Nofap until I get to an IIT (JEE 2021)


Giving my daily Report here from now onwards at 9:30 pm

My Report will consist of :

Day experience
Hours I study

I didn’t practice 100 questions till now. I wasted 2 years. Three months from now my first attempt will be counted in January. And from now I am serious and I wanted to judge my limits am I able to do it or not. I will try my best no matter what! Beast Mode: On :white_check_mark:

And I promise to myself I will make it Nofap will get me there.
My code - ko8y31


Good keep trying and you will get a better rank then what you might get by practicing by your method. And then further try for better rank in April attempt.


Yeah we will do it , anything is possible with consistency, that’s the main thing that will lead us to IIT :fire::fire::fire:


Day 1
○ Studied for 4 hours
●Tommorow goal study for 6 hours
“Winners and losers have same goal nobody want to lose but not everybody want to give there best”.

Yeah it was tough for me but i did
□ 50 Question of chemistry
□ 20 Pyqs of chemistry
In total, day before yesterday’s night I did 50 questions
I have completed Solid State Chapter 100 question from N awasthi Level 1 it is easy I know but at the same time requires lot to sit for 3 hours straight
It has helped me improving my speed.
Only some PYQs level 2,3 are left which I promise to complete tommorow.

Also I will start from Heat and thermodynamics this is chapter whose theory also I haven’t studied I will complete it.

  1. Heat Tranfer Deadline - 20 October theory
    Practice HCV and PYQs - 24 October Practice

  2. Solid State is almost complete.
    Next chapter I will be completing is Chemical equilibrium
    Deadline for it - 18 Oct

  3. Sequence and series Maths is one chapter I am least interested to study. But now I will start from tommorow
    Deadline for it - 19 Oct

If I will be able to complete these before deadline I will edit and tick :white_check_mark: in front of each task.

I am following 365 days with self-discipline book it will guide you whole year each day you will have some task and practice discipline. And I don’t act on urges. When I got urges today I stopped studying and started watching deathnote one series whom I am addicted to. I was completely distracted and thank god I didn’t lost. It saved my whole week 1 hour waste but the regret which i would have got after relapse was more bad than this much time wasting.
I got a start now I have no time left But I gotta go slowly I can’t study 13 hours from day 1
Maths is something I am very afraid of but I will do it.
This was all for today. If I don’t sacrifice now using YouTube then I gotta sacrifice my dream.
God is not that much unfair that He will give an IIT seat to someone who doesn’t work hard. He knew that someone who woke up sacrificed his sleep and is studying for the whole day is more worthy of it.
Stay Motivated , Stay Strong :heart:


1 hour, I studied at night which I didn’t record.


I am sure that you know everything about nofap but still you fall for it everytime. You make a good streak and then you lose. This is all the consequences of MASTURBATION. Your reward system is completely destroyed. I wanna share some tricks which have used and experimented on myself before telling to you in the past few days. So lets begin:-

  1. Identifying

Try to figure out the time when where and how you relapsed what things led to relapse write them down.

  1. Understanding
    I hope whenever you get urges or you get attracted towards porn that time you were doing something hard or productive. Generally in Fapper it is observed that they have an escape system developed in themselves. Your mind will find the thing which you were doing hard and it will let you escape. Either through your phone or let you think about porn and then eventually porn lead us to masturbate. Those who says porn and masturbation are different they are idiots. Porn destroyes you mental health. While, Masturbation destroys your Physical health. You can Imagine the power of our semen by thinking about this fact " It can generate a life." One sperm has so much power inside it that A living baby is born from it.

  2. Solution
    Simple if I say when urges come to you without furthur elaborating
    “Do unproductive work”
    When urges come take your phone watch something you are addicted to find another addiction, Play games I Play games when Urges arise. My major relapses are on bed lying when I am unable to sleep so I identified and cleared it out I don’t go to sleep until I am tired. “Sleep is for those who work, You don’t work you are laazy”.

It’s the Choice You have to make either you regret that you used your phone for one hour while you should be studying or you can regret the whole week about relapse and ruin your whole study week because nofap is something which makes you depress when u fail.

Thank you very much :slight_smile::heart:
Greatness is coming for us :sparkles::crown:



According to an experiment conducted,
Dr. Steven told us about the nutritional value of 1 tablespoon semen :
• 2 pieces of New York Stakes
• 10 eggs
• 6 oranges
• 2 lemons
• Zinc

Combining the nutrition in all these things will give us the amount of nutrients we lose on relapsing. This is a huge price so, continue your streak.
After knowing this I hope you dont wanna affect your health by the loss of such nutrients.
These are the thing you will find in books such as bramcharya and your brain on porn!
Another thing which might let you continue this no fap journey is
1 drop semen = 40 drops of blood

I hope you will remember the price of semen and continue your streak.

