Objectification help

I watched a NoFap video with an interview with a woman, her intial thoughts were “it’s a weird cult, guys should just fap, it’s normal and porn isn’t a bad thing”

I need some help, I know my thoughts,
yet struggle to express them.
I’m finding it really difficult to not objectify girls/women, even though I want to detest it.

I want to detest how women/girls feel the need to cater themselves for pornified men.

Some brief thoughts about this:

We live in a time where everything is over-sexualized. Women think they have to look good to please men, adds are showing half naked people to promote their product and so on. In a time like this, people who have never really thought about the problems this induces obviously see it as normal for man to masturbate and watch porn.

There is, as she says, a cult of nofap but there are also the people who need nofap. In other forums I saw people going for 90 days nofap just because it is cool to do, or a challenge or they only do it because they wanna have superpowers. Then she is right. like this it is just a cult. But if you are an addict, you have to do it. There is no other option.

Objectifying girls is what we learned to do. From porn but I would dare to say even more from adds. So, for not objectifying girls I would try to look differently at adds. At least that was one of the main things that helped me.

As a last point, I guess people who don’t have a problem with porn think that we are watching one porn every month or so. I mean, if my habit was to watch 15min of porn every other month or so, then I wouldn’t feel the need to change something neither. (I wouldn’t feel all the negative impacts it has on my life, so I would think it is okay) just like with every other drug. Every now and again I drink a beer -> i have no negative effects from it, so I don’t need to change anything. But if I drink 10 beer every day… I guess you get the point


The word “objectification” is feminist jargon that we would all be better off without.An object is a non living thing. In terms of grammar the “object” of a sentence is that which is being acted upon.For example: I hit the wall.In that sentence “the wall”. Is the object.Being the object of sexual desire only makes you an object in the grammatical sense for in reality it is actually an affirmation of your humanness as it is rare for people to literally lust for objects.I think it is silly to protest or complain about biology as if ideology can change it. People are sexual beings but they are also much more than that.Focusing primarily on sex IS natural but it’s not ideal.I don’t think we should feel guilty for behavior patterns that are genetically encoded.It’s just that impulse control differentiates humans from other species.Applied philosophy demands that we act on reason and principle not on immediate desire.Personally I avoid staring at provocative images.You can’t always control what you see but you can control what you stare at.Secondly I cultivate a sense of indifference towards anything that could potentially arouse me.You need to remember that you have seen plenty of the female anatomy and so there is nothing new to see.So you don’t need to stare and you have the power to feel indifference towards whatever you saw.Also the sense of indifference is important when dealing with urges.Observe the urge with a sense of indifference rather than a sense that you are fighting against it.The more indifferent you are the easier it will be to move on to something more productive.


Nah she’s just jealous and afraid of the rise of NoFap legends.


I agree with you or perhaps she wasn’t serious. But we take it very seriously.

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If it’s that Blondie girl that dresses in certain way in all her videos I would tell you not to listen her she have absolutly zero idea of why people do nofap she does these for views only man


@nagate I know who you mean! She is basically porn haha! I’m glad you mentioned her - Miss Triggerlina! :sweat_smile:

I find these videos interesting because it shows how porn can govern and manipulate a situation.

@Angel_in_a_cage - Thank you!


Yep soo sad she got soo many souls drooling, and listening to her garbage rants man its soo funny you also recognise immediately who I was talking about, I would never advice anyone on nofap to listen to that video well as you mentioned she is basically porn.

Maybe that’s a satire or sarcasm?

Lol,. :joy::joy:

Does anyone have a link or something

Man, this was the greatest explanation, I’ve ever heard on objectifying bullshit. Imma tell this shit to those feminist bitches, who ain’t got nothing but talk how guys objectifies them

@krishvamsi30 From my experience:
I’d seriously avoid trolling, they are still people.
Attacking is just the other side of the coin.
It’d be better to toss that coin into the ocean.
Stay gracious my Bro. Attack by simply disengaging. Heed what @Angel_in_a_cage said:
Applied philosophy demands that we act on reason and principle not on immediate desire


If you are nofap why do you want a link? Control yourself :rofl::rofl: its not worth it trust I have seen her videos before not worth it again I reapet. You horny beast


I think acceptance would really help here. I mean a boy is always a boy. Not that you cant help, its in our biological system. Unfortunately, in our time sexuality is so overly emphasized in everyday life and explicit disgusting contents are easily accessible. This is environmental factor. That you need to learn to live with. And just be matured and adaptive to your environment.

Its essentially a stupid ridiculous act though basically natural and normal. Also, if taken in the wrong way it is degenerative. Also try to learn to look at the ladies as a person before as opposite gender or just dont, but as a person.

Always remember its not entirely about dress but mentality, and realistically there’s always people who cant get over superficial things, to exploit situation or just some weak suggestible minds. Dont be that one. Be the lord of your self. Write your own life.


Lol, :joy::joy:Nah, man I just wanna hear what the girl said. Moreover I’ve gained the will power to control my urges. Last week my roommate was watching P***. Was just beside me and I had glimpse of thumbnails and a couple of seconds of the video but I didn’t relapsed neither did I got any urges because my intention was not to watch but to check out that cast of the P*** video. So can anyone suggest the name or link of that blonde girl’s YouTube video.

I just expect a loyal pen pal and yet the universe doesn’t give me him/her. UNIVERSE TRULY SUCKS!!! That’s why I keep fapping.

It’s great you think it’s sucks, because it is equally truly Amazing!!!

Once you start to see it is like a Pendulum swinging, you’ll be able to stop it swinging and choose when you want to let your emotion (singular) rise.

Give me a list of all that sucks, and I’ll give you a list of what is amazing, And I’ll beat your 18yrold ass! Haha!

“You are the Lord of your life” someone said,
You’re also the Lord of your thoughts and actions. Not your parents, siblings, teachers, friends!

Because you are young, You will do amazing things in your life, as you are addressing something most people wouldn’t even dare.

Be proud of yourself man, I’m 35 and only just started this. :sob:
You’re gonna grow to be an awesome man! :muscle:


I might seem like an asshole but I truly forgot what her channels name was, but basically she is saying in the video that’s it stupid for someone to stop p and o and she ecourages it thats her whole view on this matter, if she only new the half of it

Thanks a lot for the motivation, bro!