NoFap Challenge for 60 Days 🎯

NoFap Challenge for 60 Days
Start Date: 08/05/2020
1st Challenge: till 1st June 2020
2nd Challenge for 60 Days (on-going)

LeaderBoard: :clipboard::shield::dart:

Winners of this challenge:
1.:trophy: @babi
2.:trophy: @richard21
3.:trophy: @Kaizen

:crown::shield::gift: Congratulations :tada::tada::tada:

First: :1st_place_medal: Second: :2nd_place_medal: Third: :3rd_place_medal: Forth::medal_sports: and Fifth: :medal_military:

Challenge is just simple
NoFap for 60 Days

Guidelines 2.0

  1. To participate just reply to this post with your details like sharing code, current and longest streak, (age, gender)- optional
  2. The one with highest streak during this challenge stays on top and so on ,
    a) Relapse will bring your rank to the lowest position and will Reset your Current and Challenge Streak on Leaderboard.
    b) After every Relapse ‘:pear:’ will be added next to your name. Maximum of 3 you can have of it :pear: in a challenge. More then 3 will leave you out of this league untill the next challenge starts.
  3. Update your Current Streak and Challenge Streak on leaderboard once a week (optional) but make sure to inform after every relapse

New companions for challenge or any suggestions are always welcome :slight_smile:


LeaderBoard | NoFap Challenge for 60 Days :clipboard::shield::dart:
Start Date: 1 June 2020 | 31 July 2020 | Day 60

  1. @babi :1st_place_medal:
    Current Streak: 108 Days | Challenge Streak: Day 60
  2. @richard21 :2nd_place_medal:
    Current Streak: 98 Days | Challenge Streak: Day 60
  3. @Kaizen :3rd_place_medal:
    Current Streak: 96 Days | Challenge Streak: Day 60
  4. @Aslan :medal_military:
    Current Streak: 9 Days | Challenge Streak: Day 9
  5. @TrueMuslim :muscle:t2:
    Current Streak: 3 Days | Challenge Streak: Day 3
  6. @dhr3005 :muscle:t2:
    Current Streak: 5 Days | Challenge Streak: Day 5


More Info..

I am seriously thankful for my fellow 1st challenge nofappers.
P.S. Yes, this challenge is for 60 Days, but that’s meant to be a launchpad- it will keep extending as you strive towards your goal


That will be Great. Share your code as well so that I can add you as companion.

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Your and mine streak is 3 days so brother my challenge is till 1st June of 22 days let’s see how much confident you are and you stick to my challenge …

I thought 100 times before taking challenge with you but now it has been taken so I will fulfill till end of my date …I am already biggest sinner in front of my God if he gave me such platform of companion why should become shameful again …I don’t need daily motivation from anyone now now I am waiting for 1 June now to fulfill my words given to you

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You must have long term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures…I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self…Mastering others is strength.Mastering yourself is true power.

am just saying it is not a piece of cake.
you have to exercise daily,
you to cut your sleep ,
you have to give up your bad habits,
you have to accept your feelings bad,
you have to invest time in finding your true self.
otherwise you can’t
it is a marathon you have to control your self thousand times not to fap.

1- stop social media , it causes depressions and it is the first reason of any urge especially Instagram, tiktok and twitter

2- install porn filter to prevent any accident

3- remember the days , times and the reasons of past falls and prevent it from happening.

4- remember what you have done already and it will fade if you just relapse a single time .

5- be sure that after a period of time it will be more easier

6- remember that you hate porn

7- don’t touch any private parts

8- don’t think about any sexy thing

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Add my code on your compinions

Let’s see who out first

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I am really sorry regarding that, but today I relapsed to had to reset my streak. I accept your challenge till 1st June.

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I too will fulfill the challenge till 1st june. And thanks for the challenge brother, you are my mentor from now :slight_smile:

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Already added bro come on let’s fight together!

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Bro we are indian

Let see first who loss

Till 1st June
Simple rule nofap


Achive 15 day till 1st June

My target achive 25 day till 1st june 20

Done bro
Add your day in your status


I was not expecting from you …bro if you relapse in between didn’t fulfill your challenge till 1st June …you are not a man of words …

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Welcome bro your days are 6 mine is 4 and networkAvialable is started …now we. Three have this strict challenge till 1st June …let’s see

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You are not alone and you are not a failure …Be proud that you have tried …just because you slipped doesn’t mean you can’t recover …master that mistake happened this time for relapse now even seeing a dirty thumbnail or photo will be consider a relapse first look on image is fine but intentionally looking for more than 3 second not acceptable …so do it till 1st June

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Done bro
Till 1 Jun nofap

Networkunavsilable you start with zero , so we give a one change more , because first 4 day very hard
Last 30 day I am doing 4 time

@TrueMuslim race already start

If want more tuf
Let see first who fail
Race till end 2020

230 day


Bro I have no issue …if I can fulfill my challenge till 1st June …then I can fulfill my words till end of 2020 …tomorow I will be 5 …tough time is going …