Please share Your STUDY TIPS here

What works for you to improve focus and quality of study? Please feel free to share your valuable tips.

It will really help everyone.

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I’m sharing my STUDY TIPS, Please Share YOURS

10 Tips for Improving Focus in Studies

  1. The more you study, the better your brain will get at it. So study more to make it a habit. Once it becomes a habit, you won’t need much willpower to open a book.

  2. Try removing all distractions while studying. Put your mobile far away from your place of study so that u would have to get up to pick up mobile.

  3. Study with Pomodoro techniques by taking study breaks after 30 to 40 min sessions. First 3 times take 5 min break and 4th time take a 20 min break.
    The breaks should be to rest your eyes and brain. So don’t use mobile in them or you won’t be resting and won’t be that fresh. JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES AND TRY MEDITATING SILENTLY HEARING THE TIK TOCK OF THE CLOCK or YOUR BREATH.

  4. After a few hours of study like 3 to 5 hours. Sleep for 30 mins to 1 hour 30 mins. Wake up drink tea and you are good to go again.

  5. Don’t drink tea or coffee 8 hours before sleeping or you will fall asleep later and your sleep routine will be disturbed

  6. Have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep for good quality study. Otherwise you won’t be able to study long.

  7. Exercise for 15 mins at least everyday to keep your mind fresh for study or after a few days of no exercise u will get slower and lethargic. You mind won’t be fresh.

  8. Don’t PMO as it cause brain fog and destroys FOCUS. It also depletes energy and motivation so that day u won’t be motivated or energetic enough to study.

  9. Try meditating to practice focus. The more u practice, the better u get expert in focus.

  10. Stop watching FB and YT as a means of distraction. This causes you to procrastinate as all you practice is distraction. And u get good at distraction. Also this wastes times as 5 mins become 1 hours without a sweat and you lose time, energy and mental focusing power and motivation to study.


@_TIGER any study tips bro?

Study tips okey here it is from me

  • Break down the single topic in two or more and then study according to that
  • U should really understand the concept behind it then it will get all easy and easy to recall
  • Make your own notes.and you can also prepare mind map this really helps to break single topic into points.
  • When u learn new concept u should understand that so perfectly that you can teach that to 10 year old kid.
  • And revision is most important.u should revise what u studied at the end of the day.

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Brahmastra :
Wake up at 4 am first study tips .
After waking up don’t touch your mobile .in my case I complete my all work between 6.30 to 7.00 then attack on study from 7 to 10.30.
This is the best trick if you are starting or in initial phase .
:crossed_swords: Once you properly handle your morning then slowly you will handle the whole day including study also…
So close EVERYTHING at 10.30 . If you can’t then 11 pm .hardly 12 pm …
Sleeping early gives more energy …

Change topic after 45mints …

:crossed_swords: Never read a single topic in a single day .
Example someone is reading calculas only in Tuesday…this is very dangerous for future you can’t revise all.

:crossed_swords: Try to cover atleast 4 topics in a day (2hrsĂ—4 = 8hrs)

If you are unable to study atleast 2 hrs in a day then you have to block a time period and read only 2 hrs exactly on that time for everyday.
…it takes time .

Summary of the story :
1)wake up early
2)change very rapidly topic in 45mints
3)focus on main topic


I don’t have “do’s”
But I have “don’t”

Wake up 8:00 am and change alarm ringtone…thinking this can wake you tommorow…go for getting fresh and spend 45 minutes in the bathroom…now 9:00 am is at your sight…but you take your phone and spend 2 hours straight forward there…then go and open your books…but then you remember you don’t had breakfast…so you have it and how can you sit and study directly after eating…atleast you are the most healthy person in the world…then you go for a walk and buy a movie ticket and spent whole evening there then you are already exhausted…so you take some snacks and open your phone again…its 7:00 pm already…now you open your book but you don’t understand anything so you close it and go for your dinner and after that 3 hours of phone and not forget setting alarm for 4: 00 am…


Use Coffee Naps :coffee: and mediate 5 mins after that before you begin your every pomodoro study sessions.
Don’t drink more than 4 cups .
And yeah Do not pmo

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Use forest app and compete with ppl around the globe…

The pro Version is actually free…Its a way of gamifying your life and getting addicted to work…

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Wow, those are some very new and interesting Study Tips. Thanks a lot @anon7571274 @_TIGER @STORY_OF_A_GREAT_LOSER @Chelsea_Burnett @_KarmaYogi @mdsadafhashmi3.

I’ll try them surely.


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