Study Best Practices [Drop your tips]

An overwhelming majority of people in this forum are students. Many of them are about to write some of the most crucial exams of their lives in coming months. This thread intends to compile up the best practices related to studies.
Please drop in the things you have tried / heard / read which can significantly enhance a students output and provide him the winning edge !!


My two cents,
Revision is the most important aspect of a study process. I feel every sitting should end with a recap of the things studied. Additionally, there should be a quick revision of previously learned topics everyday.


Never use apps like telegram whatsapp or discord during studying. Fot me this is true… 5 min break will turn into 5 hours…


use digital detox app for the entire duration of study:

quoting @selfconqurer about reducing phone usage:

Totally lock your phone 1hour before going to bed and 3hours after you wake up.

Say if you sleep for (10pm to 5am) then block your phone by 9pm and unlock it only after 8am.

Why lock 1hr before bed?
a) Because our phone emits blue light due to which our brain thinks it is day and we do not feel sleepy even if we are tired.

b) locking it one hour prior will give you time to think and plan about tomorrow, focus in important tasks and also give you time to declutter.

c) You can read a book, organise your space these small activities will make you feel great the next day and you are completely prepared.

Why lock 3hours after waking up?
a) Because when we wake up our mind is in active state (there is science behind it, I will not go too deep into that), we can focus on things to do but when we touch our phones our mind comes into reactive state and then we just see the messages and all and feel lazy.

b) We can utilize this time in best possible way if we do not touch it.
Now, say brushing, exercise, bathing and all will take you about 2hrs then after that you still have got 1hr to complete important tasks. This will really give you great confidence, inner happiness and a bosst for day.

c) You can increase the time before going to bed and after waking up if you want to complete more tasks.
Now, after we have completed all the tasks and then we touch our phone it will act as reward and we will be happy and content that we did great (I am saying this with confidence because I use this trick almost daily now and I am so much happy about it).

How to block you phone for usage?
There are a no. Of apps (these are among the best which I have tried :point_down:)
i) Digital detox
ii) Off time.
iii) Quality time
You can choose any but according to me the best one is digital detox. BEAWARE!! YOU CANNOT USE YOUR PHONE FOR 11HOURS!!

But don’t worry, you will get 3emergency uses option


Use pomodoro technique using focusometer app, do vipassana

Over the years (Finished my Master’s this year and working on my PhD now) I figured a few things out:

  • Breaks!
    Don’t try to keep working with out breaks. As EmperorDante said, look into Pomodoro. Work for a certain time (depends on what you are doing and its intensity) then make a break.
    I worked for 20-40min then a 5-10min break.
    Don’t use your phone as a break. Do something that relaxes your mind. Walk around
  • Sleep enough!
    It sounds appealing to keep working all night. In particular if you don’t feel tire. But doesn’t work for a long time. Stick to 8 hrs at night and a nap during the day (I always need lots of sleep during preparation for exams)
  • Drink enough
    Always keep a jar of water next to you
  • Put your phone in a different room
    Just briefly checking your phone throws you out of focus for a long time.
  • Small goals
    Write down small, manageable goals to stay motivated.
  • Don’t think about the future
    Don’t worry if you learned enough, if you should be more efficient, learn more details, what could happen at the exam. Simply take this moment. Do your best in the moment to be efficient. Learn what you can and go to the exam in the knowledge that you did what you can and the exam will show if that was good or not.
  • Sleep enough the night before the exam.
    Months of preparation can be wasted if you are tired at the exam.