NO JERK JUNE ( only for courageous titans)

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Why I want to create a group -
This is the second challenge for courageous men and women who have decided that there is no going back. People who are done with ■■■■ and have character to do what they say. It was Julius Caesar who bought the idea that ‘DEATH IS BETTER THAN FAILURE’. We want people who has that attitude here in this challenge.

People with character. So Titans, lets do this together. When we are together we can achieve anything in this world, I promise.
Also I give my word that I’ll choose death instead of going back to ■■■■.

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Rules of the Challenge are same as the last one. For this whole month we won’t fap. If we relapse we text someone in our family and upload the screen shot of that message in this forum. As I said before, the aim of this Challenge is to close all the doors of going back. If we promise and then we relapse it means that we are not strong enough to take our own responsibility and we should seek help. It is that simple. So join this challenge, if you have faith. TRUST ME, YOU CAN DO THIS BROTHERS.

BEASTMODE :muscle::muscle::muscle:



  1. NEW_CHALLENGER (yenmnh) 21M :india: 14d
    :x: Neo_150 (2wrhba) 24M :india: 27d
  2. Tagore (tn1ii4) 19M :india: 71d
    :x: HappySoul (5x6e28) 21M :india: 36d
  3. Kaizen (elmade) 21M :bangladesh: 37d
    :x: Yudhisthira (hadnet) 26M :india: 00d
  4. Martial_Beast (xatx66) 21M :india: 35d
  5. aapoorv75 (af92095) 23M :india: 71d
  6. Selfconqurer (hbfj3h) 24M :india: 31d
  7. drago(hy2c5r) 21M :india: 57d
  8. controller(xcyfic)18M🇮🇳25d
  9. pingpong1(q2wnau)20M🇮🇳 31d
  10. Brahmachari_17(vt9fry)17M🇮🇳 103d
  11. comingclean 23F :eu: 44d
  12. Babi 27M (daaf29) :india: 50d
  13. Saim 18M :bangladesh: ( brmsng ) 0d
  14. Deadpool 16M :india: (od7ore) 27
  15. Chhava 23M :india: (87berl) 45D
  16. TheFinalFrontier 26M :de: (e3muhl) 6d
  17. Rezboy247 16M :us: (whxe2l) 30d
    :x: wijMAN 22M :india: ( 7x7o71 ) 22d
  18. hoyboy 19M :philippines: (fdzh21) 14d
  19. CarnetDeBordMore 18M :fr: (immanh) 21d
  20. Mdaradee 24M :zimbabwe: (pnt75c) 3d
  21. Richard21 20M :india: (75m1ry) 79d
  22. Svami-Mahaganja 27M :de: (b5ufb4)41d
  23. The_virtuoso 22M :kenya: (eom7lb) 50d
  24. Murshid 19M :india: (56e7am) 10d
  25. edistoretto 19M :slovenia: (7aedf4) 44d
    :x: Kaito_Kid1412 18M :india: 6d
  26. elomanob29M :bangladesh: 21d
  27. hunt1ng4self-control20M :us: 17d
  28. Sarthakshah9722M :india: (6hju1r) 31d
  29. CAAN 23M :india:: 3d
  30. Hoaxboy21M🇮🇳:(b31qo7)45d
  31. Nari999 24M :india:: (yxc4bh)24d
  32. subhamsensit33M India:(f5f949)9d

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I invite @babi @Brahmachari_17 @shubh1305 @anon98741803 @richard21 @Deadpoolgupta @Oggyboi08 @selfconqurer @anon14496424 @josephvt as you guys were officially there in the last challenge NO NUT MAY. We had 99% success too last time. So come join brothers. Let create our empire together. Lets conquer and achieve whatever we want.


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I also invite my strong companions and brothers @anon15901281 @TheDominator @aapoorv75 @hensmkekdmrme @assadi @Nferr (this time you are early bro) @_TIGER @TrueMuslim @chhava


@Strong_one @strongwillpower @Rezboy247 @Angelo34 @TheFinalFrontier @drago and dear sister @comingclean. Sorry, if I left any name. All courageous men and women join this challenge. Faith is the most important thing and please add your name in the scoreboard.


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I have added my name to the scoreboard. Let’s get it!!!


Hey brother @aapoorv75, please add your details on the scoreboard again, you and me were editing the scoreboard at the same time and by mistake I clicked on the overrite option.

Thanks for the invitation brother @Tagore… We are gonna conquer this month as well!! :+1::100:


It’s ok bro, I added again :smiling_face:


Thanks man for inviting us in this challenge

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Do add me in the challenge.

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Add me

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I won’t disappoint, no nut June all the way.

28 June is my birthday, I want to be clean.


@Tagore Listen to me carefully man !! I was about to relapse today. I even opened some nasty shit. I closed it and won’t open it again… I am done with this thing now ! It’s hard. I know. But what’s the alternative ? To live my life as an Addict or to be free forever. I won’t disappoint you , I promise. I won’t fap the whole of June and I challenge everyone to do the same. No dick June !
P.S. : Grateful to have motherfuckers like you as partners.


@TheFinalFrontier this time be very serious bro. Do whatever you want cry, throw and break the glass in your room but never go back to porn. It is pure poison bro. It takes away our entire life from us. We’ll conquer this June together


Brothers, change tracking to watching to get notification and share your experience, feel free to share anything. We are the strongest of men. We’ll create solutions for anything. We’ll help each other and become the best. images


That’s just how I feel too brother. It’s now or never.
I myself have taken a vow to never masturbate to ■■■■ ever again, I will rather die than break my promise.
@Tagore @TheFinalFrontier we will conquer this month and the next. Nothing is gonna stop us now.

#no jerk june
#unlock the beastmode :triumph::triumph::triumph: