NOT PMO addict but much more than it 🥺 to

Bro I am not addicted to porn at all.
Regarding physical exercise I do jogging :athletic_shoe::athletic_shoe: dialy in morning
Also I’m quite good at study

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Then what might be the problem?

The dude got into ISRO! Give him some credit guys! But your habits are indeed creepy and needs immediate attention


I dunno… Seems like you have a problem without having a problem

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Ok if that’s really true …then that’s terrifying to know

I have been falling to her peeking from windows too

Btw is there any scientific back up which actually proven that they have wide angle vision?

I trained my reptilian brain to be aroused by womens clothing by masturbating to pictures of clothed women and to my imagination (I would visualize myself fapping in public etc.).
So I can train my reptilian brain eventually (by just not fapping) to go back to “normal” (over the course of many years).

No offence but even an astronaut. with such habits will be considered creepy Sorry mate


Now i know the problem. Deep down you dont really believe that you are doing wrong until girl know your deed.

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Dunno mate… But if u need any help. Dm… Wrt to pmo

Bro I feel nasty deep down myself but I can’t get rid of it… May be all I need is a gf !!

If you were at my position what would you do ?
I’m not into PMO as I said… I really want to fuck once

I just imagined an astronaut jacking off :rofl::rofl::rofl: astronauts will never be the same for me…


That is so hilarious :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Wrong, girlfriend is not the solution. There are people who are married and fighting masterbation problem.


Agreed 100% even if you find a girlfriend, you’d just end up pulling her hair if you know what I mean, and not all girls like that. Porn is super exaggerated

You should be very much afraid, one day there will be a really loving girl, having long hair, but your dick will not be hard enough to satisfy her. Do you know, there is a medical problem call erectile disfunctioning. Excessive masterbation leeds to ED.

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Nope…brother…I’m not that fetish guy…but yeah sure auntie fetish

You are not serious. You can wake up a sleeping person but will fail to wake up a person acting sleepy. I am out.

Bruh… Alright, if you are so confident that you will treat your woman right, why don’t you try to get married. I don’t recommend it though. Coz of your auntie fettish. Shit like that can end marriages

Bro I’m serious
I really want to stop this addiction :weary:
But sometimes I feel so good after jerking off to her while other time I curse myself