Please Sign This Petition

Hello Everyone,

There’s a gigantic petition going on to legally prosecute p*hub for hosting child rape on their site. It’s . It’s already received over 1.5 Million signatures!!! Let’s Get Em’!!! :angry:

[email protected]


Done :slight_smile: Let’s get this toxicity out of humanities way.


@Sacred, thankyou. God bless you.

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Is this happening for the first time?

My friend, on this scale, yes. The founder of Exodus Cry has petitioned the Prime Ministers of Canada and Luxembourg, the US President, 7 US Congressmen and women, and the US and Canadian Justice Departments. PayPal shut off their funding 4 months ago to p*hub after the publicity of this.


I often dream about a day when p studios are hit by powerful celestial missile weapons. That is too much ahead in future. :joy:

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I tried to, but the link you posted didn’t work. Is it just my phone/internet?

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Yes, I noticed the glitch. It’ll work if you manually type the website.

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:+1:Did it:)
We need to get this junk out of our head.


Now it’s 1.7 millions. Great initiative.

All our brothers in Rewire companion should sign this. @Taher sir, please give a notification of this post to everyone in the forum. We all should hold hands now.