Next time you gaze after a girl

sometimes it is hard to no stare at a girl passing you. but something i find interesting to do instead, is to look at the other guys standing around.

realize what they look at. see their gaze resting on boobs and butts.
look at them and realize, you are better than that


I’m not better. I do nofap to increase my love and attraction of real woman! Women enjoy been seen as beautiful.

i think it is a difference to see girls as beautiful when you look at them or looking at them with this dirty sexistic look


If you allow me i would like to comment on this topic.


Fire away @Resurrection

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I agree. You are creating a porn/lust scenario in you brain when you do this. You are likely to relaspe thinking about her. I was married and used to feel lust for my wife when we had sex. It wasnt always love. Its not right because you are just using the other person for your desire. In essence using that person as a vessel to feel good. Same thing occurs with porn and masturbation. Just using videos to release. My rewire journey is to not be a slave to lust on all levels. My goal is to meet a woman who is my partner and to make love to her. Not use her.


I read it somewhere, I don’t know if it’s correct or not. It was about ogling.
“If a man looks at a girl once, it’s praising. If a man looks twice, it’s liking. If a man looks thrice, it’s love. If a man looks a fourth, its pure lust. A man should always have one look, a second look for some, a third for only a few and must avoid going for a fourth gaze, that’s when the line is crossed.”

Share your views guys.


@neveragaintw it is pretty natural to gaze at girls. But it is to you what you look in a girl, it is better to look at girl’s face than other things.


I am getting impatient… sorry @neveragaintw but i am sharing my views. Afterall its a community of common interests.

My view on this topic is…
When i go outside in public places there are both sex… men & women. We can’t ignore existance of women. There are all kinds of women… young, old, pretty, cute, fair, ugly; beautiful etc. If i see some woman with a beautiful shape i notice her and admire her. I give thanks to the god for making such wonderful creature. I thank god for giving me a chance to witness her beauty. Then, i move on with my buiseness & forget her. I dont bother her by chasing her or making her uncomfortable. Yeah ! She is hot but i am HOT TOO. :fire:

We are doing NOFAP the rules are very clear. To not watch pixels on the screens. To not fantasize but We can’t deny ourselves from natural sources of dopamine
If we can just enjoy the beauty of opposite sex in real life and forget it afterwards that is Nofap. But that is the real challenge; isn’t it ?
Nofap teaches us that self control.

To not behave like a pervert, To not behave like a dog who is chasing women. Nofap makes us a gentleman with heart of a lion.
To respect a women. To love the nature & its creation


great to see all the response
@Resurrection obviously you don’t have to ask for replying :slight_smile:

I like that all seem to agree that we have to differentiate. When I started nofap I often looked at girls and thought that I would like to have sex with them. Or how that ass would feel and so on. I thought that every girl was only there for sexual reasons. I didn’t see the person behind and I didn’t care about the person.

If I see a beautiful woman(or sometimes there are women and men with a beautiful aura without being your cup of tea) now, I appreciate that and of course I look at them. But as resurrection said, it’s the appreciation of a human being.
But if you look at the gaze of other men you can often see that the only thing they think is “damn, i wanna f**that ass”.
In these moments, I’m so thankful that I found this journey, to become a better person and to appreciate the beauty of nature (and to be able to see that beauty). Something that many other people will never see in their life.
It gives me strength in my journey. It shows me, that it is the right way to go


For once I agree with you.


@neveragaintw if you agree show your love.

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Why ?


:smile: damn i really wanted to. i gave a like to all the comments because i like all of them. scanned through to check that i marked all and only saw your red heart right above the like button :smile:

it really was only a mistake. your comment perfectly describes how i feel about this topic


We can both be benefitted if we team together. Don’t hesitate to let me know if something bothers you.
The best friends sometimes are the one who were bitter enemies once.


Great set of replies. I think we all realize whts right.


I noticed this first hand. If I found any girl (in a class setting) good/hot I would try to steal a look whenever possible and that was towards the ass(my fetish). That was the old me.

Now, aftr 40 days, yes I still sometimes see sexy/hot girls and want to catch a second glance, but I control myself. And If I do look, its towards the face/eyes. Not any other body parts.

Porn really trains you to view women in terms of boobs/butts only.

Edit: I guess that kind of gaze creates the creepy aura around antisocial fapping dudes, that girls also realize and stay away.


It was also my fetish or still it is but now i have not so interest in it.
I had countless relapses because of :peach:

I dont know but i feel TRIGGERED ! by your ass comment. Your class story reminded me of so many same stories. I realy fear the word booty … my last relapse came when i read it somewhere and it like pulled me to make a decision

The decision which i am still regreting… to watch the booty video. 32 days streak gone to dust. Now i am on 22nd day of my streak. I know my weakness & i think we both should try to deal with our fetishes

As you said,

I also see hot women and enjoy the moment then & there. I forget it when i come home.

The most important thing for us is to control our urge for watching a ass video. Thats our task. We can easily do this reboot. Take care bro.



Seems you’re still quite troubled by it. A tip I can give is whenever you pull your gaze down to look at somebody’s ass , pull it further down towards feet. I recently developed this habit of looking at people’s feet/shoes if I try to look at their behind. And as an obvious reaction, I do not like feet at all and I then look away.


Nice, I think looking at feet for just a second will also increase some respect for girls, who are small scale manifestations of Mother Nature :breast_feeding:t2::pray::blush:


Thought about that too. Also, I started taking tango lessons a few months ago. My female partner once told me that my embrace is very comfortable (you have to dance very close together. I personally never saw anything sexual in it. For me it was always to express the music). With other men, she said, it sometimes feels kind of gross. As if they are in need for intimacy.
So yes, that would support your thought