. As plain as day. Porn as well, smoking and vaping too. We chose to watch porn to smoke or to vape and everyone knows porn is wrong and even have maybe had a good punishment for viewing porn or have been told to stay away from it.

But see we all get curious to all of the stuff around us so we experiment and get caught in shitty habits. The reason is we don’t wanna admit we did something wrong or that is wrong, because it is hard to get off it or to put a lid on it.

Gaming and alcohol i don’t have a problem with as I stay away from games that might have sexual content in it. Audio or otherwise. If it is in the background as just a sign like a board to a strip club it is totally okay as I care about what I do in the game rather then what’s in the game . Again it is what you do with it! Also having a bit of chill time is good for you too as your body and brain can relax after a hard days work or weeks work. If you are that worried about time management then spend just an hour of gaming a day too. Have you phone alarm regulating the hour and practice it intense and strictly if the alarm goes off you safe and switch off.

Drinking 1 or 2 is good maybe 3 if you pace yourself slowly like a drink every hour or so and drink water in between and stick to 1 drink.

Drugs sorry, but here no leniency here medically or leasure. Why I mentioned medically as medically some pain killers do become an addiction and yeah I know cannabis is doing a lot of good, but this too is for some an addiction. Sorry guys but some cases I think your just treating your withdrawal with cannabis rather than your illness as some of the stuff seem a bit far fetched.

The thing what I also wanna say is don’t belive anything at first glance it might seem ‘good’, but you have your own opinion and thoughts thereof. Before any doctor just injects you with anything or do a surgery you have the right to ask for a 2nd opinion. Again there are execptions here too as you have been in a big car accident and going to really need an op for fixing your arm and your can respond to it.

Also don’t just say yes to any drug he/she prescribes you without a second opinion should you feel uncomfortable about it.

Also here you have also the responsibility to control yourself and the pain meds. Once they are done don’t use them any further than prescribed and also use as prescribed too !

Don’t say I have pain I need one now or when ever you feel like it (duh) if the doc says max 2 a day stick to it too! It is hard, buy you have to learn CONTROL and TOLERANCE and to be RESPONSIBLE . Easy as that.

For lsd and so on well that’s plain stupid if you do it. Drink less and stay aware in a party to avoid drug use plain and simple as that. And if you get presurred to do it remove yourself from the scenario. LEAVE the party.

Well for porn and phone use it is the same apply control. And also assign your apps a task.

It won’t help you to have a porn blocker and delete it at the end of the week or find a loop hole for it anyways too!

Or delete insta and reinstall it the weekend.

Well, let me tell you either you commit to the DELETE or Blocker or RE-ASSIGN your apps .

Here is also control and responsibility! So lemme tell you if you look at my phone you’ll get a heart attack. Watch out

I have instagram, Youtube, FB, WA, google chrome on my phone, Spotify too. If you’ll look at all my settings explict content is allowed and also as I know i can watch porn any time and is at a major risk through pics and vids. No porn blockers whatso ever didn’t even try one. Was tempted to install one, but thought it is a load of bull since I had to help someone to unlock his browser each time he wanted to google something quick. Also had constent reports of the guy bypassing it anyways. And he went through 5 or 6 blockers in a single month maybe like 2 a week at times. Where i had to assign new passwords amd then in the end found out he deleted it anyways.

But here is the real kicker why do I have them. Well, I keep up-to-date with the sports I like, teams I support also get great workouts and also chat to my friends quick and keeping up with events they have and maybe getting to go with.

I am not on it every hour of the day maybe in the mornings real quick sometimes if I need to google something real quick I allow it and also in the evenings ( which was a taboo too at the start). But now I kinda go any where google or youtube anywhere no problem or social media as well!

Control, discipline, tolernece, management, RE-ASSIGN, reassess, responsibility, choices is actually we discuss here. And all of this is laying with you all that power is with YOU

You decide who’s boss over your life as well as what the things you are boss of can do for YOU!

Keep it in mind and keep it real! Stay strong and awesome and good luck !


I want to quit gaming. I am afraid. If i delete my games , there will be a hole in my system.
How will be i able to fill that void ? Plz tell me. Should i forcefuly quit ? .
Should i first quit pmo ?
Pmo is way too strong to quit. Game addiction is nothing in front of pmo addiction.
Help me . I need help.

