ONE PIECE CHALLENGE [Great Era Of Pirates]

Hi guys, I am new to curated a challenge and this will be my first challenge ever. I am a big fan of One Piece anime and I know a lot of you guys also are. I have join a few challenges that punished us out of the challenge whenever we relapse even once. So I come out with a this challenge model that will be beneficial in a long run. This One Piece Challenge is target to be a long game and not just 2 or 3 months, this can even be a new world to explore. So without any words, lets start the tutorial :grin:


  • Kaizoku is PIRATE in English, and players will become a pirates in this game. Players need to choose a character in One Piece to start the game. BUT it is NOT COMPULSARY to be a pirates character, you also can choose Marine, Revolutionary Army, King, Princess, Chef or even a Celestial Dragon, up to your choice as long as it is a One Piece Character.


Just as other challenges, the goal is NO RELAPSE.

Each kaizoku will be given a Bounty in a form of Beri that will be updated each week on Sunday. This Bounty can be earned by this activity :

  1. Check In Daily
  2. Duel
  3. Participate in an Event (War, Rescue, Island Conquer, etc)

This activity also will be updated by time as the challenge progress.
The purpose of Bounty is as an indicator of player’s Strength, act as a point that enable a player to raise their Rank and participate in certain Event.
For Example, there will be an event to compete for YONKO spot that only be participated by 3 Billion Beri only.

For each Check In, the player will be nominated certain amount of bounties. However, do note that bounties only awarded ONCE per check in. So in a case that a player forgot a check in, they wont receive any bounties for that day and not redeemable.

Every day, a player can announce a duel with any of the players he/she want, and the opponent will reply with confirmation whether they accept or not. There are two cases here :

  1. If the opponent accept, duel is on and the rule will be explained below.
  2. If the opponent reject, the opponent bounties will be reduced a little.


  • Duel will announced by Admin and the players will fight for no relapse for SEVEN DAYS
  • Duel can be initiated only with an opponent in their bounties’ range. (For example, 20 Million Beri can duel with 30 Million Beri But Not a 3 Billion Beri)
  • Winner will gain significant amount of bounties (Loser’s bounties/3)
  • Loser will lose significant amount of bounties (Winner’s bounties/2)
  • In an event of Draw, both will gain bounties

Last but not least, Event that will be initiated from time to time according to the One Piece storyline and initiation admin. There will be Event like War, Island Conquer, Rescue Mission, Spot Coronation for Yonko, Shichibukai, Admiral and even more. All of this will have a bounties limitation so players need to work harder to raise their reputation.


  1. Great Era Of Pirates
  2. Nakama Is A Journey
  3. Road To Grandline!!
  4. Grandline’s Hell Create Strong Army
  5. Sabaody Utopia (Rest)
  6. New World’s Menace

Each of the timeline will be explained when the time come. As the next timeline start, the previous batch will start their next timeline. For example if Batch 1 reach Nakama Is A Journey, Batch 2 will start their Rookie Bloom.

In an event of relapse, that player’s bounties will be reduce a lot (Just like a loser in DUEL) BUT he/she will not out of the challenge. The player still alive, just beaten and need time to recover, then will comeback with their crew. If the pirates join an event, they will be out from that particular event. There are No Death in One Piece, unless give up! :fire: (Or execution, F**K Akainu! :rage: )

So if you guys interested to join, drop down your name, invite code and One Piece Character



Pirates Title Bounty
1. SinX21 (mwygmn) Silver Rayleigh - 45000 Beri
2. DarkDLeo (3c700n) Roronoa Zoro - 45000 Beri
3. _444 (e0qjo3) Smoker - 45000 Beri
4. Nerbo (2ubov5) Blackbeard - 60000 Beri
5. Six_Eyes (jj7af3) Donquixote Doflamingo - 0 Beri
6. Purity11 (wozvnu) Monkey D. Luffy - 20000 Beri
7. piyushchandak (1dm46a) Kaido - 45000 Beri
8. kazim.09 (sospqy) Big Mom - 45000 Beri
9. mayorRP (0509jw) Shanks - 0 Beri
10. prothekter_aden (d10mfl) Dracule Mihawk - 40000 Beri
11. PAIN (vvbi62) Tashigi - 20000 Beri
12. Parke29 (c2sl1c) Trafalgar Law - 10000 Beri

Buddy I’m definately IN
Sounds Cool and interesting even though it’s the first challenge you are curating

Name: Roronoa Zoro


Yes Ace’s death was a tragedy


If I may suggest it will be more interesting that a player will be eliminated one’s his/her bounty drops to zero


Name: Smoker
Code: e0qjo3

Sounds interesting, sign me in


Yeah im still new hahahaha, lets improve the challenge bit by bit


Might consider one day but for now, my aim is to build a challenge where people can bounds back and play again so that this challenge can be in a long run.

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Welcome to the community bro. Goodluck in raising the Smoker

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Welcome and congrats for being the pioneer of Great Era Of Pirates just when the day Pirate King executed. One Piece Is Real!


With that, my character is this dude :sunglasses:. With his haki, i will stregthen my spirit to be like him, the right hand of Pirate King


Great character, i like his personality :ok_hand:

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I want to be sure about something. What Check in means on practice? I need to type here something after full day? I am total rookie and n00b

Everyday, post something as your check in. Such as Check In Day 1 :white_check_mark:. That consider as a check in to ensure you active and not forget about the challenge. But we are not starting yet so for now just chat2 and know better about each other. Later i will announce when we start


Thanks for explanation! I look forward to participate in this challenge. I know that im nothing on my own, and i believe that together we can achieve something

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I am in. Give me the baddest character. I haven’t seen One Piece but I follow my rule of The More Challenges, The Better. So, please allot me a character @SinX21 as you wish.

Sharing code - 2ubov5


Yoo Nerbo, here you go, you can choose one :sweat_smile:

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I choose Rotonoa ZORO.

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Count Me In :wink:

“Joker” - Donquixote Doflamingo


Alrightt, we have two Zoro here, who the best?

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