Penis Size Advice

Well what should be the size of penis to have sex. Is 4 inches enough ???


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Listen. I did some research on this.

The perfect size according to women polled is 6.25 inches.

But understand that size is not always the concern.

If you are 4 in, you are fine. I would range it from 4 to 7 in. Smaller than 4 and larger than 7 should be concerned.

A woman not aroused is about 2 to 3 in

A woman aroused can be 4 to 7 in on average.

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Thank you @pingpong1 and @alphadude for bringing this to my attention. I will now bestow my advice on to you.

The average size of an erect penis is 5 inches. Anywhere between 4-5 is workable. If it’s less than that then you’ll have to take external help. But here’s the catch. Most people think that the length of the penis is what matters the most. It’s not, rather it’s how you use it. Bro the end goal of sex is typically to reach orgasm right? If you lack the length then use your hands and face to get the job done. I can’t explain this in detail but we’re all corrupt enough to know what I meant. For guys it takes like 10 seconds to a minute at most. Some legends go a couple of more minutes. While women take like 10-15 minutes. Nature and God is obviously biased against us. but we have to work with what we’ve got.

Different positions hit differently. I’ll speak in metaphors so I don’t get banned. Let the woman ride the horse, use gravity to your advantage! If the woman is heavier then this works even better.


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@Goutam Hey bro I know you’re worried about your penis length but it’s only your fear I think you should find a partner Who loves you not to your penis and that’s it with 4 inch you can easily satisfy your wife. At the end I have to say husband wife relationship isn’t to satisfy your physical needs it’s more than this. A loveable wife is your solution not this unnecessary stress you have :sweat_smile:
If you are already married than try to love your wife from heart :heart: don’t focus on penetration sex only. Try to kiss, cuddling and many more. Have a nice day bro :hugs:

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