Please, is it PIED or not? And is OK to have sex or trying to have (even unsuccessfully) during reboot?

Hi all.

I have a question. Last weekend I were with my gf and one thing lead to another and you know the rest. Problem is that nothing happend as during foreplay I lost my arousal. I suddenly stopped being horny and all what comes with it. Just like turning a switch off. We tried it later but then I could not turn myself on back. We also had some talks and evenimg were a bit emotional for me and also it should be my first time.

I hit my 160+ days mark 3 months ago and since then it was 3-10 days streaks and one 20+ days streak and during weekend I were at 18 days. I have morning woods at some days, but I feel like I am in flatline now.

So my question is. Is it PIED or just stress from doing it for first time or it is flatline?



Stress bro, if u have morning wood u healthy

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Really? Because I read that morning wood can be just becouse of full bladder and maybe some other stuff. So it does not necesary means that I am completelly healthy.

If the wood is hard youre good buddy

@PapiPlayboy Hmmm. When I am thinking about it, morning wood is really really occasionally when I am alone and mostly with her when we are cuddling or sometimes hugging or waking up together at the morning, after only sleeping together (for obvious reasons :smiley: ). But I guess maybe flatline have something to do with that too. IDK honestly.

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Because now I am thinking if I should tell her about my past and that I am doing NoFAP or try it for second or even third time and if it will still be an issue then tell her. IDK, I am scared that I will lost her either way and btw we are not together for long time yet, so IDK if I should wait, but then its like lying to her.

Most problematic thing is that IDK if thats PIED or not and if it is, then how severe it is.


So I checked my streaks history. Its only past 10 streaks, so not accurate much, but at 11th of June I relapsed after 163 days. Then I had month or so with 2 - 5/7 days relapses (I dont remember correctly) and past 11th of july its like this: 20, 2 (twice a day), 2 (twice a day), 18, 3 (twice a day), 22 (today and counting).

I have 3 conundrums or questions:

  1. I am pretty scared that if I told my GF I will lost her and also we are seeing each other for 2 months and officialy being together for 1 week, so IDK if thats not too soon. And I fapped while we know eachother, but not since I started to have deep feelings for her. But on the other hand she is very understanding.

  2. Another thing is how long can it take to recover. I read that it could take months, but I already have some streaks after my belt. Does it make some benefit or not.

  3. And last thing. Does tying to have sex or even have one if I will stay hard reset my rewire process or how far it setback me? I already did 163 days but since then its just 22 days top. I know that cuddling, kissing, etc, but NO sex is beneficial, but how bad sex is for rewiring process? I read that for first 30 days its not recommended, but we attempted for it but it did not happen as I went soft (mentioned in first post) so IDK if that reseted my “streak” or I have some setback or what.

I know that stressing about it will not help at all. And I can develop anxiety from performance, but I cant help myself. IDK what should I do or think in regards all three questions mentioned above. Honestly I need some encouragement as I am googling stuff for few days now and I did not found even right answer for “can I have sex during my reboot”?

Many thanks


Also today I read that as I didnt have any real sexual experience before. Only PMO, I need to learn that. Learn attachment to a real woman and all thing that comes with it. Which kinda make sense.

So does it make sense that I had an issue because of:

  • flatline
  • first time (performance anxiety)
  • relapse 20 days before “act”
  • thinking about what should I do, etc (as it was my first time)
  • lack of connection to real woman

I am having boners when we are cuddling, but thats about it.

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