Greatness is coming for us…!


Went okay okay coz not that much productive.
Not at all productive but had a reason for it.
I will be doing everything tommorow.
And will exercise my brain power.


Day :- 4

I woke up at 3:30 am :white_check_mark:

Exercised in the morning stretching and basic pushups and squats. :white_check_mark:

Meditated for 10 min in the morning :white_check_mark:

Will go to sleep at 10:30 pm :white_check_mark:

Studied at least 6 hours :white_check_mark: (not did problem practice since I get urges while doing something hard to escape from studies I wonder what if I lost. No I will not lose, I can bear the regret of wasting an hour but don’t want to feel the regret that I came this far and lost. Everytime I did something hard my mind ask me to do or watch PMO but not this time, I will hunt my urges down whenever they come and I will eliminate them, I am on NOFAP :crown::sparkles:)

Had 5 hours of Screen time. Because when urges arise I distracted myself by watching deathnote. So, I don’t regret about that rather I feel proud that I controlled my urge. Doing smart work is what will lead me to complete my forever streak. Because urges will arise , you have to find a way to deal with it. I found my way. Find what suits you.
Fight for yourself.

Remove 1 hour from this overall 6.5 hours of lecture watching and level 1 basic level practice.
That’s all for today.
Greatness is coming :heart:.


Day :- 5

I studied 3 hours from the moment I woke up.
But I feel productive when I wake up early and study that day is the day I work productively.
So, I was not that interesting, but I am proud of myself that I have been able to control the urges and No urges arises during the daytime and don’t feel attracted to porn the only time when My urges arise is my bed time that battle I wonna win. Whenever i go to sleep I experience urges that let me think and think. And then I will lose.

But I have come this far I wont be defeated. I will get pass through this I will go to sleep early. The only habit which I want to achieve is sleep faster. Then all my problems will be resolved. I have cut blue light 1 hour before bedtime that is why i am replying to this forum early.

I have to do this and I will. Nofap forever
Greatness is coming for us.

Did someone other than me noticed I watched in this month and the month before that the most number of relapses are on Friday. Everything is going green in my follow list everyone has 1 , 2 ,30 streak but when friday comes it goes red or orange. I don’t know it is just a coincidence or something else.

That’s all for today.
Tommorow Discipline will prevail no matter what.


I was just about to relapse, I edged what you can say I watched 3-4 porn videos and then I found myself rubbing but in time found out that I have come very far, cannot lose the battle instantly closed everything. Distracted my mind watched funny stuff and then came here. Does it count as a relapse ? (I didn’t ejaculate).

I relapsed I have lost, as the same scenario again and again that’s why I was avoiding to wake up early in the morning, because I have to sleep early for that and sleeping early is what I can’t do, and I knew my weakeness and I tried my best to controlled and the matter of fact that I would have won. But these urges fuck you urges.
I was again lying in the same bed
I was again trying hard to sleep
I was again not able to sleep
I was again getting bored
So I decided again to think of porn and do nothing just think.
So I was thinking thinking and thinking and then I thought that If I watch porn it will be relief to my urges. Since masturbation is the main enemy. Porn will help me to beat urges.
So I end up watching 4-5 videos and edged.
The same scenario repeats again and again this bed is what I think I should burn it.
I thought of edging but unfortunately end up relapsing.
I was eliminated by my only weakness BOREDOM.
Now I don’t care what anyone thinks of me that he sleeps this much in the morning I will study late night. And I will not get bored at any point of my day. But now my main focus will be on building a sleeping cycle first since I know I relapse only when I am on bed thinking not able to sleep. I gotta sleep faster and make it a habit first. My only weakness will get eliminated And I will become the god of my new world.
I relapsed shit man, I am feeling worse that ever, I was the one who told others to hold on it too easy, I end up doing this. What kind of person I am. Now I shall rise, I will fashion myself in new me and my name will be at the top of the nofap community.
But My willpower has gone I am afraid to say these kind of lines, my confidence level has come to zero.

Now, I am good for nothing. Nor did I study that much nor did I completed my promise. I compromised my sleep my study for this nofap journey and now I am the one who is defeated. I can’t take this anymore. I am feeling very angry at me. My anxiety is rising. I am not motivated at all.
My benefits which I was experiencing :pensive:.

A fapper can’t be successful, I too feel like it.
I am sorry, I lost.

Signing off.
Greatness has gone away from me.
My powers have been given to someone else who controlled his urges who is more worthy than me.
Oh man ! Why me. …:sob::cry::cry:
I remembered how many people I have promised that I won’t fap for the rest of my life. I bring them all down.


