[๐Ÿ‘‘ NFMan 22M] Journey back to Day 730

[NFMan 22M] โ™” THE PMO ELIMINATION DIARY OF NFMAN โ™” [Journey to Day 730]

Alhamdulillah. All praise be to Allah (God) and all thanks to God.

I have finally broken free from my PMO loop without having to rely on workout and other disciplines to a high degree. In my past around 2 year streak, 3 months, 4 months , 21 days, 14 days, 7 day streaks what I had to do is maintain a very rigid discipline of heavy lifting, cardio, meditation, cold showers, healthy diet, journaling, social dominance and socializing, excelling in university and maintaining self awareness and regularly contemplating.

It is true that most of these actions are very much ingrained in who I am after years of doing so. It is very normal for me to engage in daily cold showers, working out consistently, meditating, optimally healthy diet, journaling, contemplating, self awareness, social dominance on a regular day to day basis.

Therefore, the fact is I have been maintaining these easily.


  1. In the past my workouts would be way more intense and longer.

I would lift 7 days a week. I would alternate between heavy weight strength training with low reps (182kg deadlifts, 110kg barbell squats, 80kg bench press, 60kg military press, pullups, weighted ab exercises, dips, and all). And then the next day would be 8-12 rep versions of the same muscle groups. and then the next day would be high rep low weight. Like this I alternatively cycled the routines and exercises.

I would run/jog back and forth for 20-30min x2 to and from gym and home.

Itโ€™s been more than a year, because of covid that I could not go to the gym. main reason is I do not want to risk infecting my parents due to any chance even 0.1%. I would rather wait out to be financially independent and live alone to attain the same opportunity.

Now I am seeking to make do with bodyweight exercises and resistance bands. honestly, gym was a huge factor for abstaining for such long period of time from PMO.

  1. Social dominance and socializing

Back when university was on campus and I freely had opportunity to engage with people without worrying about covid, I would enjoy the social game and practice my social skills through several psychological self experimentations in order to be higher status. I also could meet my other Alpha brothers who engaged in similar activities. this is something I donโ€™t do know because university is closed and I prioritize my parents health and safety.

It was such a great thing because I also had several potential girls whom I was interested in. That drove me. Being high value with other men also drove me. and high value males donโ€™t do PMO. They dominate all aspects of life.

These are the main two factors which I have to make do without. This is the main reason I relapsed countless times since covid-19.

However, this time itโ€™s a different journey and still without these two big factors in my life, I still have a strong belief and knowledge that I will not fail. I will go through back to my 2 year streak despite the difference in path.

This time I Have Allah. I have God with me.

This time the path is different.

I am solely relying on God and accepting His guidance and giving my genuine honest efforts. Iโ€™m focusing on being righteous which is building me in to a boulder of steel from within.


This time I seek to master my soul and being good.

After having done this to certain degree for the next two years, I will have also gotten a job if I work hard enough and continue this no PMO. by then I will be able to live alone and engage with the world the way I want to without having to worry about backlash on my parents. I can live boldly and fearlessly and make my own choices. Afterwards I seek marriage. This is my goodbye to PMO once and for all.


and I HATE YOU for all the failures you brought me. I HATE YOU and I DESPISE you.
My anger and my hatred towards you is more than your cheap callings.

This is the beginning of my diary. Follow me along my journey to 2 year streak.
I will NOT accept failure. I will NOT accept failure.
I will NOT accept failure.

Any form of emotion such as doubt that makes me think itโ€™s not possible is from the devil and should be eliminated.


DAY 9 of 730

Any form of emotion such as doubt that makes me think itโ€™s not possible is from the devil and should be eliminated.

Honestly, I have been waiting for this streak for the past year. I havenโ€™t so far ever felt this way about any of the streaks that iโ€™ve had in my life so far. Additionally, this is the first time I have the beautiful blessing of rewired companion. I will not fail I will not lose. I dont care about suffering. Life is about suffering. Life is all about suffering to get what you want.

Honestly, Let me say again once again there is a part of me that was dominant in my long streaks. Oh how I miss you my friend. You are coming back to me once again. Yes you are. We will dominate together.

DOUBT must be eliminated. I will eliminate all my doubts. Doubts must cease to exist in my mind. They donโ€™t deserve to exist in my mind. They donโ€™t deserve to exist in me.

Suffering. Suffering. Suffering. Suffering. Suffering. Suffering. Suffering. Suffering. SUFFERING.


