Pls come up with a solid advice 🙏

Hi I am a 18 year old guy from India . I got addicted to porn and masturbation addiction at the age of 14 and got to understand it consequences when I became 15 . I am fighting with this addiction from the past 3.5 years. I Changed myself from masturbating thrice a day to once a week . That’s really a good change , but I am unable to bring more change inside me . For the past 1.5 year I am really seeing no change inside me .
According to my accountability , I masturbated 62 times in 2019 and 61 times in 2020 , so it really makes no change in me and the most awkward thing which I feel all the time is that I cannot move more than 15 days . I always get restricted to only 12 day streak or 13 days streak . I cannot past more than 15 days . I really don’t know what’s happening . The more I think about it , the more tension I have . This time too in January 2021 , I relapsed once at day 13 and then on day 12 on my another streak. Pls someone suggest me a good opinion to get it out of this . It’s really disturbing me too much and I am unable to focus on my goals cuz of it. It would be highly appreciated friends, if you’ll help me.


The fact that you have counted your relapse means you are good in keeping track of the whole thing which is a great thing ,
Don’t loose your hope your doing great my friend and the fact that your only 18 is amazing if you conquer this habit let me tell you ull rise above all and will achieve greatness. you have time at your hand

Congratulations on taking such a wise decision so early in life

Kindly go through the following method it has helped me a lot


That’s amazing that you have kept an account of your relapses.
If u want to move past 15 days… You need to analyse your past relapses. What led you to relapse?. Do you relapse to the same thing in a same way? Like visual triggers?. What could you have done to avoid it?.
Just learn from your relapse, make a new improved strategy against it, apply it, and see the amazing results.
Stay motivated… Stay blessed


I relapsed 95% of the time to visual triggers. So I have quit all social media and movies, seasons and animes. I’m on day 37 now and hope to quit this time for sure.


You are only in this for 3.5 years, I am in this for 10 years. People have been in this for 20 years and even more!.
It’s amazing that you decided to quit this bad habit so young.
There is a guy named KostantinosNF. His sharing code is 643a31. He had quit PMO for 1183 days till today!!!. And he is just 17 years old!!!.


I will post some tips below for you…
Stay blessed.

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You will not relapse ever if:

  1. You don’t ever peek. You don’t look at opposite sex.
  2. You don’t ever use screen for entertainment, you don’t watch movies, series and animes.
  3. You don’t ever just aimlessly scroll social media.
  4. You don’t ever lie around doing nothing and thinking about pleasure or fun thing to do when you are bored… Instead you already have a routine beforehand that you follow every single day. You plan your entire day after waking up or before sleeping ( for next day)
  5. You exercise and meditate everyday.
  6. You fast now and then and watch your diet closely.
  7. You spend time with family and non triggering clean friends.
  8. You are happy and satisfied with life.
  9. You improve your spirituality, be religious or have moral rules and ethics.
  10. You believe in yourself

These 10 rules require amazing sacrifice and self control Initially.



I don’t know it’s just that I fell for porn and gets to it at the phase of time between 11 to 14 days


Thanks friend for your advice :muscle:


Yes I do some of these points but I am unable to get to some of these points such as Point No. 5 , 6 , 7, 10

The biggest problem with me is I am a prone masturbator and that’s the worst things for me.
I am watching porn videos since 3.5 years but before that I was addicted to sexual images of actress for 2 years. Can you pls tell me a way to get me out of prone masturbating


@madhavbansal okay…
I need you to set aside some time alone and quiet today and ask yourself these questions.

  1. Why do you masturbate? Do you masturbate to kill time?, or escape boredom, stress or tension. Or do you masturbate to stop being horny as you are hyper sexual?

  2. How do you masturbate?. What are steps that lead you to fap?. How did you masturbate last 3 times?. Do you get idea of masturbation by thoughts? Or you masturbate after you see girls on mobile or computer or TV screen?. Or you are horny and naturally do it to relieve yourself?

  3. You need to know WHEN, HOW AND WHY you masturbate. Once you know the answer to these questions, the next step will be strategizing and planning against your habit.

Do think. Then answer these questions. Then we all will help you brother with the best of our abilities.


I will take a time of one day to give real answers to you to get your help.