Bro main reason of nofap is to rewire our brain , and even watching porn gives dopamine to brain that the brain is craving for , so watching porn is also a relapse …Bro now it’s not time to think 'why me ’ it’s time to stand up and get out of this shit … don’t be afraid,come back strong God will help u .


Brother try avoiding porn more than masturbation…
Becs it affects the brain…

Brain is more important…for studying etc … masturbation makes you weak physically…but porn takes away your soul…
Porn is more harmful then masturbation indeed it is…


This was a myth for me brother thank you for telling me this I will be strong from now.
The main reason is I am very slim so my main thing was to gain muscle which i lost due to masturbation. So i gave masturbation more priority than porn but now i understand that they both are one and the same thing watching porn will eventually lead you to masturbation and eventually destroy your brain and this word PORN I am so angry at it. I gonna show that I am not a slave. I am a warrior.
Thanks to all of you my brothers who supported me. Now I won’t let anyone down.
Greatness is coming for us.
Now being more strong then before This time I challenge my urges.
I will win.

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Day:- 4

I will Rise again !
I am more stronger now I don’t need motivation for nofap
I am very busy with my life I don’t have time for this fapping or finding motivation for nofap.
I think this is the result of rewire my sleep cycle. I rewired it and this was my weakness I hope to get up early and sleep fast every single day.
I find fapping boring and I used to fap when I get bored now I don’t get bored I don’t fap. And I wish this should be the case for my entire life.
Stay strong and be patience think as if this is nothing
Many people got out of problem which were more bigger than this.
And Now I am patience I don’t have a goal. I just love the process.
Be patience be grateful.
Greatness is coming for us.


Day :- 5
Easy and just keep going with the flow.
Distracted myself from nofap.
I don’t remind myself of anything and just pray to god everything will be fine.
I don’t have to remind myself that I am on nofap
Because I am not a fapper.
I read a book by James clear ‘Atomic Habits’.
In that the author say,
The difference between a person who wants to stop smoking and the one who has to stop smoking is one single reaction.
The man who wants to stop smoking respond to the situation when he is offered a cigarette like this
" I have left smoking"
The man who has to stop smoking respond to this scenario when he is offered a cigarette like
" I don’t smoke "
The things which we say really matter for our mind our mindset is changed accordingly to what we speak or what we hear.
If You have a company of bad friends who brings you down then eventually you will come down in the phase of life because our environment is what shapes us. Someone wise said " show me your friends and I will show you your future". This is to some extent true. We adapt the thinking of the majority of the people around us.
Our mind works like " If this much people are saying this this can’t be wrong ".

This might be a positive or a negative side of a human,
We should always think to a situation with many perspectives if a fight is going on between two persons you know one of those is your friend. You cannot think that your friend can’t be wrong. You have to develop a thinking perspective in every situation. Think like L (Deathnote). Don’t consider anyone as wrong as you haven’t listened completely to them. You have adapted the thinking of your environment that this thing is right this thing is wrong you should also think from there point of view. And then judge what is right or wrong.

That all for today, I personally follow Shwetabh Gangwar because he is the man who has changed my life from the way I am thinking and responding to situations. I am very grateful to god that I am one of his follower.
I found out about NOFAP from shwetabh’s video.

Will keep telling interesting things like this.
If you agree with these things “like👍” so that I can judge my thinking and if you have something to share or point out some point in this please do share this forum is for us to grow together (companion❤)

Greatness is coming for us !


I know the way you will react to it, it’s an anime its for children and this thinking was mine too before I watched it I was like why should I watch it just because anyone has insisted me a lot. I started by watching the first episode on the starting it was quite boring then the things were going out of the mind. I fell in love with this series completed it in a single I am sure you will too. Let me ask you something:

How will you catch a criminal who can kill just by writing and name in his notebook ( The person will die with a heart attack no clue left behind no signs). He can be hiding anywhere in the world. How can you catch him.
Just look at this video for once completely !. The criminal name is ‘Kira’ and L is the best detective who is desperate to catch kira. Let the fun begins :
Enjoy cheers.


Day 10
Everything is fine
I Don’t even bother myself to remind of nofap
I don’t have much time left
I have to cover a lot in a small span of time
I just have to do it.
Just don’t pay attention to your thoughts.
Think as if you are bored of doing the same thing again and again.
I want my this attitude to remain for my life time.
Nowadays I feel like I don’t need to remind myself or urges arise or anything.
I iust have commited one thing “I am not a fapper”
Thank you guys for the support.
Wish you best of luck
Greatness is coming for us !


