Opinons on David Deida - The way of the superior man?

Hello all.

Does anybody read book by David Deida - The way of the superior man? And if yes, how is your opinion on that?

I am currently in the middle of Eckhart Tolle - The power of now and next books are 12 rules of life and Marcus Aurelius - Thoughts to myself, but I found out that I have PDF of this book from long time ago from friend of mine and I know he did not read that. So I would like to know if it is worth a while. I dont want some PUA books or that kind of books as now I am into selfdevelopment as most of us here and I think being genuine is better than any PUA “tricks”.

Thanks a lot and cheers to al of ya :slight_smile:


Yea I’ve read the way of the superior man. It’s an amazing book. And just pointing it out what the book sis about. It basically talks about masculine and feminine psychology. How your actions affect your emotions, spirituality and how it affects the opposite gender. So in essence, it is like a guide book for emotional, psychological, spiritual and sexual development. It tells you how you can be a better man for yourself and how you can be better for your significant other or the opposite gender as a whole.

But I do recommend, reading 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson first. That book is life changer. It’s a must read for all human beings. In my opinion, he’s the greatest psychologist, philosopher and thinker of this century. So yea that’s my opinion


Wow, thanks for the great overview. Yes I am going to read 12 rules first anyway, as I want do do it for some time :slight_smile:


I read is half but lost my connection but yes definitely a good book to read thanks for reminding me I’ll complete the book soon myself now