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I’ve actually tried using gaming as a sort of a “nicotine patch” for pmo addiction. Since quitting cold turkey usually results in intense withdrawal die to a sudden drop in dopamine, gaming should cover-up for some of that and make withdrawal less intense


Rather kill pmo first. Completely and deal with your gaming in a time managed way.

Look a life with out small pleasures is a boring one, but if you know it is bad for you you must find a way to cut it out.

That is also what I want to mention aswell. If your on strict diets all your life you’ll fall due to you are either tired of doing the same diet and same food all the time. A piece of cake now and then doesn’t hurt but you need to apply control and that is important. Little chill time is needed aswell as it too motivates you to stay on track also your efficiency will improve greatly


I :100: agree with this.

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It depends what type of games one plays.
Not all games will act as triggers for pmo.

I love playing video games. although haven’t faced a trigger yet.

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Well for me the two were intertwined because as I mentioned before I was married to an alcoholic and I used it as a feeble escape from my circumstances, which of course was self deceiving and only made it worse and increased my frustration and depression. Life can be hard for everyone and it may not be something most people would want to hear but I was saved from it all by the grace of God when I realized I was helpless and came to the end of myself, and as my doctor told me, “get busy living or get busy dying”, because I got anxiety attacks from the constant stress.
I quit both but the temptation for gaming wasn’t as strong as the other but I had to get back to reality and leave fantasy behind. Every hour I wasted on gaming was my life wasting away and it’s like using a credit card and eventually you have to pay it back and wasted time can never be reclaimed. Your life is precious and fleeting and the regret will only increase the longer you stay in that cycle. Our addictions are the lies we believe just to briefly escape whatever we are dealing with but afterwards it’s bitter, it’s slavery and kills all the good inside. You have hidden talents like we all do, that will fulfill your life and give it true meaning.
I have, and will pray for you regardless of your own beliefs.

“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28‭-‬30

We can all have the power for lasting freedom from this slavery. The impossible can be possible.


I think you should not delete all
But atleast you should decrease the no of games on your pc and meanwhile should not download any new games…
So you can quit pmo and also reduce the time to games and become more productive :pray::pray::pray:

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Only the addicts are glorifying this bad things who have already destroyed most of their life. General people would always love a person free from addiction just like we guys are running after @_TIGER @Tagore etc . A good example is the bollywood which is now hated by almost everyone due the drugs involved and it were these guys in advertisement of other drugs that appear simple ( gutka, cigarette, and of course alcohol) and now it is found that most of them are involved in consuming (cocaine, weed, heroin, opium etc) and their glory is lost…

Brother everybody knows all these addictions are bad for health but it is these bad fellows who weaken our will power and make us addicts…

If necessary then these things should be consumed for medicinal purposes but in excess they make us addicts and sometimes takes our lives but these advertisers never talk about that.


NCB arressted Riya for providing sushant CBD oil.
CBD oil is used as a medicine to cure anxiety in foreign countries.
Sushant was not a 4 year old kid to take cbd oil when riya insisted.

Sushant family went to politicians to give justice to their son suicide. And you all can see … first govt. Tried money angle. Then they bypassed people privacy and watched all private whatsapp chat of Riya. Then they arressted her. The case is still not solved because Riya is not proved guilty of killing sushant.

Yes. Drugs are bad.
Yes. Drugs are very Bad.
Why people take drugs ?
They are addicted and have a weak will power to quit it.

Who can be blamed if sushant took cbd oil to cure his anxiety. He was already taking a ton of pychatrist medicines/drugs. Suicide was his choice.

And 9/10 newschannel are showing only Riya/sushant case… like there is no other thing happenning in india ?

What about people losing their jobs ?
What about people dying due to hunger ?
What about farmers suicide ?
Who cares for daily wage workers ?
What about corona ?
What about economy ?

90% of the news channels are fake. They dont do reporting.


Exactly brother…but when it comes to them they all start to say that media should be free from boundation.
What they actually do is only for trp not for the people.

Rightnow only two types of news is there in favour of ria or in favour of Sushant and nothing else.

Nowbody no channel worried about corona virus and indo chin dispute etc…


Main motive is political agenda.
Many news channels owners are leaders of political parties.

I watch news only on youtube.

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Allopathy is becoming a joke day by day
Glad I didn’t take meds for my depression
They themselves are so much addictive
Ayurveda is the way to go for me


Yes. You are Right.
Main thing is people are unable to deal with new challenge & stress of life.
Yoga is very important to make one powerful enough to deal with anything in life.

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