Day 12
this is my highest streak in this year I suppose
I am a freeman now
I am not involved in nofap
If you indulge yourself too much in this you will end up being feared by the fear of relapse
You gotta ignore everything forget that you are on nofap
Nofap isn’t the only thing which you have to achieve the energy which is provided by nofap is the greatest and should be used in becoming the better person.
And realise the fact that one day you are going to die, Do you want to die like you haven’t achieved anything didn’t have any impact in this world. Did you make your parents proud.
You parents do not want you to suffer they don’t expect anything from you.
The fact that you are here is because of them. They want to give the best thing so that you don’t feel sorrow for yourself that My friend has this thing and I don’t.
Realize their sacrifice for you. Your Parents are giving there best for making your life good.
And in the end you end up being unsuccessful. You have to give the best for your parents that whatever they have gone through I will be the one who will lead their life a peaceful, joyful and amazing way. So that they can enjoy the rest of their life.
The fact that you are looking for motivation clearly reveals that your parents have given you everything and you are in your comfort zone. And you don’t want anything. If you want anything {not including the daily need items} now, Don’t ask your parents instead do the hard work and earn it.
I am not a religious person the fact that each and every human in this world has the exact same structure the way body is being made {If you observe how the human body is you will be flattered and the way it is being made is amazing } and Just his thinking and believes are different and believe are developed in this world by observation. The religion he follow is not his wise he do not even bother to question anything about it we are just told to do this. The fact I am born here It is compulsory for me to follow this religion well I do not believe in any religion.
The fact that every human is same and his body structure is same clearly reveals the fact that GOD must be one. Their can’t be so many god if there were then every human must be different. And the fact that God exists is that the world around us we cannot find flaw in its design everything is perfect.
Since I believe in science, The greatest scientist in the world in the entire history you guessed it right Albert Einstein he said “the universe is build in such a beautiful way that I cannot be build by anyone rather than god”. He also said " The more i study science, the more i believe in god". I don’t believe in any religion created by human being but I do believe in God. God exists and I am thank him, I talk to him and be grateful towards him. But I do read religious books because everything written in bhagwat geeta, bible or any other religious book is true and many good things are mentioned there in order to life a wonderful and peaceful life the concept on satan is interesting to read. In bhagwat geeta chapter 6 verse 14 it is mentioned about celibacy and meditation. The line is " Thus, with a serene, fearless, and unwavering mind, and staunch in the vow of celibacy, the vigilant yogi should meditate on me, having me alone as the supreme goal." Here Shree Krishna emphasizes the practice of celibacy for success in meditation. The sexual desire facilitates the process of procreation in the animal kingdom, and animals indulge in it primarily for that purpose. Maharshi Patanjali states: The practice of celibacy leads to greater enhancement of energy. In Quran too I read about some references to nofap “And those who guard their chastity (i.e. private parts, from illegal sexual acts). Except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, - for them, they are free from blame. But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors.” 23.5-7 . The explanation of this verse is that those who use their private parts {except in the case of wife that is lawful and correct} they are doing nothing just harming themselves doing transgression to themselves. In bible too many statements paragraphs are present in order to guide human being from doing which is prohibited this is a passage from bible [Then Judah said to Onan, “Lie with your brother’s wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to produce offspring for your brother.” But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so whenever he lay with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his brother. What he did was wicked in the LORD’s sight; so he put him to death also. (NIV, Genesis 38:8-10)]. Also reading this we feel that what onan did was wrong and nothing in context to masturbation is revealed from this. But there no where in any religion it is mentioned masturbation directly it is present in the indirect manner we have to find out, this is another verse which provide guidance " that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart (Matthew 5:27-28)." This hits me hard. Every religion teaches us good things we should never follow any human of course human’s are those who follow what suits and fits to them they do things which they find useful and of course every religion to respect other ones and see everyone as human.

but unfortunately humans are using religion in order to gain benefit them in this world. Rather I do not believe in any religion there must be only one god because no human is different from another. Its their opinion that differs. But these books are gold mines and we should explore things. We should not be limited by anyone and It is Myself who has authority to decide what I should do or not. I am a better human being that’s all I need.

I urge everyone to have their own perspective think out of the box and have a different thinking from the rest of the people around you. Because its the environment which shapes you.

If you are reading this you are great man you understand things most importantly You are not everyone You are The One . Don,t become the part of this world human beings do what benefits them they even opt bad methods to survive. The one who understand religion can’t do anything wrong and it’s the person who is wrong not the things which he follow.
Please do share this and have your own thinking not just what your brother, family members or anyone around you thinks is right. Have your own perspective.
Do share your perspective with others and let this community grow !
Here only two three people come to read this forum, let others know about this and help them to grow by sharing so that we can grow together and that what companions do.
If you find anything objectionable do not hesitate to oppose and comment.
Thank you for reading this.

Greatness is coming for us, Stay strong.