Nightfall problem?

Hello everyone, I am right now on day 17 of nofap and I am very happy. But, only thing that is not ok is, I have had 2 times nightfall during this 17 days streak. I have seen videos on no fap which say that night fall is ok and it doesn’t affect your streak. But, I want to ask you all, is this fine? I am feeling no guilt aa we feel after masterbation. But, still why this is happening or what should I do?


Brother, nightfall and wet dreams are natural and even those who are not addicted to pmo, have it. We can’t control our dreams, just be careful because after a nightfall the urges increase and the devil starts to play with your thoughts saying that you have lost the benefits and so on. But your streak is good and going. Be on high spirits, and good luck.


Ok I will keep this in mind. Thank you brother!


I know that it feels like how we feel after M… But its totally normal…and it will decrease over time, dont worry.


1)before sleeping, do brahmacharyasan. This asan definately will reduce your nightfall problem.serch in youtube for information.
2) before sleeping, wash your feet with cold water or normal water… And dry your feet…use mustard oil for massage…
3) don’t eat junk food. Don’t take food from the person who cooked the food & is always thinking about sexual thoughts. Try to eat in your home made by mom :blush::blush:
4)don’t think about sexual thoughts…once you thought and erected your penis for 2 sec …then it may create a nf.
5) don’t drink water or liquid in the night…never drink water before sleeping
6)before sleeping do some postive affirmations.
7)at last don’t think nightfall is a problem if it happens 2 times in a month.


Thank you for this. I will save it. so that i can remind myself over time. I have nightfall problems often @_TIGER


Thank you bro. I will take these steps🙌

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