Yes sure bro… We are all here to support each other. Don’t worry. Take your time.


You know what, there is a book " easy peasy " .
Just take a read , just take a read! And i request everyone else to do so! You will automatically get to know about this thing!

  1. I usually don’t want to masturbate cuz I know the value of semen but I have to masturbate cuz of porn .
    And I watch porn because I become horny sometimes or I am stressed out completely or I’ll be getting bored in my room.

  2. I masturbate in a prone way . The only reason to fap is my porn viewing . I masturbated last 3 times around the same time interval at afternoon. I also feel that after masturbating I would be relaxed .

3.I masturbate mostly in afternoon . I masturbate in a prone way . I masturbate cuz of my porn viewing compulsion.

That’s all I have regarding my addiciton. I believe you’ll help me buddy :blush::muscle:


Bro , I think u should first focus on removing ur p*** addiction , as this is ur main problem and coz of this only u mast*****.

@_TIGER could help u in this … he has recently completed 1 year without p***.

All the best


@madhavbansal:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:That is very good analysis… That’s amazing… You are just near success bro… Awesome… Now you know… First step is done…
So the strategy is…

The reasons you masturbate are 3.




And you do it in the afternoon.
So you need to be vigilant in that time everyday.

So to control masturbation, as @Dean_Ambrose said, you need to stop watching porn.
You need to work on the 3 triggers of porn viewing.


Are you horny after seeing girls on social media or videos(movies etc)?. Then you need to stay away from screen.

learn to be busy and expend energy
In order to be less horny or save you from horniness, you need to stay busy and use your energy in beneficial and productive way. Sexual energy and horniness is an energy. You need to think it as a resource and not a problem. You need to spend energy in exercise, running or gym. You need to take cold showers and meditate. This will reduce the horny factor. To deal with horniness, STAY BUSY, it’s the only way. You will be horny. You are a man. Learn to be busy and expend energy. Also, plan your afternoon!!!. That’s a time you need to be careful.


You need to realize that if you feel relaxed after masturbation, that is not mentally as you feel guilty and want to quit. You just feel sexually relieved as the horniness is gone temporarily.

You can reduce stress with alot of other more fun and healthier ways. You can take a walk, take a cold shower, drink green tea, meditate, socialize with good and trigger free friends and spend time with your family to reduce stress.
You don’t need porn and masturbation to remove stress!!!.


Bro read a book. I WILL RECOMMEND YOU THE EASY PEASY BOOK, IT IS THE BEST GUIDE TO STOP THIS ADDICTION. IT’S A MAGICAL BOOK THAT WILL LITERALLY DESTROY THIS HABIT. AFTER READING THAT BOOK YOU WILL BECOME A NOPMO MASTER!!!.I will post a link to it. Stay busy… Don’t be bored. When you are busy in studies, what fun activity do you think?. ( don’t say porn and masturbation). Maybe it’s going out with friends. Or read a good book. That’s what is fun. Do that.
Make a schedule. Make a daily routine. Never do anything unplanned. If suddenly you don’t have anything to do, then stop, make a new plan in 5 minutes and follow that plan.
Don’t be bored. Follow your own plan and not the plan of your hormones…most importantly, don’t be bored in the afternoon!!!.

I hope this will help. Now do this, then ask me again when you need help. Just mention me and I’ll reply. I can answer your questions and be your helper with the best of my abilities. It would be in my own benefit to help you as I will have a better understanding of my own addiction. So we can help each other to improve and be our best versions!!!. Ask me please. Keep me posted. I’m not helping you, you are helping me.

Keep improving everyday. Never lose hope. Try try again while learning.Stay blessed.


This is the link to the book

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Agreed with @NeverGiveup420 :muscle::muscle::muscle::fire::fire::fire:


Thanks a lot friend , it’s really good to get a better way of your addiction. I will now start the best of my way and work on myself to completely overcome with this behaviour of mine. I will now use my sexual energy in a more disciplined way and focus on my goals rather than ejaculating on pixels . Thanks for your advice , I’ll message you if I’ll feel any of your help again . :blush::muscle:


Best of luck brother :fire::fire::fire:
Start your journey of recovery and be your best self :100:

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