| Ninja vs Pmo |

Oo I figured out this diary stuff today. This is a great way to share the journey .
I know I will fail many times but I will get back up. No matter how hard it is, no matter how bad it gets , I m going to make it :muscle: And so can you !


I’ve seen you motivate people all around the fourm you are my insparation man dont fail me i know you can do it bro :grinning::grinning:


Im looking forward for your diary dont forget ot write us everdday :grinning:


Yosh , I will not let you down @gunsblazing :muscle:

Day 2 : today morning i got this crazy morning urge, it was so strong that i was about to open those websites. But i know it in my heart that i dont wanna do this and my mind started playing this devil game to get some dopamine dose in reward. Then i told myself alright buddy lets take a walk outside for about 5mins then i will fap all i want. And this old trick always works with me. After few mins of change in environment i reached my home and saw my laptop . What i did - nothing just smiled and said to myself “I won bitch

Rest of the day was pretty decent. Nothing productive nor social interaction took place. After work i came home and now i in bad writing this diary :smile: feeling sleepy hoping for a good night sleep !


When you have these urges again just remember why you started this :ok_hand:


Day 3: Today I was feeling very empty , didn’t go to work , just watched Netflix for like 10 hours . I may sound like a tough guy but inside I m very sensitive. I have this social anxiety problem like what will happen if I do this and that , I worry too much I guess and hide myself behind these walls of motivations.

My longest streak was 3 weeks + , which I did back 2 years ago. Since then I have been fighting pmo everyday , I could hardly pass 1 week and after that I jerk off like 2 times a day which I m not proud of.

My current goal is to pass 30 days clean so that I could increase my social skills and beat procastination(m also lazy) . Let’s see :muscle:


Day 20 : Sorry for not being active… I was pretty much busy with my cousin’s wedding for like last 3 weeks . Everyday and every second I was sorrounded by people some of em I didn’t even know. And it was a good thing… I was very happy and talking with everyone. I know it was a great way to ignore those urges. That was my highest streak 20 days.

But after the wedding session ended I was in my apartment in no time and I couldn’t help myself. I don’t know if I will become strong enough to not fap! I relapsed and now my brain is feeling very heavy… to make it worse I fap 3times within 40 hours or 2days as of now. I can still feel that confidence that I had at that wedding talking to girls and elders. Now I can’t even look myself in the mirror :frowning:


We can do this bro :sob: I also relapsed today so I’m being careful not to feel the possible temptations of relapsing tommorow.

It’s a bad pattern I kinda developed, the first few days are my weakness. I guess since it’s just been one day it’s much easier to fall into a relapse.


Exactly … we feel we have to go a long way so why not have some pleasure for now and that’s where we fall right into the trap!


Day 1 : most of the time I was in my bed. Nothing productive today , my positivity is gone.But I didn’t have a single urge today maybe because of regret which I still have.
So to change myself I have made a simple schedule for tommorow,

  1. Wake up early
  2. Go out
  3. Avoid having subways and pizza.
  4. A good evening home workout.

I will be honest with myself and u guys, if I didn’t do any of the following above you will know. I hope this routine help me rewire my brain and give me strength to fight pmo.

Day 2 : I didn’t wake up early , I was feeling very tired. And also I didn’t go out . But I did workout and had a great dinner… and no junk foods. So far I did 60 % of my schedule. Tommorow I will try to make it 100% :muscle:

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Keep going, keep going, stay strong… Prioritize your goals. Watch the Mel Robbins 5 second rule on YouTube. Helps me a lot in staying on my path. Have a nice day.

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Thank u. I will watch the 5 sec rule today. Kind of curious

Day 3 complete ; today I woke up earlier than usual. But couldn’t workout since my body was paining from yesterday’s workout. I guess I gave it all yesterday. Also I spend few hours on productive work which I m really happy about. No urges at all since I kept myself busy .

Day 4 complete. I always like to write the experiences of the previous day, in the morning.
So in day 4 I came around some videos which were sexually appealing on YouTube, I immediately swipe off the app and went to the kitchen.
Had a pretty intense workout. I can feel my muscles are recovering . Later had some trouble to fall asleep. And lack of sleep holds me to wake up early in the morning. I am adding daily meditation in my schedule to relieve my tensions in a good way .

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Day 6 complete .
I had a pretty fun day today went out for a ride with friends. And had a tight sleep last night.
I can feel my being an introvert is going away :raised_hands:

Day 9 completed
Having sort of depression , family drama and all those BS is hitting me like a truck. And I know fapping to relieve depression doesn’t really work. I m just focussing to survive untill things get better.

day 10 complete
So I tried to work on the problems and spend some time with my family. It felt very wierd at first , later things got normal. Mom and I had little chat. Feeling good now.
Also there was a strong urge in the morning , I quickly took a shower to get rid of it.

Social anxiety is still there. Brain fog also doesn’t seems to vanish.

day 11 complete

Yesterday was nuts I had a great night sleep…I slept like a baby. These 10 days semen retention has given me a boost in pushing myself. I did a pretty intense workout .and I beat my PR. I was feeling each rep and the strength inside me.

This is definitely my fav benefit of nofap. More benefits to come. Very excited :muscle:

Now I m out of town and it’s pretty hot out here no urges at all, keeping myself busy!