Nofap gets easier?

Hi, i am on day 4 on no fap, and ut is hell, idlf i stop payng attention for a moment i catch my self almost ready to fap, and i stop myself in time but this 4 days are being hell, i feel better with myself but it is being hell, someone know if this get easier?


It never gets easier, you just get stronger :fire: Be patient and consistent my friend and you will never regret it. Do not listen to your brain and remember the feeling after each relapse and the promises you made for yourself and make it your power!


Brother You Are Doing Great That You Are Aware On Those 4 Days Don’t Bother It Will Happen Because Your Brain Will Crave For Those Acts But You Have To Stay Strong Be Alert And Aware :muscle:t2:


After like 3/4 months, it somewhat gets easier as the will power become stronger.


“Do not wish for easy life my friend! Wish to be stronger men!”

It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger


Yes bro it does get super easy. And also as people said you get stronger also. As your thinking pattern changes , urges to fap goes down slowly. So keep pushing and don’t watch porn at all


I wouldn’t say easier, but you become familiar. Like you’ll know how to handle triggers better. You become seasoned. That why even people on long streak sometimes relapse again and again once they break streak. The point in tryna make is, as long as you are on nofap ,it’s easy. Relapse and nofap feels sometimes impossible ( viz not true btw)


Choose a Vision bigger than It, Involve yourself to achieve that & Use your semen power as fuel to work on your vision…

Forget the day counts


It does get easier. I’m saying this as someone who reached 83 days. The longer you go in your streak, the easier it is to control your urges.

It used to take all of my strength to not relapse when I started. But now whenever I have an urge it is easily controlled.

As the others mentioned, you only get stronger. Don’t give up! It’s not something that will get solved in a week or two. Be patient, and you will definitely see that the struggle is worth it.


For me, it got easier and started to think it was disguisting.
However, sometimes the urges kick in and I have to do some exercise to distract myself…

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It will get easier by the grace of God…Pray for his grace and Listen to your Consciousness.

The sound inside us always aware us with the thing that we are going to perform but somehow we ignore that conscious sound.

Come up with new lessons and don’t repeat the same mistake. It is just a lust. After having all the experiences, We know what to do or what not.

Always try to learn more about it, gather all the information, Take inspiration from Inside and from other people who are already on longer streak.

Talk with them and ask them their experience.

I have never managed long streaks, the longest was 2-3 weeks, and it was tough. But each try fortified my attitude towards PMO, even those 1-5 day streaks.

It became normal to fight it, and with time this attitude formed into a habit. Currently I am on a 26 day streak and it was easy from day one, as if I flipped a switch. Had some fantasies, some urges, but I was not once close to relapsing.

Porn will become something you see further and further in the backmirror, just remind yourself after every relapse why you want to quit porn. So even a relapse is not a catastrophy, every PMO free day is putting distance between you and the addiction.

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I would love to have a couple week streak. My best is 4 days.

I have alot of stress that never goes away and because of that stress my will power is too weak.

Plus i am 32 and never had a girlfriend.

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32 years…bro, this shit will keep destroying you, by now you are even meant to get married… anyways no age in this addiction, just quit while you can…

I started PMO at age 30.

Had no idea what it was before the age of 30.

Never did I partake in PMO until the age of 30.

First of all build your life from scratch dude. Gf aint a thing to run for. Learn skills(which helps you earn), earn profits by many means, hit GYM. Join a good discord server for fitness and skills.
I bet it will only take 6 months to change yourself for a greater good. Believe me @Vortexkicker

I understand your situation but by my experience, situation changes when you make yourself change.


You’re not even a long time addict…you can beat this anytime you want…it’s harder for long time addicts like us…

Short answer no. This shit never gets easy. Whoever told you that after 90 days it gets easy is lying to you. It only gets worse


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