Wise words relayed to us from our fellow rewired companion @Bashi on his journal which we should reflect upon and ingrain in our minds.











Thanks for sharing the info brother! @NFMan
There is no need to tag everyone :slight_smile: some people may see that as spam and flag it.
I will be interested in seeing your progress. Stay strong!

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These are all my companions over here. But ok thanks brother, means a lot.


DAY 10 of 730

3am: Woke up
3-3:30am: Meditated and analyzed my body and what type of thought patterns were prevalent in my mind.
3:30am-4:30am: Journaled and revised past writings.
4:30am-5:00am: Drank water, made salad (spinach, kale, carrot, cucumber, lentil, capsicum, etc), two large bananas and also wasted time on my phone
5:00am-5:30am: Voice recording realizations and contemplations
5:30am-6:30am: Prayed and did other religious rituals
6:30am-10:30am: Studied Educational Psychology, ate greek yoghurt+blackberries+chia seeds+mixed nuts, medjool dates
10:30am-11:30am: Workout with resistance bands (Squats, shoulder press, deadlift, rows), pushups, sit ups, crunches
11:30am-12pm: Freezing cold shower, orange juice, laundry
12pm-1:13pm: Wasted time on phone mostly
1:13pm writing this post

Today I will be working on an AI project for my course and study for my VIVA of Compiler Construction

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Tracking is the key to success. You can improve what you measure.
Iโ€™m sure this diary will be awesome!


Day 11 of 730

Intense urges. But urges are completely natural. Urges is the desire to create. To produce. To take action. Urges is our power, our energy.

If you feel alot of urges it means your body wants to execute or control these urges and redirect it to something you value.

The suggestions are what must be chosen wisely. Discard the evil suggestions in your mind of wasting this energy and urge power through filthy actions such as PMO. Accept and encourage the healthy and high value suggestions such as being productive, working out, studying, meditating, etc. Rewire your brain to the way itโ€™s supposed to be naturally.

The males in tribal times had no other choice but to use the power of the urges to hunt and survive. We need to reconnect with that.

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Do not fall victim to unnatural sources of dopamine. Reconnect to the source within and live your life naturally.

Use your productive energy and the urges to work hard and attain the real rewards of sustained efforts towards goals which you value.

Donโ€™t distract your brain with artificial rewards. Your brain can not distinguish between real win or distractions. When you binge on youtube videos and social media or PMO, your brain receives dopamine and falsely thinks youโ€™re winning. However deep inside you are in pain and sadness from not reaching your true goals and you feel so confused why you enjoy these even though you donโ€™t want to waste your time on them.

Well your brain doesnโ€™t know.

You have to focus on the real things in life. If you keep distracting yourself you will fall in to a depressive spiral downwards.

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Thank you brother. Means alot. You too, strive hard to succeed. Do not give in to false temptations. We can support each other.

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Day 12 of 730

My masculinity and drive is increasing. When I think about achieving a goal I get very driven and motivated to take action. However, this often does get interrupted with very strong urges. The urges are almost like commands telling me to open and PMO RIGHT NOW. But I donโ€™t care about these damn thoughts. It seems to be my brain has formed such strong neural pathways from years of PMO. But our brains have plasticity so I will retrain my brain to know that going to P sites does not mean I have dozens and dozens of women with me. I need to work hard to get high value women, not sit behind a computer screen in a dark room, jerking off like a sicko.

And once I defeat the urges, again comes my surge of masculinity. I just have a lot of energy to do shadowboxing and physical activity spontaneously. It is so natural for me to be fierce.

Low and behold, once again the urges return and its yet another battle and training towards mastery of self. This is a practice indeed. And we must take full control and dominate this practice.

Very valuable tip: Practice No PMO, no peeking and dopamine detox together. This will bring you ultimate mental clarity and clear your mind from all artificial sources of dopamine distractions. Actually, when you stop PMO there are TONS of benefits. But you are blinded from these benefits when you still keep binging social media youtube and even rewired forums. If you need more info you can ask me here about what I am doing during my dopamine detox.


Itโ€™s just your addicted body that knows that you are changing and that in the new version of yourself it will no longer be able to benefit from as much dopamine stimulation. The closer you get to lasting change, the more it will try to divert you from your pathโ€ฆ Until the final surrender: either your mind wins, or your body wins. In the end, itโ€™s always your choice.

Keep doing, brother!