Nofap as a 25 yo kissless virgin is so haard

Yes, as the title says I am almost 25 yo and never had a girlfriend. I am unattractive and suffer from anxiety, OCD and panic disorder. If I will never get a girlfriend, should I still do Nofap? Had since 18 yo 3 big steaks: 294 days (may 2015-march 2016), 956 days (december 2017- august 2020) and 225 days (september 2020- april 2021) and a lot of 30+ days.


Who told you this bro? :point_up: @anon87135776
You might be missing the self love habits I think.

Sorry if I am wrong but thats just my opinion…

Its not a big deal bro… Just try to be social with girls around you…! Don’t search for girlfriend on the first place… Just make a bond between you & your friends(girls) you might find your partner in them.


Girls called me ugly.
I don’t have any friends and I’m out of college so very slim chances of finding someone.


Ignore those girls… Be confident about yourself…!!
No matter what others say… What actually matters is what we think about ourselves…

There are million of girls out there. Why you get depressed when a bunch of girls said you’re ugly

What do you think… What’s your weakness?


Hmmm. My mental health : my high anxiety, OCD and panic attacks. I have also self esteem issues and I lack confidence. I also have a very boring personality.

So should I continue with NoFap even as a loner?

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Do you think it’s not curable?
Did you tried ever meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:?

Did you experienced same when you’re on your high streak of nofap?

Thats your personal beliefs… You can improve.

Loner? Why do you think loneliness is bad thing?
Can’t we enjoy being alone?


Those arent completely curable.
No, never tried meditation.
I felt some improvement after 100-150 days, felt a bitmore confident.
To be honest, I want a girlfriend more for intimacy part…


Kindly try meditation for more than 5mins.

Bro you just need to wait atleast few years… Till you get married…
Within that time you can make your life better… Either on personal basis or your career related.
Your partner will be glad when she gets the partner who strive to become better every single day.

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I will try meditation :slight_smile:
Waiting to have sex till marriage? Thats insane.


Why? Do you know why actually we do sex with our partner?

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Because it is too much time.
Because of pleasuring each other?


Not only that… We try to give birth which extend our generation.
Try to understand the actual meaning of semen retention. What actually it is made of? Do great research about it


I’m from Western culture. I’m not interested in kids, to be honest. I want it just for the pleasure of both of us.


I feel you bro, I’m 22 and I’m head where you are right now…
How ever I believe it’s better to focus on yourself more than putting your mental energy towards having a partner,

I never had a kiss, or a girlfriend and I have learned bothering about it is waste of time and energy…

learning new skills and building your personality. Is what should be in your head

Please never beat your self just because you never got a girlfriend, our brains are hardwired to mate but the truth is there is way more to life than sex, intimacy and reproduction,
Our brains make us anxious and depressed because it thinks that is the only opportunity it had,
Once u train your self to realize your brain is doing what evolution has learned to works you can start working towards rewiring your brain to what ever brings real success and happiness in life, discover the world with a new set of eyes.

We can re learn to define success and remove the idea that you need to have a woman in your life for things to change.
Maybe not having a girlfriend is just a consequence of the main problem…

Think as an observer and never think there is a right way to love… Love might come in the most unexpected situation,

Wishing you good health and support


Thanks so much for reply, very nice comment bro🤗 You are right😁


Ok. I will continue with nofap and I will add meditation daily also. Hope it will calm my anxiety too . :blush:


I don’t think thats a good thing to say. You shouldn’t think you are unattractive. Well you can always work on your looks though. You could work out, start good personal routine, meditate, sleep well just a few things worth mentioning

Regarding panic disorder and anxiety, seek professional help bro…those seem serious

I think you shouldn’t worry about u haven’t kissed even when ur 25…id give anything to wait until the right girl comes around… Patience is worth it sometimes

Don’t stop nofap. Just don’t.


Its really amazing to see how most of us guys addicted to pmo find it hard to find women. Is it just us or other guys face this problem too?


I wonder too, some of my friends get around just fine because they are always going to clubs and do this effort of chatting lame shit till they get in their pants and it seriously looks like involving lying about your self and faking shit…
I’d be rather a abstinence than a desperate loner


Same here… I also think same.

Btw thanks for helping me… Which I can’t convey to him…you said in single post. I was trying to let him think logically straight forward.